Beyond Blue Jeans: Exploring The Denim Trends Dominating 2024 Fashion

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After looking at photos from Fashion Weeks in Europe, we noticed how many looks there were with denim. It seems that denim mania promises to become even more popular in 2024! Well, we’ve collected 8 top denim trends – just choose what you like to create the most stylish look this year.

Denim Skirt

Long denim skirt in tops from last year. Although let’s be honest, it never went out of fashion. The straight model makes the legs longer and slimmer, and the look – elegant and feminine. No wonder everyone loves this trend so much!

A long denim skirt is highly versatile: we wear it with a shirt to work, with a hoodie for a walk, with a blouse, or a daring top for a date.

Denim Vest

Denim has even replaced suit vests, which were so popular in 2023. Get ready to see on the streets from the first days of warming, tight-fitting and loose models in various colors!

Fashion bloggers in Europe are already wearing them with denim bottoms in a single shade and large gold jewelry. We wear tailored vests on a naked body, and loose options can be worn with anything, from T-shirts and tops to sweaters.

Denim Dress

The trend I’m most excited to see return. A denim dress is an ideal option for everyday wear when you want to create a feminine and comfortable look. This goes well with tube and rough boots, a large shopper, and an elegant handbag.

Denim Shorts

In 2024, no one is going to give up jean shorts. We choose models of a comfortable length and cut, but not tight-fitting superminis – these are already anti-trend. Start wearing denim shorts in the spring, mixing them with high boots, a cardigan, and a long coat. Include them in multi-layered looks – this way, they will look fresh and unique.

Loose-Fit Jeans

No matter what anyone says, you shouldn’t expect a total return of the skinny look this year. The trend is for looser, more comfortable, and figure-complimentary models. Loose-fit jeans (straight, flared, or wide – it doesn’t matter) fit perfectly into any style and lifestyle. They will fit you well, no matter what size you wear.

Denim Trench Coat

This spring, get ready to try on the latest trend in the world of trench coats. The denim model is an excellent alternative to the classic cotton options, universal, but still a little boring.

A denim trench coat is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd and pair with anything in your closet, from floral dresses to formal trousers and sweatpants.

Denim Total Look

I have always liked total denim, and in 2024, I will definitely wear this trend more often than any other. And it’s not just jeans and a denim shirt. It’s a total denim outfit: denim shoes and a bag, complete with your favorite jeans or a skirt, vest or jacket. You can combine it with another trend – Oversize. The street look will be chic!

Denim Accessories

What about the accessories if the denim trends above don’t impress you? Denim handbags, caps, and bucket hats have already won the hearts of all fashionable girls! You can simply add one denim accessory to your usual everyday look to increase your style by a thousand!


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