What Fashion Color Combinations Will Be In Trend In 2024

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Colorism is one of the most difficult but, at the same time, the most interesting “disciplines” in fashion. The ability to harmoniously combine colors is not given to everyone, and acquiring this skill sometimes takes years. And even people with an artistic background do not always master it perfectly. Fortunately, there are always ready-made solutions. And you can spot them right on the catwalk: designers often offer ready-made combinations of shades that can be repeated. Here are five of the trendiest color combos that will be literally everywhere in 2024.

Gray + Blue + Yellow

Nothing looks as harmonious as a combination of blue tones and cool shades of gray. Such combos are suitable for any type of appearance, “refreshing,” and look both strict and elegant. You can go a little further and dilute this combination with bright accents. Taking a cue from the models at Fendi’s spring/summer show, add a bright yellow bag and rich carrot gloves. This will help add some “zest” to your lifestyle and also allow you not to look like a strict Snow Queen.

Mustard + Cobalt

Another rule of color: usually shades of equal saturation combine well with each other. A great example is a look from the Miu Miu spring-summer collection. It harmoniously combines the deep mustard shade of the leather coat and the bright, “electric” cobalt tone of the skirt. You can combine emerald and fuchsia equally well – it will be no less beautiful.

Red + Pink

Pink, which reigned in fashion for almost the entire last year, is gradually losing ground. Barbimania began to decline after Greta Gerwig’s film about the world’s most famous doll ended (though it may resume during awards season). But this does not mean you can no longer wear the most cheerful color. On the contrary, it is possible and necessary. But otherwise, for example, combine it with another primary color of 2023 – red. Together, they make a wonderful combination in the spirit of the 80s, which you can’t take your eyes off. We were convinced of this by looking at Ferragamo’s and Simone Rocha’s photos.

Dark Blue + Cornflower Blue

Another win-win styling trick is combining different shades of the same color. For example, blue. Let’s take as an example a look at Sabato de Sarno’s debut show for Gucci. Just look how beautifully the deep and dark color of sapphire combines with the “ringing” cornflower blue. Any other combinations are possible, even electric blue with delicate sky blue. Designers and stylists give complete carte blanche – and it would be a sin not to use it.

Soft Pink + Bright Orange

We spotted another way to wear pink in a truly fashionable way at the Prada show. Here we will need pink clothes (in this case, a dress) and bright orange shoes or accessories (here, mules). The whole secret is in playing with contrasts. Pink should be the softest of pastel shades, and orange should be the most “acidic” of neon. This is the only way to get the most effective combo that will surprise everyone and guarantee a complete wow effect.


Exploring color combinations becomes a dynamic journey in the ever-evolving canvas of fashion. As we anticipate the trendsetting hues of 2024, from the cool elegance of Gray-Blue-Yellow to the bold statements of Soft Pink-Bright Orange, one thing is clear: colorism is not merely a discipline but a vibrant expression of individuality. With designers offering ready-made solutions, the fashion landscape invites everyone to harmonize the art of pairing colors, ensuring that the coming year will be a canvas of creativity where style knows no bounds.


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