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A fashionable small handbag plays not only a practical role in any woman’s look but also an aesthetic one. A beautiful bag can become the highlight and accent of your outfit in any season. That is why no modern woman can do without an accessory for carrying personal belongings, which she takes with her everywhere: shopping, for a walk, to study, or to work.

So, in a woman’s wardrobe, there are more than one and sometimes not even two pairs of purses and handbags for all occasions. Having made a successful purchase, you can enjoy stylish looks for more than one season, and if you are already a little tired of the old bag, you can always take a closer look at the newfangled options that appear every season. Let’s figure out today what purses and small handbags are now in fashion in 2024.

Small Bag Trends 2024

Small Round Bag

The most trendy model is considered to be a round bag in the form of a medium-sized tablet. Semicircular bags and sphere-type models will be no less popular. Previously, such options were not highly esteemed because putting things in one bag compartment was inconvenient. However, our ladies are bored with the usual rectangular options, so now they are chasing round or oval handbags.

A round bag of attractive shape and design should be in the arsenal of every self-respecting lady.

Small Tote Bag

This season, the most popular model of a small classic bag that holds its shape well, allowing you to fit even a laptop, is presented with very original tote options. These products are in completely different sizes, shades, and finishes. The primary trend of this season is a tote decorated with chains.

Small Fur Bag

The designers decided to use fur trim to the fullest and introduced a new product among bags for 2024, made entirely of fur. Such a bag will be fashionable not only in the cold season but also in the summer. You can safely wear it with open sandals or flip-flops with fur decoration.

Small Bucket Bag

The original bucket bag is presented in a wide variety. Models with a drawstring, shoulder strap, embossing or mesh, medium and small, original designs, and in the most popular shades – the choice of such a bag is really rich. You can wear a small bucket bag with everyday clothes for any purpose. But for evening wear, it is better to choose a bright clutch.

This year’s fashionable small bags combine old classic models and new eccentric options for those who love brightness and experimentation.

Small Knitted Bag

Knitted bag models deserve special attention today. The love for these accessories grows every year. On the one hand, this trend is caused by rather diplomatic prices for knitted products. On the other hand, the decor of wicker options is so diverse that it can surprise and delight the most demanding customer. You can purchase several types of such accessories:

  • Household ones are small shopping bags. The advantages of knitted models are their high strength;
  • Beach – must have two handles. Typically, such products are made from bright threads with the most unexpected print;
  • Everyday – may vary depending on the style of clothing, usually worn over the shoulder;
  • Clutches are small handbags on a chain. Such accessories are quite suitable for use at work, for a walk, or on a date. But if you want to buy a product for an evening formal look, look closer at clutches made of shiny silver or gold thread. It is better to choose a belt made of leather or in the form of a chain.

Some will say that knitted bags are a rather tricky accessory that is difficult to incorporate into everyday style. But nothing is impossible. The main thing is the desire and knowledge of the basic rules of stylization, which any stylish lady in the modern world possesses.

Fashionable Mini Bags 2024

The tiny and flirty mini bag has driven everyone crazy for several seasons. It seems that fashion in 2024 has also gone to extremes: on the one hand, huge bags in which you can fit your whole life are in trend, and on the other hand, small handbags that look more like jewelry than a helpful accessory deserve significant attention, although You can definitely carry your smartphone, lipstick, and powder in them.

Belt Bags

Having become part of the fashion bag trends from last season, the belt bag has retained its popularity. This model is relevant for both the autumn-winter and spring-summer seasons. As for the material, the right choice is artificial or natural leather. The trendy noble colors are mustard, olive, light gray, and wet asphalt. Small belt bags appeared quite often on the catwalks this season. 

Designers presented attractive options with embossing for different types of reptiles.

A striking addition to an extravagant look will be a fashionable handbag of an unusual shape in the form of a pyramid, cone, barrel, or cube; asymmetrical models or handbags in the shape of animals will attract attention to your person. 

Tiny Cross-body Bags

Small cross-body bags remain as fashionable as before. In addition to classic models of rectangular shape, round products, and crescent bags are gaining popularity. Many designers used fringe as decoration. It is with such bags that fringe looks more impressive and original. However, remember that the brown fringe will resemble a country-style bag. But bags in light white, green, gray, and pink tones can be considered classics, which are appropriate everywhere.

Mini Backpacks

Trendy mini backpacks in the new 2024 season are similar to a bag that can be carried on your shoulders. This backpack bag has a top handle that allows you to hold it in your hand like a tote. The beauty of the accessory is that you can wear it with a coat, fur coat, and sportswear. For example, if you often go out with your child for a walk in the park, then a small backpack, which will fit a phone, headphones, napkins, and a small bottle of water, is suitable for you. For this case, it is better to take the most straightforward design of a backpack, but the material should be of sufficient quality. Fashionable colors are white, cream, gray, and peach. 

Of course, if you approach the choice of a bag from a practical point of view, mini-bags lose in all respects. However, why should you have one such handbag? For beauty. Moreover, the smaller your handbag, the more precious it will be.

The 2024 mini bag will add a special touch to your look and highlight your style: any look will look like a million dollars if you complement it with a miniature, almost fairy-tale handbag.

Distinctive Design Features Of Fashionable Small Women’s Bags In 2024

Many fashionable bags in the new season have a bright detail in the form of a chain or brooch. The chain can act as decoration, a handle, or a removable shoulder strap. As for brooches, you can experiment here as you like. This decorative element of clothing and accessories is gaining more and more popularity. Designers explain this trend very simply. If you attach a bright, shiny brooch to a black handbag, the bag will turn into an evening accessory that can be worn on a festive occasion. You can decorate a bag with a strict metal brooch if you want to make a strict but feminine accessory that will be pretty appropriate under a business outfit.

Evening Bags

Evening versions of the bag are, of course, models decorated with rhinestones and sequins. Products with a large bow, ruffles, unusual prints, and patterned trim are also considered fashionable. Regarding bows and ruffles, stylists explain that the product looks bright and stands out against the lady’s general background. That is why it is better to wear an accessory with a large design under a formal outfit or a plain dress. A trouser suit, a long pencil skirt, and a jacket with minimal decor of strict classic women’s tailoring will go here.


No, now we will not talk about lessons on calculating the sides of an isosceles triangle. We will talk specifically about bags of unusual shapes. This is another highlight of this year, which makes fashionistas spend a lot of money on accessories. The trend is for various fancy-shaped accessories: trapezoids, stars, ovals, and ellipses. Designers are happy to use all these bag options in their shows. After all, such a thing will attract attention. And if you combine it correctly with jewelry, you will find it different in style.


The beauty of small bags is that you can never have too many of them. On the one hand, miniature models are inexpensive, and on the other hand, they take up minimal space in the closet, so there are no problems in terms of storing these accessories. Therefore, this season, you should definitely please yourself with a couple of brand-new purses and small handbags of modern design. Do yourself a favor. After all, a small bag can significantly change your appearance and turn a gray workaholic mouse into a beautiful lady to whom many men will pay attention.


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