2024 Backpack Trends: Materials, Colors, Styles, And Functional Features To Watch Out For

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Fashion designers invite fashionistas to add a fresh touch to their style by adding fashionable leather backpacks or textile-based items to their look. This will give more dynamism to the look, making it more modern and extraordinary. Thanks to their practicality and ease of use, fashionable backpacks have retained their positions in 2024, having undergone only minor modifications depending on the style.

Today, for many people of different age categories, a backpack has become an almost ideal accessory, suitable for nearly any outfit, from sporty to avant-garde and glamorous. This season, the backpack is chosen by many people who do office work and love active walks, travel, and sports since such an accessory is practical and allows you to free your hands.

Designers create backpack models that allow you to choose an exciting accessory to suit any style – from a laconic format to exotic and funny models.

Backpack Fashion Trends 2024

Modern, stylish backpacks created by famous brands have become an ideal alternative to everyday bags, which is why many men and women prefer them. These accessories perfectly complement any sporty and casual look, as well as business and avant-garde.

This year, the trend will be backpacks of a wide variety of types:

  • fabric with quilted texture;
  • leather with rivets;
  • mini backpacks;
  • suede with patch pockets;
  • transformable backpacks;
  • sport style with zippers;
  • fabric with embroidery and appliqués;
  • teenage ones in bright colors;
  • cool in metallic style.

The variety of backpacks designers offer will allow everyone to choose the most exciting accessories to suit their style, ranging from traditional classics to bright colors with intricate prints.

Let’s take a closer look at which backpacks are in fashion in 2024 and which models are considered the most popular in combination with different styles.

Trendy Color Palette

The color palette proposed by designers in 2024 is striking in its diversity: from traditional, restrained monochrome options to extravagant color tandems. The best couturiers presented models in the most incredible colors in their collections.

Fashionable colors of the current season:

  • blu ;
  • lilac;
  • red;
  • blue;
  • emerald;
  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • white;
  • mint.

Monochrome models in black and brown are no less impressive, allowing you to harmoniously complement men’s and women’s looks in dark colors.

Checkered backpacks retain popularity, as well as items with snake or python skin prints, which look luxurious with biker jackets, rough boots with thick soles, and outfits in grunge or rock style.

Charming backpacks with floral prints are suitable for cute, romantic girls who choose clothes in ethnic style. It will be fashionable to wear backpacks with flowers, complete with jeans and a top, trousers and a blouse, shorts and a T-shirt, chosen in a calm color scheme. Shoes or sneakers are suitable as footwear; selecting plain models to make a backpack an accent accessory is essential.

Sporty Style Backpacks: A Timeless Urban Classic

Backpacks in a sporty style have remained the most popular in recent years due to their practicality and wide variety of models. Classic city backpacks, a type of sports backpack, have become an excellent addition to everyday looks. They are ideal for modern people who live active and dynamic lifestyles while valuing comfort.

An essential advantage of such backpacks is their simplicity of design, ease of care, durability, and ideal combination with the most popular styles, such as sports, street, and smart casual. They are made from waterproof material that completely protects the items inside.

Spectacular And Intriguing Leather Backpacks

The most fashionable backpacks for the upcoming season include products made from genuine leather, and most fashion houses presented them in a simple, laconic design, trying to emphasize the luxurious appearance and sophistication of the material itself. Particular emphasis was placed on classic dark natural shades in the men’s collections and pastel colors in the women’s collections.

Most modern youth models are offered without a rigid frame in a futuristic design:

  • oval;
  • in the shape of a triangle;
  • transformers 4 in 1;
  • in the form of a circle;
  • small backpacks with shoulder straps;
  • drop-shaped.

Classic options are designed for people who prefer a business or casual style, while more creative models will interest a student, teenager, or representative of modern subcultures.

Trending Mini Backpacks Of The Current Season

Fashionable backpacks of small sizes have become a real find for youth looks. Compact and comfortable, they could perfectly replace branded men’s purses and shoulder bags, as well as clutches for women.

