Trending Tennis Shoes 2024: Best Options For Men, Women, And Kids

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In the fast-paced world of tennis, choosing the proper footwear is as critical as mastering the game itself. Our feet are the foundation of our body’s movement, especially in sports like tennis, where agility, stability, and grip play pivotal roles. Therefore, selecting the appropriate tennis shoes can significantly influence your performance and reduce the risk of injury. The editors of Hackshion have compiled a rating that includes the best tennis shoes from famous brands trending in 2024.

Understanding The Significance Of Tennis Shoes

Many believe that specially designed shoes for a specific sport are just a clever marketing ploy. 

Tennis involves a complex range of movements – quick sprints, sudden stops, pivots, and jumps. The unique demands placed on an athlete’s feet during a tennis game require footwear specifically designed to handle these challenges. Unlike standard sneakers, tennis shoes offer added support, better traction, and specialized construction to withstand the sport’s rigors. They protect against dislocations, sprains, and ensure that fast movements don’t lead to accidental slips or falls. Tennis shoes won’t help you win but will prevent many injuries and provide comfort and grip on the court.

What to look for when choosing shoes:

  • Individual foot structure;
  • Comfort during active movements;
  • Material;
  • Insole quality;
  • Court grip;
  • Foot and ankle support;
  • Durability;
  • Appearance.

Our experts ranked the sneakers based on the information received. The top includes models specially designed for playing tennis. They are preferred by famous athletes, which indicates high quality and reliability.

Best Men’s Tennis Shoes In 2024

Tennis shoes should secure the foot, protect against dislocations, and provide a good grip on the surface. A special soft insert is added to the middle so the lower leg and foot are reliably protected during movements. When choosing, the individual characteristics of the foot are considered because the athlete should be comfortable during a game or training. From various brands of men’s sneakers, we selected three well-known brands that received positive reviews from professional tennis players and amateurs.

Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 5 CC

Thanks to innovative technologies, sports shoes cope with their tasks perfectly. It absorbs side impacts, softens jumps, and helps control the game on the baseline. Among the brand’s fans is the famous player Roberto Bautista Agut.

Increased shock absorption occurs due to the wide sole, which uses the latest technologies for production. The upper is made of durable, breathable mesh. The model is light, comfortable, does not hinder movement, and, at the same time, protects the foot and ankle from impacts. The foot in the shoe does not sweat and does not slip.

According to the test results, it was revealed that the sneakers have increased wear resistance. The Japanese brand has proven itself to be the best by producing a line for professionals and amateurs.


  • Lightweight;
  • Breathable upper material;
  • Reliable adhesion to the surface;
  • Shock absorption;
  • Ankle support;
  • Stable wide sole.


  • They’re too big.

Joma Slam

The Spanish brand is well-known to professional athletes. It is famous for the quality and convenience of its products. The most demanding players will be satisfied because, in these shoes, you can spend many hours on the court without feeling tired.

The upper is made from durable nylon using innovative seam-eliminating technology. This lightens the weight of the pair, providing reliable protection while playing. The toe is equipped with additional protection, increasing wear resistance. The ventilation system prevents the foot from overheating.

Tennis sneakers with good cushioning and an insert in the middle of the sole soften impacts. The new last provides additional comfort to the heel area. The outsole material is durable, abrasion-resistant rubber. The comfortable insole does not slip and secures the foot without causing inconvenience.


  • Durable, wear-resistant sole;
  • Lightweight;
  • Additional toe protection;
  • Innovative shock absorption system;
  • Ergonomic shoe;
  • Affordable tennis shoes.


  • Not identified.

Adidas Solematch Bounce

The world-famous sports brand not only produces the best shoe collections but also cares about the environment. Extra-cushioned design made from recycled material.

It is designed for playing on hard courts. The frame, made using the latest technology, securely fixes the foot without causing discomfort when moving. Provides reliable grip on the court. The upper is made of breathable, durable mesh. During the game, the foot does not sweat and does not slip.

