Spring Jacket Trends 2024: 10 Fashionable Models

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Midwinter is the best time to get acquainted with the coming season’s trends without haste and have time to sew everything you need. We talk about the most fashionable spring jackets of 2024 in the article!

Fashion trends change very quickly! Unless you follow them closely and constantly, it’s not always easy to figure out what’s relevant and what’s no longer relevant, and the variety can make your head spin. We have compiled a convenient guide to the most fashionable jackets for spring 2024, which includes ten options, from laconic and elegant to the most unusual and daring styles.


Sporty chic, no matter how familiar it may seem, is one of the leading trends for spring 2024. Designers recommend contrasting and complementing a similar model with a pencil skirt, high-heeled shoes, or a flowy dress.

Straight-Cut Leather Jacket

Straight leather jackets will delight fans of non-boring minimalism with their laconic cut and lack of decor. Both bright and neutral shades will be relevant, but the basic palette clearly dominates. The beauty of this model is its versatility: it not only goes with everything but also allows you to put on a couple more layers if you want to keep warm.

However, if you miss the fashion of the 2010s, which is now actively occupying a leading position in the 2024 trend lists, then there is an alternative to a straight-cut jacket – a narrow jacket that fits the figure. In cold weather, you can’t wear a second layer underneath, but it looks awe-inspiring.

Shirt Jackets

A neat collar and patch pockets – recognizable details of your favorite casual style began to be used in the design of jackets. The comfort of casual style actively penetrates the outerwear wardrobe so that we feel comfortable and cozy even on cold days outside the house. And many people like this new trend: it’s not for nothing that shirt jackets have become a trend.

Wool models and quilted down jackets are suitable for late autumn and winter, while textile options are suitable for warmer weather. Due to the oversized cut, such jackets can be easily combined with various items because the volume allows you to simply throw such a shirt on top and go about your business.

Elegant Windbreaker

Who said that “windbreaker” and “elegance” cannot coexist in the same sentence? This season, the designers set out to convince us of the opposite. Laconic windbreakers with a classic cut appeared at several shows at once. The Carven brand has iridescent satin windbreakers you want to save for an evening out.

Cropped Jacket

Designers are storming from side to side: femininity coexists with masculinity and hyperoversized with ultra-short length. The spring-summer collections featured many cropped jackets to suit every taste. Some of them are so short that they resemble an updated bolero version and serve more as an accessory than a full-fledged outerwear.

Favorite Bomber Jacket

And again, here is a bomber jacket that has stayed on fashion shows for several seasons. In addition to the sports models, voluminous and cropped styles were seen in primary shades, often leather. Contrary to popular belief, the bomber jacket has long moved away from exclusively military themes and sports style and fits harmoniously into almost any wardrobe. The main thing is to choose a model that suits you.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is an indispensable item for the spring and summer. This season has pleased us with a variety of choices: there are oversized and cropped ones made from classic blue and light blue denim, black, white and gray, with scuffs and the acid wash effect, with decor and appliqués. Some designers presented jackets with an unusual cut – with cutouts and slits, voluminous sleeves.

Suede Jacket

Suede is slowly but surely gaining the right to be the primary material of this spring and summer. You can dress up this jacket differently: wear it with a regular pair of jeans and platform boots, add a hat and cowboy boots, or go retro.

Biker Jacket

This coming spring, biker jackets and leather biker jackets with brutal elements – rivets and spikes, stripes, belts, and abrasions- will be popular. Particular attention should be paid to shortened models. But no matter how beautiful they look, don’t forget about warmth and comfort; pair them with a long bottom layer or high-waisted trousers/skirt.

Oversize Is Here To Stay

Strictly speaking, oversize has already become a base, although many do not lose hope that sooner or later it will lose relevance. However, spring 2024 will not be an exception – we will still wear clothes as if they were from a man’s shoulder. In the latest collections, you can find super-voluminous jackets or simply very long ones – generally, any exaggerated shapes are in fashion.


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