Despite its small size, this accessory can fit everything you need. For women, backpacks decorated with decorative trim in the form of rhinestones, chains, sequins, or embroidery are now in fashion. Small models allow you to add more interest to any laconic summer look with a light dress, stylish shorts and top, or a light blouse and denim skirt.

For men, a mini backpack is an almost universal accessory that can be comfortably carried in your hand, like a bag, or on your shoulder.

Beautiful mini-backpacks are ideal for fashionistas for evening outfits, elegantly combined with ballet flats, slippers, stilettos, or Converse.

Unusual Models In Biker Style

A fashionable black backpack with a considerable amount of metal fittings is an ideal option for men who prefer a brutal style and daring girls who are not afraid to attract the attention of others. Many brands have presented unusual versions of backpacks in this style this season, choosing accessories not only in metallic colors but also in golden shades.

The most suitable option for men is large backpacks with numerous compartments that easily fit everything you need on the road. For brave and extravagant girls, many designers have created attractive, laconic models of small sizes made of genuine leather with many zippers and rivets. This accessory will be ideal for a spectacular and unusual biker look.

Transformable Backpacks

Each manufacturing company has tried to offer its own versions of transformable backpacks this season, which can also be worn as a bag. Moreover, they are ideal for any outfit, including business suits and shocking looks.

Cool transformable backpacks will add charm to a strict business style and look harmonious when paired with a spectacular evening outfit. These comfortable and practical models have been appreciated by many fashionistas, choosing the most interesting options for their everyday looks:

  • square leather backpacks-bags to match a men’s business suit;
  • frame bags-backpacks for sports looks;
  • fur backpacks for a glamorous look for a young lady;
  • comfortable backpacks with handles for everyday men’s looks;
  • stylish models with sparkles of an original format for those who like to shock others;
  • elegant checkered fabric backpacks for teenagers;
  • voluminous transformable backpacks for fans of street casual style;
  • red mini backpacks for a women’s monochrome ensemble.

A backpack bag can very harmoniously complement absolutely any look if you choose the right color scheme to match the overall clothing ensemble. Current colors for women’s looks are soft pastel tones in a calm color scheme. For men, most manufacturers offer dark tones ranging from taupe to black. But street fashion allows you to use more saturated shades of chocolate, blue, and even sandy yellow tones.

Textile Backpacks

Today, many well-known brands use leather, fur, various synthetic materials, and textiles to sew backpacks. In addition to models made of genuine leather, backpacks made of textile materials with original prints, unusual patterns, and appliqués are now trending. For the youth age category, designers have offered cheaper quilted backpacks that go well with many casual style options, as well as avant-garde solutions.

Street fashion has positively responded to the laconic, strict versions offered by leading brands in classic, discreet colors and models of extraordinary formats decorated with decorative rivets, zippers, and original fasteners.

A quilted textile backpack will ideally complement a student or school outfit and is suitable for walking with friends and everyday wear. Popular mini versions made of quilted material are perfect for girls who prefer a romantic style or boho with a modern interpretation.

Stunning Backpacks For Elegant Looks

The undisputed trend of 2024 can be considered backpacks in metallic shades in shiny silver and gold variations. New items released by well-known brands differ in size and design, but high-quality fittings and shiny inserts unite them. The current season’s shows set the tone for new trends with trendy backpacks made of metallic eco-leather decorated with shiny sequins.

The season’s hit was fringe, which is present in many couturier collections, so the most fashionable backpack of 2024 is simply unthinkable without this fashionable element. Fashion designers decided to please fashionistas with the intriguing design of fringed backpacks, providing a vast range of choices for everyone interested in original solutions for individual looks.

A branded backpack with a beautiful fringe in the same tone or another shade, decorated with appliqué or ornament, will add a unique charm and lightness to any look. Current new items fit perfectly into business and casual looks, as well as extravagant looks.


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