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As the world of fashion and beauty continues to evolve, so do the trends in hairstyling. In 2024, braided hairstyles have taken center stage, offering a perfect blend of creativity, versatility, and elegance. From the runway to everyday wear, these trending braid hairstyles have captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts around the globe.

Braids look great on various hair types, making it possible to create braided hairstyles for long, medium, and very short hair.

Elegant braided hairstyles for 2024 are demonstrated in many different and stylish types – both with braided hair and a tasteful combination of braids with a bun, ponytail, or loose hair. 

The styles of braided hairstyles are varied – you can choose beautiful braided hairstyles in a discreet and business style for the office, luxurious hairstyles for a special occasion, and casual and comfortable braided hairstyles for every day.

Any braiding ideas you choose, presented in 2024, can best complement your look and add mystery, lightness, and sophistication.

When performing a particular hairstyle with braiding, you can use different braiding techniques, which will allow you to create hairstyles in various styles: Greek braid, French braid, plait, braid into a braid, waterfall, fishtail, braids with a ponytail and a bun. 

In the review presented, you can find original ideas for hairstyles with braids and braiding styles for different hair lengths, allowing you to choose a hairstyle for any celebration and event. In the photo below, we offer you unusual and delightful hairstyle ideas with braiding.

Braid With Ponytail

Hairstyles with braids in combination with a ponytail are simple to perform but very stylish and beautiful at the same time.

A braid with a ponytail looks excellent for every day in a casual, innovative style, beautifully opening up the neckline and placing a particular emphasis on it.

A braid hairstyle with a ponytail can be easily created without any special skills and in a short period. Thanks to this and the practicality of braid hairstyles with ponytails, many girls and women fell in love with this hairstyle.

Braids With A Bun

You can diversify the classic bun by adding braids, adding more elegance and sophistication to the hairstyle. Weaving a braid with a bun is presented in different versions: a braid at the back braided around a bun, a braid on the side, etc. 

Beautiful hairstyles with braids and buns are always sophisticated and elegant hairstyle ideas for long and medium hair that suit many girls.

Braid For Half-Down Hair

An excellent idea for a braided hairstyle for loose hair would be a waterfall. The waterfall hairstyle looks most elegant on wavy hair and in combination with curls. 

A braided hairstyle for loose hair will also ideally help highlight fashionable hair coloring, highlighting individual strands and creating a delightful waterfall effect on your hair.

Original Hairstyle Ideas With Braids In 2024

There are many options for hairstyles with braids, allowing you to choose the most beautiful options and braiding techniques for your hair type.

A popular one is the Greek braid, which always starts from the very edge of the hair and looks lovely and refined.

This type of hairstyle with braids is common among many celebrities who demonstrate the Greek braid from time to time at various events and appearances. 

The French braid and its modern version – the reverse French braid, fishtail braiding, plaiting, and many others look beautiful.

Combining various hairstyles with braids in 2024 allows you to create unique looks for any occasion.


In 2024, braided hairstyles have become a canvas for creativity, allowing individuals to express their personalities and embrace diverse cultural influences. From the ethereal Bohemian-inspired waterfall braids to the bold and edgy chunky boxer braids, the world of braided hairstyles is thriving with innovation. Whether you’re a trendsetter or a classic beauty, these trending braids hairstyles of 2024 offer myriad options to help you stand out and embrace your unique style. So, go ahead, experiment with these braids, and let your hair become a reflection of your personality and fashion-forward spirit.


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