2024 Swimwear Trends: The Best Swimsuit Styles And Colors

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Swimwear in the new season is distinguished by its originality and diversity: any fashionista will find the perfect outfit for the beach. One-piece models are still in trend. Retro style or asymmetrical cut deserves special attention. However, open options are also relevant, but they are no longer so “correct” – feel free to use different tops and bottoms, thereby emphasizing your individuality. In this article, we will discuss the most exciting summer holiday trends. Our selection includes the most fashionable swimsuits for 2024 by style, color, and texture.

Lingerie Style

The lingerie style won the hearts of many, smoothly transitioning to swimsuits. Models that visually resemble a set of underwear deserve special attention; many designers have presented them in their collections. This also includes nude beach outfits. But here, you must be careful with the flesh color – it should be as close as possible to your skin tone to make a splash.


Retro style always retains its position but only undergoes some changes. Such swimsuits are becoming less and less modest: deep cutouts, translucent inserts, and ribbons do their job. But still, the distinctive feature of these models is grace. The high waist, bandeau bodice, and corset perfectly convey the mood of this style.

Retro-style bathing suits are still at the peak of popularity. Choose one-piece styles with a belt or options with a bustier top and high-top bottoms. Both will place accents correctly and hide flaws.


If you are tired of prints, this is definitely your option. Black, white, and beige are classic. You can’t go wrong here. But don’t forget about fashionable colors: mustard, yellow, olive, and sky blue will perfectly highlight tanned skin. For those who appreciate simplicity, minimalism is suitable, and those who want to add some “spice” can opt for bathing suits of an unusual cut: with laces, mesh, or rings.

Metal or plastic rings are a bright decorative element on the season’s most fashionable swimsuit models. The lacing, in turn, emphasizes the silhouette and adds a touch of piquancy to the look.


Swimwear in a sports style remains relevant this season. If you want practicality, comfort, and minimalism, feel free to wear this model. Plain, printed, or logoed – the choice is yours. You will feel freedom and convenience by choosing such a fashionable bathing suit.


Animal prints imitating the color of a leopard and flowing snake skin from San Larenzo, Caffe, and Indah are the choices of brave and decisive girls. And for more romantic natures, designers Luli Fama and Maaji invite you to try on floral African motifs.


Asymmetrical elements on a fashionable swimsuit are a hit this summer. Cutouts, mesh inserts, and, of course, an open shoulder is sexy, daring, and feminine at the same time. The bare shoulder adds mystery and elegance, reminiscent of a cocktail dress. By the way, such a black model made of satin fabric can easily be transformed into an evening dress, complementing it with a floor-length skirt and large jewelry.

Asymmetry is an excellent option for those who rely on minimalism but with a twist. The unusual and asymmetrical cuts will make even the simplest swimsuit model spectacular.


Lovers of brightness will also be energized this summer. Flowers, geometry, abstraction, animal prints, and more – designers offer us all this in the new season. If you need more than this, try mixing tops and bottoms from different sets. For example, geometric and snake prints will complement each other perfectly if you choose the same color scheme.


Bohemian chic is one of the brightest trends of recent years, still gaining ground. These swimsuits are for lovers of eclecticism, originality, and deliberate negligence. The freedom of the boho style is supported by ethnic motifs, fringe, embroidery, frills, and, of course, natural materials. If you are a creative person, you will definitely appreciate this artistic mess.


The sports line continues with a striped print from Runway Australia, Lenni Niemeyer, and Acacia. No frills, strict minimalism, alternating black and white, or colored stripes create a mysterious look of a romantic sailor.


Hypertrophied flounces are a unique chic and a new fashion trend. This swimsuit is suitable for a stylish photo shoot by the water or a beach party, for example. Of course, it is better to choose a more comfortable model for swimming. But in the photo, you will shine!

The Most Popular Swimsuit Colors In 2024

Here, we will discuss the most current and fashionable swimsuit colors that will be popular in 2024.

Baby Blue

Baby blue swimsuit color will become one of the most popular in 2024. This shade symbolizes calm, freshness, and lightness, making it ideal for summer. This bathing suit will go perfectly with your tan and highlight the beauty of your skin.


A peach-colored swimsuit is another fashion trend for 2024. This color is associated with warmth, comfort, and tenderness. It is ideal for creating a feminine look and emphasizes your figure.


Green swimwear is back in fashion in 2024 and comes in various shades, from bright green to muted mint. This color symbolizes nature, harmony, and freshness, so swimsuits in these shades will be relevant on hot summer days.


Orange swimsuits will also be popular in 2024. It gives the look brightness, energy, and expressiveness. Orange swimsuits suit girls who want to attract attention and look stylish.


Pink swimsuits remain at the peak of popularity, and 2024 will be no exception. This shade is associated with tenderness, femininity, and romance, so pink swimsuits are ideal for creating a delicate and sophisticated look.

How To Choose A Swimsuit

Choosing a swimsuit is a challenging task. After all, it must meet many requirements simultaneously: emphasize advantages and hide disadvantages, match the color. It should also be convenient and comfortable. And the variety of models can be confusing. You need to understand the fashion trends of 2024.

So how to choose the right swimsuit?

First of all, you need to know your body type, namely, what to emphasize and what is better to hide.

Let’s look at the main body shape types: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, and oval.


If you have an hourglass figure, then you are in luck. You can wear almost all types of swimsuits. Lush breasts and hips stand out clearly against the background of a thin waist. The only thing is that you better avoid excessive decoration on the hips and chest. But the waist needs to be emphasized. Models in retro style look ideal on this figure – with high-waisted panties and a bandeau bodice.


The main feature of this figure is curvy hips and narrow shoulders. Here, you must prefer models that visually reduce your hips and increase your shoulders. The swimsuit can be either separate or one-piece. The main thing is that the emphasis should be on the shoulders – ruffles, flounces, and prints should be in the upper part of the swimsuit. An excellent option would be a bodice with ties at the neck, as it visually also increases the size of the shoulders.

Inverted Triangle

In this case, the hips are narrow, but the shoulders, on the contrary, are wide. Girls with such a figure must choose swimsuits that emphasize the lower part and visually reduce the shoulders. Ruffles, frills, and layers on the hips are just to their advantage here. And there should be no volume in the upper part – choose a bodice with wide straps without decoration, print, or ties at the neck. One-piece swimsuits with wide straps are also suitable for this figure; they will visually correct it.


Those with curvy figures should opt for one-piece swimsuits or two-piece models with high panties. The bodice should be chosen to be closer with wider straps. You should not select models with decor or print. Also, avoid bathing suits made of shiny fabric – they visually increase and add unnecessary volume. But minimalist models, on the contrary, elongate the silhouette, making it slimmer and more harmonious.


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