French Manicure 2024: Top Trends And Ideas

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Stock up on bright polishes, glitter, and stickers: French manicure is designed to amaze the imagination in the new season!

The popularity of the French manicure can be explained simply: with such nails, you can go to the feast and to the world. There are no situations or circumstances in which a French manicure would look inappropriate. But this rule applies only to the classic French manicure. In 2024, such a manicure may be bright, bold, brilliant, and extravagant. In this article, we have collected everything you need to know about modern French manicure.

French On Nails 2024: Fashion Trends And New Designs

Let’s start with the main thing and discuss which French manicure options are most relevant in 2024.


Design with inscriptions is one of the main trends in nail fashion in recent years, but we have never seen anything like this before. Decorate the tips of your nails with miniature letters using the French manicure technique: let it be a line from your favorite song, a declaration of love, or any other message to the world.

Ultra-Thin Strip

Classic French manicure requires respect for boundaries, but in 2024, they are very conditional. Mark the tips of your nails with a stripe – colored or white. The main thing is that it is barely noticeable!

The same trick, by the way, can be done in the opposite direction: when creating a moon manicure, highlight the hole at the base of the nail with a thin strip.


The magic of matte nail designs has conquered more than one heart of lovely girls who prefer velvet matte nails with a French design to all other types of nail art. Classic and traditional French manicure and new French manicure styles in an unusual solution will become even more exciting with a matte top coat.


Cosmetics and polishes in pastel shades are an absolute must these days. And if you haven’t gotten along with eyeshadow that resembles school crayons yet, start simple. French manicure, done in muted pastel colors, remains casual but adds chic to the look. The significant advantage is that this nail design looks stylish on both short and long nails.


You can easily complement a stylish and unpretentious French manicure with geometric patterns. Fashionable geometry can complement a French nail design in the style of a bright color-block print or a minimalist and sophisticated graphic print.

Beveled Edge

Nail artists love to experiment, especially with French manicures. Here is the result of one of the most successful experiments. It is essential that creating such a design is even easier than a regular French manicure. Use masking tape to make the beveled strip perfectly even.

Black And White

Playing on contrasts in a fashionable black-and-white French manicure will give you a very cool nail design. This nail design will be appropriate for any black or white outfit. Complete a trendy evening or business look with a charming black-and-white French Manicure.

Bright Design

Take an example from the artists who worked at the Oscar de la Renta show: a pastel base combined with a bright tip looks very impressive – especially on long nails.

Animal Print

A manicure with a pattern reminiscent of the color of a zebra, tiger, snake, or any other animal is a real hit at fashion shows. For fans of French manicure, we invite you to play with the trend in your own way.

Spider Web

A new feature in fashionable nail design for the 2024 season is a spider web, with which you can create a different manicure style. Complex geometry and abstract motifs using the spider web technique will be the most desirable in the trendy French manicure design for the coming season.


Trends in nail art go hand in hand with trends in makeup, so without this item, our list of the most fashionable ideas in nail design would be incomplete. Light green, pink, blue, and yellow neon polishes should be in your cosmetic arsenal, along with neon shadows, in 2024. Use these colors to add bright accents to your French manicure.

Trendy French Manicure 2024, Taking Into Account The Shape Of The Nails

Our guide will help you determine which nail shape suits you best. To choose the most successful version of the French nail design for 2024 – see our tips and photos below.

Square Nails

Avoid clear and sharp lines in your manicure to smooth out the corners. Do not separate the tips of your nails with stripes, as if drawn on a ruler: let them be smooth and soft.

Almond Shape

Almond-shaped nails look very feminine, but remember that this shape is optimal for long and medium-length nails. A French manicure with such initial looks really organic: to emphasize the graceful shape, do not separate the edges of the nails with stripes that are too wide.

Sharp Nails

Sharp nails often look too aggressive; cute designs on the tips of the nails will help smooth out the impression. Another option is bright lace patterns. Avoid strict geometric details.

Round And Oval Nails

Round and oval-shaped nails always look neat with proper care. In addition, they are the easiest to care for: they break less often than square ones. Don’t be afraid of bright colors and graphic elements when creating a French manicure.

Ballerina Shaped Nails

If you prefer the “ballerina” shape, you are not a timid person. Take your line in manicure, decorating your nails with the most bizarre combinations of colors and nail design options.

Beautiful French Nail Design 2024: Options For Any Time Of Year

A nail design does not necessarily require seasonality (just like makeup), but if you are looking for ideas, why not consider these options?

