10 Ideas For A Classy And Chic Men’s Outfit In 2024

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In the ever-evolving world of men’s fashion, staying chic and stylish is both an art and a science. This season, the focus is on blending timeless elegance with contemporary trends. From impeccably tailored suits to casual wear, men’s outfits are redefined to emphasize comfort and class. Whether you’re updating your wardrobe for professional outfits, social events, or casual outings, our guide will provide you with the inspiration and tips you need to dress confidently and with flair.

Cricket sweater + Shirt + Linen Trousers + Belt + Watch + Moccasins + Sunglasses

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This is a classic old-money outfit featuring a traditional cable-knit cricket sweater layered over a crisp white button-down shirt. It is paired with well-tailored linen trousers and a refined leather belt. The outfit is completed with a timeless watch, rich leather moccasins, and sunglasses, embodying elegance and charm.

Classic pants + Shirt Polo + Moccasins + Sunglasses + Watch

Shop: Pants | Shirt | Moccasins | Sunglasses | Watch

This men’s outfit features tailored classic pants paired with a smart polo shirt, creating a mix of comfort and style. Leather moccasins add a touch of elegance, while sunglasses provide a cool bit. A distinctive watch completes the look, perfect for any occasion.

Pants Chino + Cotton shirt + Wool Blend Double Breasted Blazer + Shoes + Watch

Shop: Pants | Shirt | Blazer | Shoes | Watch

At a wedding or an evening cocktail, the outfit above highlights your class and elegance. A jacket, a cotton shirt, and chino pants combine to create a tasteful outfit. Classic shoes and a watch complete the look perfectly.

Suit Set + Shirt + Moccasin + Watch

Shop: Suit | Shirt | Moccasin | Watch

This outfit features a tailored suit set paired with a crisp shirt that exudes timeless elegance. Complementing the look are sleek moccasins, offering both style and ease. Complete the outfit with a classic watch, adding a touch of refined luxury. This outfit is ideal for any formal occasion or a stylish day at the office and ensures you make a lasting impression.

Relaxed Fit Shorts Linen And Cotton +  Poplin Shirt + Cable-knit Cotton Sweater + Loafer With Embroidery + Sunglasses + Watch

Shop: Shorts | Shirt | Sweater | Loafers | Sunglasses | Watch

This men’s outfit combines comfort and complexity, perfect for a stylish yet relaxed look. The comfortable-fit linen and cotton shorts provide a breezy foundation, completed by the lightweight poplin shirt for a crisp touch. Layered with a classic cable-knit cotton sweater, the outfit balances casual and class. Embroidered loafers add a hint of elegance, while sunglasses and a watch complete the look, adding functional flair and timeless style, ideal for a day out or a casual evening.

Jeans + Slim Fit Shirt + Check Blazer + Moccasins + Sunglasses + Watch

Shop: Jeans | Shirt | Blazer | Moccasins | Sunglasses | Watch

This men’s outfit perfectly balances smart casual and contemporary style. Jeans provide a versatile and comfortable base, while the slim-fit shirt offers a tailored, modern silhouette. The check blazer adds class. Moccasins bring a casual yet polished touch, ensuring all-day comfort. Sunglasses and a watch complete the look.

Suit + Shirt + Moccasins + Watch

Shop: Suit | Shirt | Moccasins | Watch

Meet elegance and bold style with this burgundy suit, perfect for remarking. This kind of suit set gives a unique tone, while the white shirt offers a crisp and classic contrast. Paired with either burgundy or black moccasins, the outfit maintains a polished look. This combination is ideal for formal events or occasions where you want to stand out, showcasing confidence and refined taste.

Pants + Pull + Shirt + Suede Moccasins + Scarf + Hat + Watch + Trench Coat

Shop: Pants | Pull | Shirt | Moccasins | Scarf | Hat | Watch | Trench

This men’s outfit combines classic elements with modern flair for a versatile and stylish look. The pants and shirt form a smart and comfortable base, while the pull adds a layer of warmth and texture. Suede moccasins provide a luxurious feel. The trench coat, scarf, and hat offer additional warmth and infuse the outfit with a stylish accent.

White Sneakers Platform + Set Hoodie And Wide Leg Pants + Sunglasses + Smartwatch 

Shop: Sneakers | Hoodie and pants | Sunglasses | Smartwatch

The set hoodie and wide-leg pants offer a relaxed fit and comfort, perfect for active days or casual outings. White platform sneakers add a modern edge and elevate the sporty outfit. Sunglasses provide a stylish touch and practical eye protection, while the smartwatch enhances tech-savvy elements. This outfit combines functionality with a fashion-forward attitude, ideal for both fitness activities and laid-back moments.

Chino Pants + Cotton Shirt + Pull + Green Tweed Jacket + Moccasins + Elastic Braided Belt + Sunglasses

Shop: Pants |Shirt | Pull | Blazer | Moccasins | Belt | Sunglasses

An eclectic outfit can still be chic. For slightly eccentric men, a colorful ensemble can be an attempt that is both daring and stylish. The palette combined with taste – between a purple blouse, yellow pants, and green jacket can be easily adjusted with solid colors for shoes and accessories such as a watch or sunglasses, offering a perfect balance for a suitable outfit for dinner or celebration.


Mastering the art of chic men’s fashion is about more than just following trends—it’s about creating a versatile wardrobe that reflects your style and meets the demands of various occasions. You can highlight your look and show confidence in every outfit by incorporating key pieces like tailored suits, stylish accessories, and polished casual wear. Stay ahead of the fashion curve by embracing classic and modern innovations, ensuring your style remains timeless and contemporary.


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