Beard Trends 2024: Unveiling The Pinnacle Of Facial Hair Fashion And Grooming

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Grooming a beard is a real art. Some men regularly visit a barbershop to trim their beards. A good hairdresser can give you advice and work with you to determine which look is right for you. You should consider the shape of your face, hairstyle, density of your hair, and appearance before making your choice. We present the most popular beard types to help you decide.

Hair thickness, density, and face shape are factors to consider when you want to wear a beard. Read on Hackshion about popular beard types in 2024 and which one suits your look and face type.

Light Stubble

The three-day beard is by far the most popular among modern men. Overall, it is pretty elegant, discreet, and gives the owner courage, charisma, and a deceptively casual appearance. To maintain light stubble, you will need a trimmer.

Short Beard

The most fashionable type today. A short beard gives a masculine, elegant look. It’s no surprise that more and more men are adopting it. You need to take care of it regularly – even out the length and shave the neck to look neat.

Classic (Full) Beard

The classic beard is intended for men who naturally have very luxuriant hair. This is a beard style that regularly comes back into fashion. It is worn by both older people and hipsters who have a full beard as part of their look. The modern man no longer hesitates whether or not to wear the full beard he has been growing for months.


This small beard starts under the lower lip, covers the chin, and can have different shapes. You need to shave off the rest of your beard and mustache to get a goatee. It beautifies the lower part of the face and creates a fashionable and modern look.

Van Dyke

This type of beard is very well known; it got its name from the famous Flemish artist of the 17th century. Van Dyke’s beard consists of a full goatee and separate mustaches. Several variations exist, but the original consists of a pointed goatee and a mustache. Make sure your mustache is not longer than your goatee.


This type of beard owes its name to its shape. It consists of a mustache and a goatee extending over the jaw, forming an anchor on the face. The anchor is sometimes called Balbo, referring to Italo Balbo. This Italian politician was one of the first to wear this type of beard.


This is a structured beard with a downward length effect. The hair on the cheekbones should be short and on the chin long. Therefore, a ducktail beard requires a lot of patience and care to make it look elegant.


The beard style, named after entrepreneur Eric Bandholz, is the most natural. Let your beard grow for several months or even years to get it. Bandholz beards require regular maintenance, including daily application of beard oil. This helps prevent hair tangling and makes styling even more effortless. Pay special attention to your clothing style and haircut to contrast with the messy effect of a long beard.

Face Type And Beard Choice

Determining your face type is the first step in choosing the beard style that suits you. This section will give you some details about the most common face shapes and what kind of beard suits each of them.

Square Face

Many men want a square face shape that will showcase a strong jawline. You should also highlight your cheekbones; this is a significant plus when a man has a square face. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a short beard, paying particular attention to the chin. Several types are suitable for a square face type: 3-day, 10-day beard, royal, and round beard.

Rectangular Face

Your beard should highlight the structure of your face – making your jawline and cheekbones more defined. For those with a rectangular shape, we advise you to choose a beard style that is shorter at the top and longer at the bottom. This length and shape will highlight your facial features. If you select a long beard, the attention will be drawn to the lower part of the face. A good option for you is a classic beard.

Round Face

For a round face shape, a beard minimizes the effect of chubby cheeks. Opt for a short anchor beard to get an angular style and make the look more brutal.

Oval Face

The oval face shape suits all types of beards—endless options. However, some looks suit well-defined oval faces. A goatee and light stubble beard are ideal for an oval face.


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