Women’s Belt Bags 2024: What Is In Trend And How To Wear A Fanny Pack

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They say that backpacks will eventually go out of fashion. Don’t worry. There is a worthy replacement that is more convenient, compact, and stylish. Meet the women’s fanny pack! Archaeologists claim that they have repeatedly seen a similar accessory during excavations. The finds date back to the 14th-15th centuries and possibly much earlier. Men used belt bags as wallets and carried coins in them, and women for carrying various items. During the Renaissance, such coin holders were worn at courts. They were made only from expensive materials and decorated with fur and precious stones.

Since then, belt bags have been remembered only in the 90s of the last century. Then, they were predominantly functional and were made in a monotonous, sporty style. And just last year, fanny packs returned as a stylish, fashionable accessory. Let’s look at the most current models in 2024.

Trendy Belt Bags Form In 2024

What kind of fanny packs can you find this year?


One of the most popular models this year is the oval bum bag. Indeed, you have already repeatedly seen fashionistas with oval Gucci handbags in photo reports from fashion weeks? It all started with them. Now, many brands produce similar models. They are quite roomy and, depending on the color and material, go well with clothes in different styles. You can wear this with ripped jeans and a classic trench coat.


The second most popular shape is a rectangle. Flat envelope bags are unlikely to hold anything more than a phone and a few plastic cards, but they will become a stylish accent to any look.


In 2024, bulky bucket bags are trendy, and their miniatures are presented as small belt pouches. They come in velvet, suede, and leather—very original and fashionable accessories.

Banana Bag

Of course, we couldn’t do without a “hello” from the 90s! The banana bag is at the peak of popularity. Soft and usually made of fabric, they also have a touch of sporty style, but today, you can wear them with formal shirts, jackets, and coats.

These are the most popular forms of fanny packs, but not all. But you can’t describe everything because this year, they can be absolutely any, even the most unexpected configuration. They can be precisely the same as regular or designer bags, only reduced to the size of a purse, or they can be pretty impressive in size and still remain belt bags.


It’s time, dear ladies, to stop carrying the whole house with us because women’s belt bags won’t hold even half of what we’re used to carrying. Therefore, you have to take only the most necessary things! Even if a woman’s bag is medium, remember it is on the belt, and the maximum load will unsightly pull it down.

Bags of different sizes are in fashion: from tiny ones, which even a smartphone cannot fit, to quite roomy ones. It all depends on the case and situation. A small fanny pack is suitable for a cocktail or evening event, and for everyday activities – the same banana bag.

How To Wear A Fanny Pack In 2024?

How and with what should you wear a fashionable fanny pack? The belt bag can be worn with any outfit. We consider only the style of clothing and accessories. 

  • For evening dresses, small decorated handbags are on a chain that is fastened around the waist;
  • For a strict classic suit – a flat envelope bag; 
  • For a casual set – universal leather or suede models.

You can wear a fanny pack at the waist and on the hips. It acts as a belt and helps “gather” the whole image together and balance the proportions. If you want to make your legs longer visually, tighten the strap at the waist, and if you’re going to give femininity to your shape, then pull it at the hips. But many fashionistas wear branded bananas slung over their shoulders. It looks fresh and daring.

As you can see, many styles, sizes, and options for wearing a belt bag exist. All that remains is to choose your ideal model. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying this stylish and fashionable thing!


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