The intermediate insert in the sole improves shock absorption characteristics. The front part is equipped with additional inserts that extend service life. The laces securely fix the foot, are elastic and durable, and do not come undone.


  • Attractive design;
  • Made from recycled materials;
  • Large, durable mesh on top;
  • Foot support;
  • Reliable lacing;
  • Strong, durable.


  • Not identified.

Best Women’s Tennis Shoes In 2024

Girls select shoes not only based on technical characteristics but also on appearance. They would like women’s sneakers for tennis to look aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, and match the color scheme of the clothes. However, the model should be selected considering the physiological structure of the foot and the court’s surface on which the game will be played. Sneakers should be convenient, comfortable, and safe, so opting for proven sports brands is advisable.

Asics Gel-Game 8

The updated eighth version of women’s tennis shoes is suitable for those who play tennis at an amateur level. Mid-level players also prefer the model. The mesh upper provides comfort during active movements. Critical areas are further reinforced, protecting the ankle from injury and damage.

The production uses the latest technologies that increase shock absorption and wear resistance. The foam was added to the outsole material, improving flexibility and increasing durability. The model can be used on all types of surfaces. It leaves no marks on hard courts.


  • Choice of colors;
  • Absorbs shocks while driving;
  • Reinforced toe part;
  • Protection against sudden impacts from the side;
  • The protector is suitable for all types of court surfaces;
  • Ventilating mesh.


  • It’s heavy compared to models from other brands.

Babolat Jet Tere All Court

High-speed, breathable tennis shoes suitable for all types of surfaces. The upper is soft, comfortable, and made of breathable mesh. Improved shock absorption protects against impacts and softens the load on the foot during sudden jumps. The sole in the front is divided into sections, each responsible for specific movements. Stable, durable, and equipped with increased flexible qualities.

Sweating increases while playing. The foot mustn’t overheat. The upper part is made entirely of mesh material that prevents the foot from overheating.

The models are characterized by increased wear resistance, are robust, reliable, and will last long. The surface of the sole is additionally reinforced in areas of active impact. The rigid heel securely holds the heel in place.


  • Breathable upper material;
  • Removable insole;
  • Lightweight;
  • Protection against side creases;
  • High, tight-fitting tongue;
  • Universal.


  • High price.

Nike React Vapor NXT Black/White-MTLC

A new generation model specially designed for increased loads on the tennis court. Based on scientific research, the company’s specialists have created a unique model with excellent shock-absorbing properties. The shoes provide a reliable grip on the surface. Professional players note that Nike can withstand even the most difficult matches.

The design contains durable rubber and plastic, which reinforce high-activity areas. Nike React features soft cushioning. Soft foam is used in the arches of the foot, and harder foam is used on the outside. This helps you feel the surface better. The ankle is protected from the consequences of sudden jumps and landings.


  • Fixation of the foot when moving sideways;
  • Tight fit;
  • The insole can be removed;
  • Anti-slip protection;
  • Original design;
  • Wear resistance.


  • High price.

Lotto Mirage 300 II SPD

The new line features unique women’s models in different colors, complemented by graphics. Professional athletes and amateurs note the shoes’ high quality, durability, comfort, and lightness.

When creating, innovative technologies are used, with the help of which the foot is securely fixed during movement. At the same time, the model does not restrict movement, adapting to sudden jumps and fast running. The outsole material is suitable for clay courts.

The polyurethane outsole provides good traction, and additional inserts soften the load on the foot. The mesh upper allows air to pass through, so your foot will not sweat or slip on the insole. The fixing lacing holds the foot tightly without squeezing the skin.


  • Bright colors;
  • No need to lace up your sneakers;
  • Can be bought inexpensively;
  • Herringbone tread;
  • Textile, breathable upper;
  • Reliable fixation of the foot.


  • Not found.

