What Earrings Will Be In Trend In 2024

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If you feel like your outfit is “missing something,” it’s most likely what’s missing. Fashionable earrings! 

Earrings are a stylish accessory that becomes a bright addition to a woman’s day or evening look. This article will tell you what models, stones, and shapes will be in trend in 2024.


In 2024, designers are rethinking the familiar hoop earrings that were in the arsenal of every self-respecting fashionista in the 2000s. Instead of thin gold “hoops,” we will wear large wide rings with stones, logos, like Valentino, and even leather. After all, everything new is well forgotten old.


Regardless of what shape and size you choose decorations, they must be bright. Made of colored plastic, wood, or decorated with large stones; red, green, and even orange with black specks, like those from Bottega Veneta – such earrings will decorate even the most basic look and become its main accent.


Another big trend for 2024 is asymmetry. It doesn’t matter what earrings you choose. The main thing is that they are different on different ears, like at the Christian Dior show. Combine tiny studs with large rings, and drop earrings with neat ear cuffs. An excellent life hack for those who constantly lose jewelry: the earrings left without a pair can now be easily integrated into the look. The main thing is that the decorations on both sides are made of the same metal.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs have stayed in the fashion arena for several seasons now, but if last fall they were miniature rings, now cuffs have become many times larger and cover almost the entire ear. For example, eye-catching sparkling cuffs like Loewe’s can easily complement any look and guarantee a wow factor wherever you go.

Pearls + Crystals

Pearls have traditionally remained in the top jewelry trends – in the new year, their combinations with transparent crystals in one piece of jewelry are especially relevant. If recently the trend was daring combinations with masculine metal chains, now fashion is dictated by femininity and a light flair of glamor. Choose earrings with pearls and delicate pavé settings and wear them with silk blouses and old money tweed coats.


Another trend has remained with us since last season but has undergone some metamorphosis. Remember Bottega Veneta’s large drop earrings in sleek metal? In 2024, these jewelry will acquire additional decorative elements: inserts of stones or even colored “spikes”, like Ferragamo. These earrings look very unusual and will definitely “make” any look.

Metal Knots

In 2024, you can’t get by with earrings of the usual shape. One of the season’s leading trends is gold and silver “knots”. The precious metal is twisted into “strands”, forming a complex weave. Similar jewelry appeared in the spring-summer collections of Saint Laurent, Schiaparelli, and Alexander McQueen. Brands have settled on massive options, but smaller ones are also suitable.


Another equally impressive option for those who do not like bright colors is long earrings. Jewelry should almost reach your shoulders, regardless of whether you choose the option with stones and crystals, minimalist metal, or in the form of “childish” figurines, like Tory Burch. These jewelry are self-sufficient and do not require additions like necklaces or bracelets.


You’ve probably seen the recognizable clover shape more than once in fashion selections. In 2024, this shape will remain with us because it brings together several current trends. This includes stylish minimalism, ornamental stones, and floral motifs.

They can also be in a strict achromatic palette or colored: purchase several models to combine them with different clothes at once. Moreover, the comfortable price of such studs encourages this.

Boho Style Earrings

Boho style is gradually returning to the ranks of trends. But for now, it is only in the form of jewelry. At the shows of the spring-summer 2024 collections, many accessories made from natural materials and beads appeared. Variants that repeated the shapes of plants or animals were also noticed. You can look closer at long earrings with fringes, beads, or large models with natural motifs – for example, shellfish-shaped earrings like Casablanca.

Large geometric earrings

If we have preferred minimalist models in recent years, then in 2024, large jewelry will rule the roost. The most fashionable are geometric shapes: square, oval, with a hole in the middle, like Saint Laurent. The trend is for similar options made of plastic, stones, and metal with enamel.


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