Nail Trends Spring 2024: Blossoming Beauties for Your Fingertips

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Among the many options for nail design 2024 for spring, we have selected the 12 most significant trends. 50+ photos will help you choose a relevant and interesting look. Your nails will definitely not go unnoticed! 

In this article, twelve positions have been selected from the many new trends in nail design 2024 for spring (from chrome to the refreshing shade of “orange ice”) that will be at the peak of popularity.


Last year, metallics gained a lot of love when Hailey Bieber introduced a new trend called “glazed donut” – a neutral shade with a shimmer of light. Now, this style is being further developed. 

Metallic is still gaining ground, and in the spring, it will become one of the leading trends not only in fashion but also in beauty. You can use it in nail design in many ways: “precious” shades are pretty self-sufficient and look impressive in a single-color coating. However, we can also use them for a more complex design: for example, replace shiny polish with rubbing or special foil.

Orange Ice

Many spring styles are infused with fresh pastel hues, but there’s one color that stands out — Orange Ice. It’s a rich tangerine shade reminiscent of ripe melon or orange ice cream.

Classic Red

In the wake of the popularity of mob wife aesthetics, the classic red nails have once again become one of the leaders. This is an all-time classic, which, despite all its brightness, always looks appropriate, especially if you wear this manicure on short nails.

Geometric Nails

Loops and waves have been a nail design staple for the last few years, but we now see a turn toward geometric shapes. 

Micro French

French manicure will always stay in style, but seeing a modern take on this traditional design is fascinating. Micro French is a way for minimalists to add visual interest to a nail of any length and color.

Almond Shape

We invite all fans of long nails to abandon all alternative forms and try on “almond” this spring. This form suits everyone, regardless of the nails’ natural shape. It visually lengthens the fingers and makes the hands more graceful, especially if you prefer a minimalist design. However, bright nail art on “almond” nails also looks excellent. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments.


Flowers? In the spring? Of course! Yes, of course, floral nail design is not an original idea at all, but this does not prevent it from remaining one of the main spring nail trends for more than the first season. Moreover, trending performance techniques change from year to year. This year, we will draw flowers using the microdesign technique: placing one or several tiny flowers on a transparent or plain-colored base.

Animal Print

“Animal” designs are constantly becoming controversial: even though they experienced a real fashion renaissance a couple of seasons ago, many still consider them vulgar. If you don’t share this opinion, be sure to try a nail design with animal print in the new season. Leopard, snake, zebra, cow, and even tortoise – any of these patterns will greatly decorate any design. If you don’t want to completely cover your nails with a print, limit yourself to just a tiny element. In any case, such nails will look very stylish.

In Dark Shades

Rich shades have remained popular for many seasons now. It can be classic black, noble coffee, or a dark shade of one of the current seasons: green, blue, or red. These shades are best worn as a solid color on short nails. Those nails will always look perfect.

Sky Blue

Sky blue is one of the primary shades of the spring-summer 2024 season. And if you are not ready yet to dress it from head to toe, as suggested by designers. We recommend starting with nails. It doesn’t look bright, so it can easily replace the usual nude, but the manicure will look much more original.

Soap Nails

Soap nails – are simply an improved version of the “naked” nails, which became a hit last year. Which polish is suitable for soap nails? There are several options here. The most popular is a clear polish with a subtle pinkish undertone and a glossy finish. It will give your nails a spectacular, healthy, and well-groomed look while keeping the nail design absolutely universal. Another option is nude. But it must also be translucent and not completely cover the nail plate. However, the most essential thing in this nail design is the ideal skin condition of the hands and cuticles, so you should pay special attention to preparing the nails for coating.

Northern Lights

It’s not for nothing that manicure got the name “Northern Lights”: it is its effect that needs to be recreated on the nails. This trend first appeared back in 2021 in South Korea and even reached us, but it failed to become a hit then. The second attempt promises to be much more successful. To create a trendy nail design, a special holographic film is used, which is placed between the base coat (it can be transparent or colored) and a glossy top coat. The result is awe-inspiring.


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