Best Kids Tennis Shoes In 2024

Parents must take care of the correct equipment for the child to feel confident and comfortable on the court. Choosing shoes that will tightly fix the ankle, have increased shock absorption, and provide grip on the surface is necessary. As a rule, modern models have a unique rubber sole that increases flexibility. Choosing tennis shoes suitable for the surface on which the training will take place is essential.

Asics Gel-Game8 GS

The model is suitable for young athletes who play on the court 2-3 times a week. They are characterized by increased stability and good shock absorption. The innovative tread is wear-resistant and provides increased grip on the court.

The upper is made of breathable mesh to prevent your foot from overheating while playing. The overlays are made of artificial leather with a polyurethane film, protecting the ankle from the effects of sudden movements.

Additional padding in the midsole enhances stability. The sole bends well while being solid and durable.


  • Provides increased stability on any surface;
  • Protection of the ankle from damage;
  • Breathable upper material;
  • Lightweight, do not hinder movement;
  • Durable sole;
  • Reasonable price.


  • They’re too big.

Wilson Kaos QL Barrier

Universal models are suitable for both girls and boys. They are designed for all types of court surfaces. Relieve fatigue and reduce stress on the legs. Thanks to the unique design of the shoe, the children’s foot is correctly positioned, occupying a comfortable position.

The lacing system lets you put on and remove the sneakers without additional effort. The rubber outsole is durable yet flexible and provides reliable traction. The junior feels the court well and can develop speed without feeling discomfort.

The manufacturer differentiates between the heel and toe zones in adult and kids models. The textile insert provides good ventilation. The foot is supported by a tongue that fits tightly to the leg. An additional insert in the toe section protects the toes.


  • Lightweight lacing;
  • Suitable for any type of coating;
  • Light, weightless;
  • Distributes the load evenly over the entire foot;
  • Insole with antibacterial agent;
  • Durable rubber outsole.


  • Ventilation may need to be more effective for exceptionally active juniors.

Head Sprint 3.0

The model is designed specifically for young tennis players, considering the anatomical features of the children’s feet. Suitable for any court. The leg is securely fixed and supported during the game. The high-tech sole is protected from abrasion and has increased shock absorption. The child does not feel impacts during movement since the sole reduces the load.

The insole is soft, and the tongue fits snugly. Lightweight lacing with additional Velcro secures the foot. Inserts in the front and back of the sole protect against sudden movements, spring, and increasing shock-absorbing qualities. Kids’ tennis shoes reduce stress on the toes. The model is suitable for a child of any gender.


  • The lacing is supplemented with Velcro;
  • Suitable for all types of surfaces;
  • Durable, wear-resistant;
  • Shock-absorbing sole;
  • Non-marking;
  • A budget option.


  • Insufficient ventilation.

Key Features To Consider When Purchasing Tennis Shoes

When it comes to tennis, the right pair of shoes can make all the difference in your performance on the court. With the unique demands of this high-intensity sport, selecting the correct footwear is critical for your on-court maneuverability and overall safety. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner looking to outfit yourself properly, the intricacies of tennis shoe selection may initially seem overwhelming. However, by focusing on a few key factors, you can ensure that the shoes you choose help you to ace your game.

Surface Specificity: Choosing The Right Sole

One of the most crucial aspects of tennis shoe selection involves gauging the type of surface you most frequently play on. Tennis courts can range from hard concrete to soft clay to grass, and each necessitates a sole with specific attributes.

  • For concrete surfaces, shoes with a rigid, abrasive-resistant sole are essential to withstand the rigors of frequent pivoting and lateral movements. Look for a durable rubber compound and a non-marking outsole to extend the life of your shoes and keep your court in the best condition.
  • Clay courts require a herringbone pattern outsole that provides traction without retaining as much debris. This outsole design helps to prevent slippage on dusty surfaces while maintaining a level of slide that is necessary for quick movements.
  • On grass, a sneaker with a nubbed pattern is advantageous, as it will dig into the softer surface while supporting your accelerations and sudden stops.


