2024 Nail Trends: 16 Nail Designs For All Seasons And Any Look

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Modern manicure has a lot of advantages, for example, the ability to create a beautiful design on any nails. Regardless of your clothing style, the new nail art trends are universal and will be the perfect finishing touch to any of your looks.

It also doesn’t matter what shape and length of the nail plate you prefer. Every lover of well-groomed nails will find an option they like among those proposed below.

Keep a selection of the main trends, but before that, a few important and key points that determine fashionable nails in 2024:

  • moderate length;
  • maximum accuracy of execution;
  • glossy finish.


“Your nails, only better” – this is a fashionable nail trend called no-nicure. Here, the emphasis is on well-groomed cuticles and hand skin, neat, short nail shape, and “natural” coating.

In fact, no-nicure, which seems simple at first glance, is more complex! Women certainly know that a luxurious, maximally well-groomed “manicure without manicure” effect is the most difficult to achieve.

By the way, a no-manicure can be done without any coating, which is also gaining tremendous popularity. You will never go wrong by choosing “your own nails, only better,” because such a manicure is timeless and appropriate anytime, anywhere.

Aura Nails

Gradient nails made in the aura style are becoming a real hit in the manicure world. It became famous thanks to stars such as Vanessa Hudgens and Megan Fox. This unique style allows a smooth transition from one color to another, creating an aura around your nails. It is made in bright and pastel shades, adding charm to this design.

But if we talk about light shades, pay attention to blush nails. This is another trendy nail design for 2024. This design is made according to a similar principle as the aura, but it is created using nude and pink shades.

Nude With Glitter

Nude nails will always stay in fashion, but all kinds of nudes, decorated with shiny elements, will be considered trendy in the new season.

Large and small sparkles, accents in the form of a metal rub, a shining French – choose any option you like. You can even experiment with a “different hands” design, where the nails on one hand will remain in a nude finish without decoration and on the other – with sparkles.

For those women who categorically do not like glitter, there are also a lot of ideas because, as stated above, the beige “classic” is with us forever. This can be a single-color glossy finish in a nude color scheme or a design with accents in black details.


Unexpectedly, metallic nails have returned to fashion, only exclusively in silver.

Metallic nails do not require additional design, while increased attention to your hands is ensured. This manicure simultaneously looks bold and bright and is appropriate for everyday wear.

Natural Gradient

Do you want to add some zest to a basic monochrome manicure? Then, choose 3-4 cream polishes that will differ from each other only by a couple of tones. The color stretch will turn out warm and almost invisible if you make each nail on your hand slightly darker than the previous one.

Lip Gloss Effect

A design with a lip gloss effect on your nails is the very trend that perfectly complements the “clean makeup” style. This trend will continue to be strong in 2024, offering an extraordinarily natural and incredibly glossy look.

And to make it exclusive, you can add a subtle French manicure or micro-details.

Soft Gray

Soft gray also falls into the neutrals and muted shades category, ideal for creating a nail design with a quiet luxury style. This polish will look most impressive on short nails filed into a soft square.


Classic French manicure, only with a very thin stripe. This design looks fantastic in any color scheme.

As a rule, the base is chosen to be transparent or nude, and the stripes themselves can be either black or white or a bright shade, for example, pink, blue, or brown. Unlike the classic French, the micro-French can be safely incorporated into the design of super-short nails.

If you like micro-French nails, try to diversify them by adding accents like sparkles or small designs.

Milk Rivers

Milky white nails are a classic nude manicure. This essential translucent shade will instantly add a chic touch to even the most straightforward everyday look.

Warm Nude

The warm shade of salted caramel looks good on nails of any shape but plays most effectively on a classic square or almond. Another advantage of a manicure in this color is that it has no connection to the year’s season: wear it in winter or summer!

Coffee Gradient

A smooth gradient in creamy coffee tones will look neat and “expensive” on your nails. The nail design will become even more interesting if you add delicate shine.

Fine Lines

You can do this minimalist nail art even without the help of a specialist. Just cover your nails with a clear base, dip a thin brush in white polish, and use it to draw fancy lines on the surface.

Small Drawings

Pretentious, active designs have long been out of trend, but without beautiful designs, it’s hard to imagine even a super-modern manicure.

For example, hearts are gaining great popularity. It is a cute and relaxed nail art option that is, in fact, suitable for women of any age. You just have to find “your” version.

Flowers will always beautify your nails if you choose delicate and calm designs in winter and slightly brighter ones in the warmer months. Animal art continues to occupy a leading position in nail design. “Leopard” nails look relatively restrained if the manicure is done in calm shades.

Luxury Of Lilac

The cool lilac shade on the nails looks genuinely luxurious. Pair it with a short soft square to be sure to be on trend.

Toffee Nails

This cozy shade of boiled condensed milk on your nails will go great with the woolen sweaters from your winter wardrobe.

One Color

Something that will never lose its relevance! In 2024, a one-color nail design with a bit of nuance will become the primary trend.

The matte finish is outdated, and now we can rarely see designs with a matte finish among the works of top artists. Choose a glossy effect, which always looks elegant, advantageous, and “expensive”.

Both classic shades of varnish – black, red, white – and more complex- are in fashion. A glossy nail design in a deep burgundy color or, for example, in muted green will look amazing.


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