Kids Fashion 2024: The Main Trends For Girls And Boys

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In the ever-evolving fashion world, children’s clothing has found its niche. It combines fun, functionality, and style. Brands H&M and Baby Dior offer all-season options for boys and girls.

What’s in fashion for kids now? The main trends in kids’ fashion in 2024: natural textured materials, vintage motifs, layering, functionality and laconic styles, natural colors, and floral, graphic or animal prints.

Fashion Trends For Girls In 2024

To make your little fashionista look stylish, carefully study the 2024 outfit trends. When choosing clothes, consider colors, fabrics, styles, and cuts.

Colors And Prints, Fabrics And Styles

This season, designers offer girls dresses, skirts, sweaters, and overalls in rich shades: pink, red, emerald, yellow, and lilac. Natural shades (beige, brown, milky, gray, and black) and pastel colors are no less popular, especially in outerwear models.

Trending prints:

  • small and large checks;
  • vertical stripe;
  • flower arrangements;
  • cartoon characters;
  • hearts;
  • animal print in muted tones.

Here are some clothing trends for girls:

  • Mixing textures. Mix and match materials (leather, denim, velvet, and cotton) to create attractive outfits.
  • Environmental friendliness. Look for eco-friendly, breathable materials and earthy tones.
  • Vintage revival. Fashion often takes inspiration from the past. The trend is chintz dresses in small flowers with collars, wide sleeves with elastic, flared trousers, and overalls with floral stripes.

The clothing style for girls can be chosen according to their preferences. The trends are sporty chic, casual, military, and classic.

The fabric from which things are made plays an important role. For the warm season, choose light natural fabrics:

  • cotton or knitwear;
  • velvet or denim;
  • satin, tulle, and lace.

In the cold season, clothes made of thick knitwear, wool, cashmere, and plush will keep you warm. Avoid lots of synthetics.

The cut and style of kids’ clothing for 2024 have mostly stayed the same. Girls are offered loose A-line dresses, comfortable T-shirt dresses or shirts, and tunics.

Popular Models

What clothing for girls is in fashion in 2024? Depending on the season and purpose, the following trendy items and sets are suitable for girls:

  • Dresses and sundresses. Choose loose mini and midi-length models with bright embroidery, prints, and ruffles. For special occasions, dresses with high waists, floral patterns, full skirts, and ruffles made of transparent fabric are suitable. For winter and autumn, choose models with long sleeves made of knitwear.
  • Blouses and shirts. Options with or without sleeves, laconic decor, and embroidery are in fashion.
  • Skirts. Light pleated skirts and simple trapezoidal models are in fashion.
  • Sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts. Choose plain knitted models with braids and bright knitted options.
  • Trousers and jeans. Classic and slightly flared models are trending.

For the cold season, be sure to stock up on warm outerwear. The trend is bright jackets with prints, silver down jackets, and quilted raincoats. 

Fashion Trends For Boys In 2024

What are the features of fashion for boys in 2024? Hot trends to consider when choosing clothes for young fashionistas:

  • Oversize. Chunky knit sweaters, baggy trousers, and loose jackets are in fashion. Plus-size clothing not only keeps children warm but also provides freedom of movement, making it a practical choice for active boys.
  • Sport style. The trend is loose and comfortable clothing in a sporty style. The child is free and relaxed in a cozy suit or knitted joggers, complete with a hoodie.
  • Natural fabrics. Look for clothes made from soft and breathable fabrics (knitwear, cotton, denim). During the colder months, choose warm and cozy materials such as fleece, fine wool, or flannel. 

Trendy Models

A set of necessary and fashionable clothes for a boy for the cold season includes:

  • Sweatshirts and hoodies with unusual designs. These are emoticons, cartoon characters, and accent inscriptions.
  • Bright knitted items. Warm sweaters and cardigans in bright colors attract attention and add a pop of color to gloomy winter days. Choose a plain blue sweater with braids and a round neck or models with unusual patterns and bright prints.
  • Checked trousers. It’s a trendy item that looks great and goes well with both a classic shirt and voluminous sweaters and hoodies.
  • Denim suit. Little fashionistas will love the set with prints and bright appliqués. For kids, discreet classic options are suitable. The combination of a denim bomber jacket and wide trousers is trending. A white T-shirt, hoodie, or stylish striped sweater will help complement this ensemble.
  • Outerwear. The best options for boys are a laconic parka, a short puffy down jacket, and a quilted jacket. For true fashionistas, you can choose a trench coat or coat. Choose calm but rich colors: blue, emerald, chocolate, black, beige, and white.

The warm season means children are active. Boys should be comfortable and cool in summer clothes. The following options are suitable:

  • T-shirts and long sleeves. Choose basic items in white, gray, or beige. Models of bright and pastel shades with inscriptions or prints are also relevant.
  • Light trousers or shorts. Sports knitted models do not restrict movement and are suitable for active recreation. Options from light fabrics with prints will fit perfectly into the beach theme. Choose trousers and Bermuda shorts made of linen, cotton, or thin cotton to go out.


Combine clothes by color or fabric. Both monochrome looks and unusual combinations are in trend.

Kids’ clothing delights with variety, brightness, and practicality in the new season. When choosing a stylish outfit for a girl or boy, consider his age, fashion trends, and the child’s wishes.


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