The type of tennis shoe you select must be suited to your level, style, and even physical condition.

  • A mid-range or premium shoe is often the best choice for the competitive or frequent player. These shoes are built to the highest standard with the most durable and specialized materials. Look for qualities such as an upper made of synthetic leather for added durability, ankle support, and a sole that balances flexibility with stability for high-impact movements.
  • The recreational or occasional player may need a different level of technology and can opt for a more budget-friendly shoe. However, it is still crucial that the shoes provide adequate cushioning, support, and traction to prevent injuries and extend a comfortable playing experience.

Support And Stability

Tennis is a game that requires a significant amount of lateral movement and abrupt stopping and starting. This can put a lot of strain on your feet and ankles. Proper footwear should offer robust support and stability to help prevent common tennis-related injuries such as ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis.

The upper of the shoes should offer a good fit without being too tight or too loose. A snug lacing system can provide a personalized fit with support around the midfoot and heel.

Look for features like a reinforced heel counter, which will help to prevent the foot from rolling inward or outward during play. A cushioned midsole can absorb the shock from high-impact movements, helping to protect your knees and lower back.

The Science Of Traction

One of the most critical components of a tennis shoe is its traction. The sole’s design and materials will determine the grip the shoes can achieve on the court surface. Poor traction can lead to slips, falls, and possibly severe injury, making this a non-negotiable feature of any tennis shoe.

Consider the outsole pattern that best matches your typical playing surface—herringbone for various court types, circular for pivoting on hard courts, and nubbed for grip on grass. Additionally, the quality and grip of the rubber used in the outsole are paramount. Make sure to choose a shoe that can take on not only the court but also the competition with confidence.

Comfort Is King

A comfortable shoe can differentiate between a joyful match and a grueling, foot-aching experience. Tennis players often spend hours on the court, making comfort an absolute necessity.

First and foremost, the shoes should fit correctly. This means there should be a thumb’s width between your longest toe and the end of the shoe, and the width of the shoe should match the shape of your foot without feeling constricting.

Look for a shoe with a cushioned footbed that supports the arch and a padded collar for added comfort. Lightweight, breathable materials will prevent your feet from overheating and discourage the formation of blisters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Should I Replace My Tennis Shoes?

The replacement frequency can vary greatly depending on how often you play, the surfaces you play on, and the wear and tear your shoes endure. A good rule of thumb is to replace your tennis shoes every six months if you play frequently (3-4 times a week) or when you notice significant wear on the sole or loss of support and cushioning.

Can Running Shoes Be Used For Tennis?

While running shoes provide cushioning and support, they lack the necessary lateral stability and specific sole design needed for tennis. Using running shoes for tennis increases the risk of injury and does not provide the traction or durability required for court surfaces.

How Can I Extend The Life Of My Tennis Shoes?

Proper maintenance can significantly extend the life of your tennis shoes. Clean your shoes regularly to remove dirt and grime that can degrade materials. Rotate between pairs if you play often to allow the shoes to air out and recover cushioning between uses. Lastly, only wear tennis shoes on the court to prevent unnecessary wear from other surfaces.

Is It Worth Investing In Expensive Tennis Shoes?

Investing in high-quality tennis shoes is worthwhile if you play tennis regularly or competitively. Premium shoes offer better support, stability, and durability, which can improve your game and reduce the risk of injury. Consider your investment as part of your commitment to your sport and health.


When selecting the right tennis shoes, remember that you are investing in your athletic performance, foot health, and overall game enjoyment. Take the time to consider the surface you play on, the support and stability you need, the traction for your style, and the comfort for your long hours on the court. Quality tennis shoes may come with a higher price tag, but the returns in play and durability more than justify the cost. Treat your feet right; they will return the favor with powerful serves, swift volleys, and nimble footwork.


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