Spring French Manicure

How do you quickly create a spring mood? Buy a bouquet of flowers, or get your nails decorated with floral motifs. You can use dried petals from real flowers or one of our photo tutorials to create floral nail art.

Manicure using the color-blocking technique (a contrasting combination of blocks of bright colors) remains widespread, which is to our advantage. In the spring of 2024, choose a duet of colors to suit your taste and decorate your nails using the French manicure technique.

One of the trends we discussed above is a graphic manicure, in which color blocks are joined only at the tips of the nails. It’s probably not worth adding such a funny nail design to an evening dress, but it will look just right with denim shorts and a simple white T-shirt.

Summer French Manicure

If you have a dozen bright polishes in your beauty closet, it’s time to put them to use. This summer, paint each nail a different color or try the “light” option, like in the photo below.

A French manicure with bright polish is a pretty obvious solution for summer. But if you do not support such solutions (as opposed to bright nail polishes), try the option with an ombre effect. A thin manicure brush will help you!

Spring is associated with flowers, and summer with ripe berries and fruits. It would be appropriate to support this pleasant association with a nail design. Slices of juicy orange, watermelon, or kiwi belong not only on your table but also on your nails.

Autumn French Manicure

In the fall, take a closer look at silver nail polish. It is not so bright as to be considered a “summer” option, but it also does not evoke the autumn blues, unlike black or burgundy.

To convey a slight autumn sadness with a nail design, draw leaves on your nails – yellow, red, orange.

Another way to cheer yourself up on a chilly autumn day is to create a manicure with abstract nail art. And let everyone around wonder what this abstraction means.

Winter French Manicure

At first glance, this nail design looks like a classic French manicure, but take a closer look: instead of the usual white polish, a polish with fine silver shimmer is used. The best reminder that it is winter outside (even if it turned out to be snowless).

Closer to the New Year holidays, replace the silver polish with gold – and you will feel how a solemn mood is born!

Current Ideas In “White French” Design

Even if you prefer classic white to all types of French manicure, you can easily refresh the look and make it more fashionable. Try decorating the tip of your nail with a beveled white stripe or creating a marbled effect on your nails.

Another way to quickly and easily diversify a white French manicure is to cover the nail plate not with the usual pink or nude polish but with a brighter and bolder one. Leave the “smile” at the tip white: the contrast will be very expressive.

You can also decorate the edges of your nails with colored stripes or complement a simple white French with an exciting and stylish design.

Double French Manicure: The Best Ideas

An ordinary French manicure goes well with a moon manicure (also called “reverse French”), in which the holes of the nails, rather than the tips, are highlighted with color. Moreover, in 2024, this combination in nail art is considered one of the most relevant. You can paint over the holes and ends with one polish, think through expressive color combinations in advance, or give complete freedom to your imagination, using different shades chaotically. In any case, it will turn out unusual and fashionable, as in the photo examples from our gallery.

Red French Manicure

Red French manicure is perhaps the second most popular after classic white. And this is understandable: any manicure with red polish attracts attention. We advise you to get creative and not limit yourself to a drop of red on the tip of your nail. Use metallic and glitter polishes, create designs and patterns, and experiment with the shape of your nails. Here are some ideas for inspiration.

Pink French

Neon fuchsia is the most fashionable shade of pink nail polish in 2024. In the case of a French manicure, this polish does not require any courage: a thin pink stripe will not clash with even the most puritanical outfit. Another reason for self-expression is a nail design with an ombre effect, decorated in pink tones.

Multicolored French Manicure

To create a classic French manicure, you only need two polishes – white and soft pink, but for a trendy French manicure, you will need all the colors of the rainbow. Stripes of various shades on your nails will lift your mood and that of those around you!

Glitter French Manicure

Sequins, rhinestones, pieces of foil, and beads are nail decor that would also be appropriate for a French manicure. You can integrate an interesting detail in different ways: highlight the tips of your nails with shimmer; decorate the strip with a bright polish and the central part with a shining one; decorate your nails with “gasoline stains”; cover the edges of the nails with a scattering of large sparkles.


Everyone’s favorite and impressive French style of nail design is, as always, in trend and is very popular among young girls and slightly older women.

Everything is explained very simply: fashionable French manicure is incredibly versatile. You can choose a trendy design to suit any of your outfits and the shape and length of your nails. In addition, the newfangled French manicure is constantly updated, replenished with new items and new interpretations of the familiar French manicure technique. You just have to choose the design that suits you the best.


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