2024 Makeup Trends: From Natural Makeup To Bright Shades

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In 2024, makeup emphasizing natural beauty and giving a light blush will become trendy. At the same time, modern fashion is inspired by the style of the 90s, so bright shadows and arrows will be more popular than ever.

The new year brings new opportunities for experimentation in all areas of beauty. Makeup trends in 2024 will consider every woman’s style and inspire you to create new looks.

Naturally Glowing Skin

For several years now, Instagram’s glamorous makeup has been countered by naturalness. At the end of 2023, the world’s top makeup artists began to move away from dense foundations and preferred those that do not hide the natural skin tone.

The ideal complement to fresh and glowing skin is slightly moisturized lips without bright lipsticks. Makeup artists note that it is advisable to care for lips using gentle scrubs and balms and use shades that highlight the lips’ natural beauty.

Silver Shades

World-class singer Beyoncé started the trend of chrome and metallic colors with her Renaissance tour. They will be popular in clothes and nails, and makeup will be no exception. Silver shades are ideal for special occasions. Makeup artists expect this trend to gain momentum in 2024.

Peach Shades

The Pantone Color Institute named Peach Fuzz its Color of the Year 2024. Therefore, juicy peach shades, especially in blush, will be popular. Using shadows of this color, you can create a hot look.

Invisible Makeup

Naturalness and minimalism are the basis of this makeup. Well-groomed skin has remained the primary trend for several seasons: damp and radiant, filled with inner light and health. Light blush and soft shading of shadows are just as crucial for this trend as pastel colors. You can experiment with the application: blend creamy textures with a damp sponge to achieve a translucent effect. Then, set them with dry products, applying them with a light mist. Finish with a fine shimmer powder to give your skin a subtle glow and help put your makeup.

Cool Blue Shades

There will be cold and blue ones next to natural shades and shining warm looks. This color will be trendy in eye shadow, mascara, or eyeliner. Makeup artists note that brown eyes will look especially elegant with cool blue shades.

Soft Grunge

Next to the natural beauty, there will be a 90s style with bright eyes and even some grunge. Makeup artists say smudged eyeliner and softly applied solid eyeshadow in vibrant colors from the lash line to the brows in light blue and turquoise are the 2024 trend.

Graphic Eye Makeup

The trend with graphic arrows looks futuristic but will be very popular, especially in bright shades like blue, green, or even orange. This look won’t suit everyone, but it will be stunning.

Bright Makeup

Returning to the style of the 90s, very bright makeup is also popular – eye shadow, lipstick or gloss, pencils, and eyeliner will create an unforgettable look. By the way, Hollywood stars often appear on camera with just such makeup.


Bronzer and sculptor are replaced by blush. Makeup using the draping technique will save time and stay on trend. It is necessary to apply blush to the cheekbones and temples as if we were performing correction with the help of a sculptor. The most natural and easy way to do this technique is with cream products. You can choose shades to suit your taste, from crimson to pink. The guideline is your mood.

Lots Of Glitter

Metal, sparkles, sequins, rhinestones – anything goes. You can play with colors. For example, now, the most trendy combination is green and gold. For the most creative and daring, you can use rhinestones or large glitter to create freckles or tears, which is also a trend for the coming year. A more discreet option is to attach rhinestones to the eyelids.


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