Bag Trends 2024: The Most Beautiful Models Of The Season

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With today’s variety of bag models, it is difficult to impress even the most sophisticated fashionistas. Classic and original, evening and every day, miniature and voluminous – a woman’s wardrobe should have several options for all occasions.

Fashion trends in 2024 include models of various types, among which it is easy to choose an accessory for work, walking, shopping, a romantic meeting, or going to the theater to suit any style and lifestyle. We present to your attention a review of the top handbag models for the new season, which will help you find your ideal option.


If you are also tired of “quiet” luxury and can’t wait to dress up in everything bright, buy a shiny bag. Metallic leather, rhinestones, sequins – it doesn’t matter what decorates your bag. The main thing is that it sparkles. Such a bag can be included in the same brilliant look, or you can combine it with the most essential things. The effect is guaranteed in any case.


Bags with a frame, like traveling bags in the style of the early last century, are coming back into fashion. This will be a truly fashionable purchase. Actually, this is an unfading classic that triumphantly captures the podium from time to time.

With Chains

It seems that ever since Gabrielle Chanel came up with the idea of wearing a bag on a chain, she has never entirely left the fashion arena. However, from time to time, more trendy alternatives appear that push this timeless model into the background. In the coming season, bags on a chain will once again be on the trend list, and we can only rejoice at this because such a model can decorate any look.

Reptile Leather Bag

In the new season, textures embossed under the skin of amphibians are relevant. You don’t have to buy chic, expensive bags made from natural materials. More affordable products that imitate crocodile or python skin are pretty suitable.

Textured reptile products attract attention and are a noticeable element, so they best complement discreet looks in discreet colors.


Huge bags became a hit a few seasons ago and have remained strong since then. Moreover, the designers decided to demonstrate their spaciousness at the spring-summer 2024 shows. So the next time your most oversized bag won’t zip up because of the amount of stuff you put in it, leave it as is, and rest assured that you’re on trend.


A strict envelope clutch is ideal for lovers of discreet classics who do not like bags with chains and rhinestones. The perfect bag for an evening out or a business meeting where you only need a little stuff. If the classic leather option seems too dull, take a closer look at models made from more unobvious materials, for example, denim.


Huge, roomy totes pushed micro-bags out of the fashion arena a couple of seasons ago, but, as it turns out, these two opposite trends can easily coexist together. Of course, a micro-bag serves more of a decorative function: even a phone and a bank card will hardly fit into one, but we still recommend giving this trend a chance.

Woven Bags

Woven bags are regulars on the list of spring-summer trends. It could be a literal basket or a more versatile model woven from leather—there are plenty of options. The choice should be made in favor of the one you can easily fit into your wardrobe.


If you acquired models of all shapes and sizes in the wake of the popularity of red bags this fall, they won’t have to sit idle next year. In the 2024 season, the color red (and, with it, red accessories) will not lose its relevance and can decorate any look, from basic to weekend.

With Pockets

Another bright trend for the coming season is bags with patch pockets. They can really hold small items that may be difficult to find in the bag itself, or they can be left empty – it all depends on the model and size of your bag. In any case, such an accessory will look very relevant.

Bucket Bag

In the new season, we see the triumphant return of this bag, which is in the shadows and then appears again. A bucket bag is nothing more than a modified tote bag. The main difference is the specific shape, thanks to which the model got its name.

A bucket bag is a necessary item in the wardrobe of a true fashionista for the 2024 season. It holds its shape well, while its outline is soft and smooth. Give preference to medium-sized models. Yes, plus-size accessories are in fashion, but not in the case of this model. A huge “bucket” will look like an ordinary shopper and lose uniqueness.

Oversized Clutch

Perhaps one of the most enduring trends of the last couple of seasons is oversized clutches. We’ve been carrying large, roomy bags on our shoulders for years, but in the previous couple of years, they’ve gotten rid of the straps and handles, and designers are now offering to carry them under the armpit. Of course, if you really have a lot of things, it is better to use a familiar tote, but for a light load, such a maxi-clutch is ideal.


Round bags still hold their own – in this sense, nothing will change in 2024. Moreover, this time, soft hobos and models with a rigid frame holding their shape well are equally popular. And this cannot but rejoice: a round bag is much more convenient to carry many things of different shapes, and it looks much more interesting than the usual rectangular one.

Classic Cross-Body Bag

Classics are always relevant. Small trapezoidal or rectangular cross-body bags are in demand among women of all ages. A more current option is round bags and crescent-shaped items.

A basic black bag that combines two fashion trends (round shape, reptile skin embossing) will be a universal addition to any everyday outfit, whether a business ensemble or a casual look with jeans and a sweater.

Bag With Contrasting Details

Even if you already have almost all the fashionable bags in your wardrobe, the 2024 trends say: “One more definitely won’t hurt.” Take, for example, bags with contrasting details. Contrast is a story that always attracts attention.

The combination of rich shades or diverse textures makes each such model exclusive. And if you choose a bag with a removable handle, you can customize it according to your inspiration and mood.

How To Choose A Bag To Match Your Look

It should not only fit the outfit but also correspond to the circumstances. When choosing this accessory, there are several points to consider:

  • Size. If you need to take many things with you, don’t try to fit them into a clutch. You better choose a more spacious handbag.
  • Relevance. In an evening dress and with a shopper you will look comical. But if you are wearing a tracksuit and want to take an evening clutch, complement the look with stilettos – sporty chic is still relevant.
  • The current fashion is open to creativity and experimentation. Create attractive and, most importantly, complete looks. And then your deviation from established rules can become a new trend.

When creating sets, it is worth remembering that a bag is a full-fledged element of the look, which should be in harmony with other units. Like any thing, it has its mood, character, and style, which you cannot ignore.

When choosing a bag, it is important not to distort the proportions of the silhouette. This is often more important than the right color combination. For example, if you have an apple figure, avoiding shapeless models and prefer an accessory with precise geometry is better. Conversely, rounded options are better suited for those with a rectangular body type, and strict totes are contraindicated.


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