Top Men’s Fashion Trends In 2024

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Men’s fashion has firmly entered the fashion industry. The new season focuses on bold colors and unusual styles. The main trends are demonstrated in the latest collections of Prada, Dior Men, and Hermès.

What are the trends in men’s fashion in spring 2024? The leading fashion trends in looks for men are bold colors, oversized vests, the return of denim, micro shorts, a fusion of streetwear and sportswear, and unusual fabrics.

Bold Colors

One of the most prominent men’s fashion trends 2024 is using bold colors. Famous designers suggest moving away from the muted tones that dominated the men’s wardrobe and giving preference to rich colors. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and add color to your style.

Diverse outfits in bold prints are encouraged. The trend is plaid, houndstooth, abstraction, and floral patterns in discreet or rich shades.

Merging Streetwear And Sportswear

This trend perfectly combines comfort and style, incorporating sportswear elements into casual outfits. The key to the trend is a balance between relaxed and more structured items. Choose clothes that make you look good and feel comfortable.


The look for the spring-summer 2024 season is a boyish suit with micro shorts. 

Trendy micro shorts are made from suit fabric, leather, and tweed. They are combined with classic shirts, vests and T-shirts, sweaters and cardigans, and voluminous leather jackets. Shoes and high socks are considered a mandatory addition to short shorts.


Designers and fashion designers worldwide constantly play with retro materials, styles, prints, and textures. But to use this trend to its fullest, you need good taste and observation!

The Comeback Of Denim

Denim is returning to the men’s wardrobe. The most current trends are the monochrome denim look, raw denim, and the presence of unexpected decor (prints, embroidery, inscriptions). 

It is not necessary to repeat looks from fashion shows. Customize your denim pieces to suit your personal style. Pair classic or washed-out jeans with a T-shirt, or add a twist by finishing the look with an on-trend vest.

Peach Color

Peach suits and shirts may look unusual at first glance. But at the same time, it is a very versatile shade that suits almost everyone.


Vests of all shapes and sizes are everywhere. 

You can wear the vest on a naked body or over a shirt, jacket, and coat. They look good with loose trousers, cargo pants, short shorts, and bulky jeans.

Unusual Fabrics

Designers have rethought the appearance of men’s clothing and began using fabrics previously considered purely feminine.

Men still look just as masculine in clothes with sequins and translucent fabrics. Trendy items can be combined with more familiar ones to create the necessary balance.

Total Look

A discreet and completely monochromatic look with simple silhouettes will appeal to all fans of a minimalist clothing style. At the same time, monotony does not have to be white or black!

Spectacular Accessories

This season, accessories occupy a significant place in men’s fashion. They make the look fresh and help place accents.

Pay attention to bags, backpacks, and wicker string bags. Choose comfortable and practical models made from quality materials.


Loose cargo pants with multiple pockets continue to enjoy impressive popularity. How could it be otherwise if this is an ideal option for an active lifestyle!

Checkered Print

The checkered print is good in the most interesting interpretations. We advise you to pay attention not only to shirts but also to trousers, jackets or blazers in this color.


Say goodbye to tight fits: baggy trousers, loose-fitting shirts, and large outerwear define the look for spring 2024. This trend combines comfort with style. Oversize does not mean too big. It’s about a relaxed and comfortable fit that looks structured and stylish.

Loose, practical, oversized clothing is functional fashion. Combine trendy oversized items with a fitted turtleneck, T-shirt, vest, and shorts to create a modern look.


Bomber jackets with zippers or buttons will be a universal addition to simple everyday looks with a shirt or jumper. Bomber jackets made from unusual materials, such as suede or satin, are perfect.

Chunky Shoes

Massiveness is the main description of any shoe in the coming seasons. This applies to both heavy boots and your favorite everyday sneakers – deliberately rough and with thick soles.

Coffee, Caramel And Cream Shades

This entire “dessert” palette will delight lovers of the classics in 2024. These shades combine perfectly with each other, and you just need to dilute them with one bright accent.

Beige Trench Coat

An absolute must-have for lovers of elegant looks of all ages. The classic beige trench coat will be relevant not only in 2024. It will never go out of style!


Not just celebrities and public figures need to follow fashion trends. Everyone can look stylish, bright, and impressive with just a little attention. Moreover, many trends are easy to adapt to everyday life because men’s fashion has clearly strived for comfort and practicality in recent years.


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