Men’s Suit: What Will Be In Trend In 2024

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Uncover the latest styles, colors, and fabrics shaping the fashion landscape for the modern gentleman. Elevate your wardrobe with insights into the must-have looks and timeless classics that define contemporary elegance. Stay ahead of the curve and make a lasting impression with the hottest trends in men’s suits for 2024.

2024 Men’s Suit Trends

Focus On Quality And Natural Materials

High-quality natural materials are valued regardless of the season and fashion trends. A men’s suit looks cheap if made from inexpensive fabric. For the cold season, choose materials with high wool content, but always with the addition of viscose: this way, the clothes will not wrinkle too much. In summer, it is better to prefer cotton and linen suits with a small synthetic content. In addition, to look perfect, the suit must be tailored to your figure. There is nothing worse than clothes that look like they came from someone else’s shoulder.


If you’ve never worn anything more formal than a polo or dark turtleneck, we suggest starting your acquaintance with suits from an understandable and safe base. In this case, the ideal choice would be the classic version in a muted blue shade. It can be combined with shirts of different colors and textures – it’s convenient.

Emphasized Masculinity: A New Interpretation Of The Double-Breasted Suit

The double-breasted suit, which went out of fashion for some time, is returning to the catwalks with fanfare. Of course, in new reincarnations:

  • There are a minimum of buttons, and they are all functional;
  • The neckline of the jacket descends closer and closer to the navel;
  • Loose fit, reminiscent of oversize;
  • The length of the jacket is getting lower and lower.

A double-breasted suit evokes associations with influence and status: such models are chosen by men who can devote enough time, attention, and resources to their appearance. True, the more impressive a man’s suit looks, the more requirements it has: shoes, shirt, and tie should also look stylish.

Three-Piece Suits

Men’s three-piece suits come to the rescue in cases where you need to demonstrate the most serious intentions. A smart waistcoat adds weight to the look in every sense: make sure the weather and length of the event allow it to be worn buttoned up to prevent the outfit from looking sloppy.


It’s hard to imagine that we will ride the subway and move from meeting to meeting in representative double-breasted or three-piece suits. Casual options come to the aid of a gentleman who lives a busy life in the city. Cropped trousers – with or without cuffs and pintucks – can be worn with leather sneakers and stylish espadrilles and complemented with a mismatched jacket without fear of looking tacky.


Fashion 2024 puts comfort and well-being at the forefront. Black and dark blue jacket pairs give way to beige, gray, soft pink, and light blue – linen, cashmere, and fine wool. They are comfortable in warm weather.


Prints are not always about retro. Pinstripes and neat checks look delicate and look impressive on classic models. An important point: even the most discreet print attracts more attention than plain material. Therefore, you should carefully consider what you will wear with your new men’s suit. The most daring can combine a checkered model with a striped shirt and vice versa – fashion rules do not prohibit this. But if you are looking for a universal option, a plain light shirt will not raise any questions.

For A Special Occasion

For weddings, anniversaries, awards shows, theater premieres, and other social events, you should definitely have a tuxedo that fits perfectly in your arsenal. Then, the black tie dress code will not take you by surprise, and you will feel confident even among the most pretentious audience. Two facts worth considering: tuxedo pants are worn without a belt, and the tuxedo itself is worn exclusively with black shoes. Patent leather shoes are perfect. According to tradition, a butterfly, ideally tied independently, completes the look.

Getting Rid Of Unnecessary Things: A Minimum Of Details

This point clearly contradicts the previous one, but some designers remove mandatory elements from the traditional men’s suit. Even those that previously distinguished it from other clothes: lapels, breast pockets, buttons on the cuffs. Such minimalism is not accidental: similarly, couturiers draw attention to a bright ornament or print. On the other hand, the laconic cut emphasizes the quality of the fabric.

Men’s Suit Color Trends In 2024


Gray is a soft and noble alternative to black. It helps to diversify the color palette of a man’s wardrobe: for example, you can pair a gray suit with stylish cognac or dark blue boots.


There is hardly anything more constant in men’s fashion than dark blue suits. They can be worn at any time of the day and integrated into any context – from formal to casual and relaxed. In the first case, it is better to choose a snow-white shirt and a burgundy tie, and in the second, a black men’s turtleneck made of fine wool.


Brown in a gentleman’s wardrobe has long been not only shoes and accessories. Options for men’s suits 2024 in sand and chocolate shades look noble and go well with light linen shirts. The designers proposed combining classic silhouettes, which are always in fashion, with deep and masculine shades. This look will convey confidence and self-sufficiency.

Which Suit To Choose For A Wedding In 2024

During the season of weddings and outdoor events, you can’t do without a light suit. We guarantee you will like it, even if your wardrobe was dominated by black and blue before this. Light blue, milky, and beige look very aristocratic, and light fabrics allow you to enjoy the holiday even in extreme heat. Note: You can afford a mismatched jacket and trousers at a summer ceremony.


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