Sandales tendance 2024 : la mode des chaussures d’été

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Beautiful shoes are already half of a successful look! Shoes set the mood – make the outfit strict or playful, classic or with a clear hint of rebellion.

Today, we propose considering the most trendy sandals that will be relevant in 2024.

Sandals With Pointed Toe

In 2024, shoes with a pointed toe and mule are unbeatable – they go with everything, look appropriate, and are elegant at any event.

We especially like it when light shoes are worn with classic dresses, shorts, or T-shirts.

Suede Fringe Sandals

Lovers of boho style can safely wear trendy sandals with suede fringe, which are more relevant than ever in the summer of 2024. Such models will fit perfectly into everyday looks and be appropriate for beach parties.

Wear them with muslin, denim, or linen dresses. Take a closer look at these shoes if you expect a themed party or a boho-style wedding.

Sandals With Glass Heels

Sandals with glass heels are a basic model for the hottest time of the year, which should be in every girl’s wardrobe. They look gentle and feminine, visually making the legs slimmer and longer. If you find it challenging to choose a color, consider the safe options: beige, dark blue, or lavender.

These shoes will look great with a daring mini and a versatile midi. For a more extravagant and memorable look, you can choose the most “rich” sandals embroidered with sparkling rhinestones, and for everyday looks, it is better to choose laconic white or black models. By the way, “juicy” pajama-style suits look great in a duet with them.

Platform Sandals

In 2023, platform sandals conquered the world’s catwalks – they are super comfortable and go with any outfit. These are now worn by everyone who wants to be in trend.

In the hot season, platform sandals can easily replace shoes and sandals – wear them with long sundresses with a side slit on the leg, jeans, midi skirts, overalls and shorts. The most versatile models, of course, are black or beige.

Women’s Sporty Sandals 

Lightweight outdoor shoes usually have thick soles suitable for walking and running on various terrain. Many sports sandals have orthopedic soles, and this further increases the level of comfort. To make the foot less tired and sweaty, sports shoes are made “breathable”, wear-resistant, and the thoughtful arrangement of straps and fasteners ensures safety. Fashionable models of summer sports shoes have a feminine design, shiny inserts, or a contrasting combination of materials.

Bow Pumps

Classic pumps with an open back and a playful rhinestone bow will instantly help create a memorable look. They look feminine and attractive, especially in tandem with dresses and skirts with ruffles and frills, and the low heel makes it easy to wear them all day.

This model will suit almost any summer outfit: flowing jumpsuits, bright trousers, and wrap dresses. We also recommend these pumps to brides who want to look luxurious without compromising comfort.

Leather sandals

For hot weather, choosing shoes made from natural materials is better. Well-crafted leather is comfortable on the feet, breathable, easy to care for, looks attractive, and lasts a very long time. Which models are at the peak of fashion this season? Leather clogs and mules which were recognized as fashionable sandals last year and will remain popular in the summer of 2024. 


Sandals are stylish, modern, elegant, and very feminine shoes. They are great for everyday outings on a fine day, business suits, and evening wear. A comfortable sole and several straps immediately change your mood, so buying another pair is hardly worth saving. Summer shoes are not only beautiful but also comfortable for your feet.


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