Trendy Women’s Shirts 2024: Trends And New Models

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A shirt is a universal wardrobe item that firmly takes its place in a woman’s closet. There is a wide variety of styles and variations. Let’s explore women’s shirts in fashion in the 2024 season.

With Pockets

Yves Saint Laurent and his safari style inspired Anthony Vaccarello, so the new Saint Laurent collection featured not only trousers and skirts but also shirts with patch pockets. Of course, such a decorative element can hardly boast of utilitarianism: carrying something in the breast pocket of a shirt is simply inconvenient, but this model looks much more interesting than the basic one.


Another elegant trend is silk shirts. They are distinguished from blouses by a classic “shirt” cut, turn-down collar, and cuffs. This shirt can be used for an evening out and every day. She will make even the most straightforward office suit sophisticated.


If patch pockets are not to your taste, choose a classic shirt model – but not a simple one, an elongated one. Peter Do suggests wearing this instead of a jacket, paired with a T-shirt and wide trousers, but the shirt has many more uses. For example, it can easily replace a dress.


And yet, there is no escape from the classics. To be honest, we don’t want to. A straight-cut white cotton shirt is a definite wardrobe must-have, not only in 2024 but in any other year. Moreover, you can wear it with the same basic things and elegant ones: for example, with a sequin skirt.


The denim shirt has been around for many years. The simple cut allows you to combine it with many things. In 2024, the trend is blue and light blue. Designers advise paying attention to models with voluminous sleeves and pockets. You can combine a denim shirt with jeans; the look will be monochrome. If you want to stand out, pair a denim shirt with a dress or sundress.


Stripes have long been a classic print for shirts, so this model will be just as versatile as white when it comes to styling. Combine a striped shirt with a formal pencil skirt, relaxed jeans, or short shorts with a print and a “masculine” jacket, as at the Dries Van Noten show.


Polo is one of the main hits of the coming year. It’s the perfect compromise between a T-shirt’s relaxed feel and a shirt’s formality: it’ll fit perfectly into any look and add casual sophistication. Moreover, you can wear it not only with jeans, as Miuccia Prada suggests, but also with trousers, shorts and even elegant skirts.


With the onset of warmer weather, we will need “lighter” versions of classic shirts – models with short sleeves. We advise you to prefer the most basic models without unnecessary decoration and complex cuts. This one can easily replace a classic shirt in any combo: with jeans, trousers, or a formal midi skirt.


A shirtdress usually has an extended cut, a stand-up collar, and a button closure. This clothing model has many variations, so you can choose what suits your idea of a stylish look. The cut of a classic shirt dress favorably emphasizes the waist. If you want to enhance the effect, try combining it with a wide belt. This will highlight the feminine proportions of the figure.


Checkered shirts will not leave the fashion arena either. Authentic, dense flannel, which a couple of seasons ago gained relevance with the light hand of Mathieu Blasi, will be replaced by models made of thin cotton. Styling such a shirt is not tricky: Loewe, for example, suggests wearing it in an unusual combo with a wool pullover and a light skirt with ruffles and an asymmetrical hem.


In 2024, cropped shirts will also strengthen their position in the fashion arena. This is the perfect pair for any high-waisted bottom, whether trousers, jeans, or a sophisticated midi skirt. This combo helps to shape your figure: visually lengthen your legs and emphasize your waist.

With Bow

The general fascination with bows of all stripes will stay in 2024. As a rule, bows adorn translucent blouses made of flowing fabric, but in the coming season, they will also appear on shirts, like Christian Dior. This flirty element will add some flair to your look while maintaining the shirt’s versatility.


The oversized shirt has a loose fit. It seems like it’s not the correct size. You can wear any clothing under it: a dress or a T-shirt. The vertical line created by unbuttoned shirt buttons slims the figure. Fashionistas can experiment and try unexpected combinations. For example, wear an oversized shirt with a straight skirt. This combination will create an exciting contrast.


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