Men’s Jeans Trends 2024: 7 Key Denim Styles

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Depending on your chosen model, jeans can be the essential or the most fashionable item in your wardrobe. 

Straight, wide, narrow, boot-cut – there are not so many styles of jeans, but every season, cut and finishing details distinguish a truly fashionable pair. The primary trend is evident: designers fascinated by wide jeans in the skater style are not abandoning the loose fit in the new season. However, this does not oblige you to follow a certain style of street subculture: wide jeans can be worn with a jacket or a biker jacket. This is the primary trend – and we will tell you the details of trendy jeans in 2024 below.

Straight Jeans

Normcore and undoubtedly “ordinary” looks have emerged as an independent trend for the coming season. Those who don’t like to experiment with style but want to look trendy don’t need to invent anything: straight blue mid-rise jeans are now a basic look and a fashion trend. The correct cut is close-fitting but not tight: designers have (fortunately) not yet decided to bring back the skinny.

The advantage of such jeans is their versatility: you can wear them with a “work” vest with patch pockets or a jacket; any styling options are appropriate.

Black Color

Typically, spring-summer collections are dominated by light colors, which in the case of denim means white, beige, and faded blue. But next season, black and dark gray jeans will occupy a prominent place, which, of course, is very practical: they look more strict and fit more easily into a work wardrobe, not to mention the fact that you can wear them all year round. In spring, black jeans look great with a leather bomber jacket or a relaxed linen blazer in warmer weather.

By the way, here is a ready-made formula for a fashionable look: such a look will be relevant in 2024 and quickly assembled from basic things you already have. Straight jeans, a white shirt (classic or with long sleeves), and a vest are an excellent way to freshen up your usual outfit.

Jeans Similar To Trousers

Typically, jeans are low- or mid-rise, which fit a wide range of body types and provide comfort that most guys are happy with.

However, more brands are taking inspiration from dress pants regarding denim.

From high-waisted, wide-leg styles to pleated styles, these jeans offer a personal touch.

Wide Jeans

When it comes to cut, the trend is evident: wide jeans, which designers loved last summer, continue to dominate trends, and the length can be maximum (within reason). These trousers look most natural in casual style looks: with a coat, long sleeve and a cap. Want to add character to your look? A belt with a large buckle will help you.


As is often the case in fashion, in 2024, we will see conflicting trends collide. While some designers present models on the catwalk in decidedly ordinary clothes, others use jeans as a field for various experiments with finishing: almost nothing remains of the “working” denim of the past in such looks. Patchwork looks like the most predictable design experiment, among others – “pixel” print, jeans studded with rhinestones, and the highest aerobatics – leather imitating denim, as at the Valentino show.


Did you think that the popularity of cargo pants, which peaked last season, would wane? We, too. But it turned out that everything is just the opposite: there are even more pockets, including on jeans, and they look more and more spacious. These are worth a look if you love the Y2K aesthetic and work uniform style.

Washed Denim

There is something about washed denim in its natural state that keeps us returning to it repeatedly. It’s also the most versatile denim, pairing well with everything from casual weekend wear to unstructured cuts.

So, classic denim is your best bet if you only buy one denim item – a jacket or jeans. But if you already have that solution or want to try more fashionable fabrics, consider washed denim.

Thanks to their lighter shades and pre-faded patina, washed denim is more popular than ever, with brands from budget to luxury regularly offering a range of models to suit every taste.


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