In 2024, Corduroy Is Back In Fashion: Trousers, Skirts, And Other Trends

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Recent seasons are taking place under the auspices of the reinvention of long-familiar trends – for example, last season, denim ceased to be a base and turned into a trend. In 2024, in its place will be another material forgotten ten years ago – we are talking about corduroy. We’ll tell you which items made from this fabric are back in fashion.


Trousers made of ribbed material were a classic in every it-girls wardrobe in the 2000s. They will become the most fashionable thing of the season next spring. To make such a pair look stylish and not disturb the proportions of the figure, give preference not to familiar chinos but to straight, high-waisted options. Too wide models of this dense material can make you look fat, so avoiding palazzos is better. While corduroy is just returning to the list of trends, it’s too early to experiment with bold decor – stick to essential solutions without decorations. It is better to prefer dark colors: black, gray, burgundy, emerald, and dark blue. These definitely won’t make your hips look more voluminous. And from a light palette, sandy and creamy solutions are acceptable (but not boiling white!). The material mustn’t contain lurex – shiny threads can visually increase your figure by a size or two.


The same rule applies to corduroy skirts as to trousers: the simpler the style, the better. Take a closer look at “pencils” just above the knee in the spirit of Miu Miu, straight models, or slightly flared A-line options. But overly wide corduroy mini or sun-cut midi and pleated products will seem out of date in 2024. You should also abandon the decor often found on corduroy skirts – for example, a row of buttons on the front will cheapen the look. You can be bolder with colors: not only basic chocolate and sand but also burgundy, scarlet, and dark orange are suitable.


A good jacket—forgive the banality—is the “base” of any wardrobe. And the corduroy model can be an excellent alternative for those bored with the classic options. Yes, this is probably not what is needed for the office, although even here, we cannot say unequivocally – it all depends on the dress code requirements. But it is definitely suitable for everyday looks. What to wear with it? Yes, with anything! Try a corduroy jacket with your favorite jeans, cargo pants, or a flowy sheer skirt like the model from the Dries van Noten show.


We’ve already discussed trousers and a jacket, so the next item in our selection suggests itself. And we will, of course, talk about corduroy suits. They are the ones that are in favor of designers. We love suits because they are pretty easy to style, and such looks look solid. Remember that suits do not consist solely of a jacket and trousers; there are options with miniskirts. Top model Elsa Hosk wears one on her naked body – a fashion trick challenging to replicate on the street, but it is pretty suitable for a photo shoot.


Clothing made from corduroy is an absolute trend for the autumn-winter season of 2024/25. In addition to essential everyday items, we advise you to look closer at outerwear made from this material. Especially if you are now looking for an unusual and trendy model. We all love down jackets, but sometimes it can be difficult to choose “the one” – cozy, stylish, and warm. So, in this case, a corduroy down jacket can be a straightforward solution to the problem. Fortunately, there will be no problems with the choice today.


Naturally, a pair of shoes or a corduroy bag will not warm you up on a cool day, but it will definitely lift your spirits. And let us remind you that, according to expert forecasters, we all still need to wear materials that are pleasant to the touch. They help cope with stress, so why not combine business with pleasure? We think this is a great idea.


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