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Are you ready to pucker up to the hottest lipstick trends of 2024? Whether you’re a beauty enthusiast or a professional makeup artist, staying ahead of the latest lip makeup trends is essential. The dynamic world of beauty reflects our cultural shifts, personal moods, and even the year’s climate. This comprehensive guide will explore the lipstick shades and textures that take the glam scene by storm in 2024. From classic reds to edgy metallics, we’ve covered you with the season’s top lip makeup inspirations and how to wear them.

The Comeback Of Nostalgic Lip Glosses

Remember the ’90s and early 2000s when lip gloss reigned supreme? Well, in 2024, lip glosses return triumphantly, ready to compete with modern favorites like liquid matte lipsticks. This year’s gloss trend isn’t just about a sheer sheen; it’s about high-impact shine that can be worn alone or layered over other lip colors for a multidimensional effect.

The Everlasting Charm Of Red Lipstick

Red is undeniably the quintessential lipstick shade that transcends time. In 2024, we’re seeing an ode to this timeless classic, with a renewed focus on its versatility. Whether it’s a bold blue-red for a statement look or a classic scarlet in a creamy formula for daily wear, red lipstick is a must-have that every makeup lover should own.

How to wear red lipstick in 2024:

  • Classic Red: Keep your eye makeup subdued with a simple flick of liquid eyeliner to channel vintage Hollywood glamour.
  • Red-orange: For a modern twist, pair this fiery shade with soft, bronzed eyes and a hint of highlighter for a fresh, beachy look.
  • Dark Cherry: This luxurious hue screams elegance when paired with a smoky eye and defined brows for a sultry evening ensemble.

Finding Depth In Wine-Toned Lipsticks

For the fall and winter of 2024, deep wine-toned lipsticks bring drama to our lips. While traditionally seen in cooler seasons, these wines aren’t afraid to venture into the warmer months, offering a versatile and chic option for any season.

Pretty In Pink

While nude is a neutral powerhouse, pink is strongly bidding to dethrone its nude counterpart in 2024. From soft ballet pinks to vibrant fuchsias, this fresh take on femininity is having a significant moment. When wearing pink on your lips, the rule of thumb is to keep the rest of your makeup soft and understated to allow the color to pop.

How to rock pink lipstick in 2024:

  • Cotton Candy Pink: Play with ethereal charm by pairing this light shade with pastel eyeshadows and a touch of radiance in your highlight.
  • Electric Fuchsia: Stand out with a bold eye look featuring graphic liners or shimmering eyeshadows to complement this striking hue.
  • Classic Baby Pink: Perfect for everyday wear, balance it with a natural-looking base, a coat of mascara, and a light blush.

The Vinyl Lipstick Trend

When it comes to texture, vinyl is where it’s at. The wet shine and plumping effect of vinyl lipsticks have captured the imagination of beauty enthusiasts. These high-gloss formulas are best suited for creating alluring, editorial-inspired looks that make a statement.

A Nuanced Nude

Nude lips never go out of style, but in 2024, the key is variety. From beige to brown nudes, the trend is about finding the perfect shade to complement your skin tone. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all nude lip colors; instead, it’s about finding a hue that enhances your natural beauty.

The nude revolution in 2024:

  • Cool Undertones: Opt for pinkish-beige shades to create a harmonious, feminine look.
  • Warm Undertones: Explore peach-toned nudes that add a touch of warmth and subtly define your features.
  • Olive Skin: Rich caramel nudes can make your lips pop without overwhelming your complexion.

Transparent Lipstick

This year’s clear balms and glosses are the epitome of effortless beauty. They add a subtle sheen to your lips while keeping the look uncluttered, perfect for days when you want a more natural look.

Spring-Summer 2024 Lipstick Trends

Spring and summer are all about vibrant makeup that mirrors the liveliness of these seasons. The warmer months are perfect for playing with textures and hues that celebrate the sun, from bright reds to shiny, embellished lip colors.

Spring-Summer 2024 lipstick shades:

  • Strawberry: This fresh and sweet shade is perfect for daytime outings, paired with a simple cat-eye and a glowing complexion.
  • Gloss on Fire: For those nights on the town, ramp up the glam with a glossy red lip and shimmering eyeshadow that catches the light.
  • Electric Berry: Add a pop of color to your summer beach look with bold berry tones that give a touch of edginess to your otherwise carefree vibe.

Fall-Winter 2024 Lipstick Trends

When the temperatures drop, lipstick tones deepen, and textures become more pronounced. Think bold statements with ‘smeared’ lips or the refined elegance of metallics. These lip trends for the latter part of 2024 are all about adding interest to your makeup game.

Fall-Winter 2024 lipstick shades:

  • Deep-Smeared Lips: While the name may be a bit off-putting, the look is unique and worth trying for those who enjoy a bold, editorial look.
  • Winter Wines: Opt for rich burgundies and deep plum shades that add depth and mystery to winter ensembles.
  • Metallic: For the avant-garde, metallic lipsticks in silver and gold can be a show-stopping addition to your holiday makeup.

Finding The Perfect Lipstick For Your Hair Color

The most flattering lip colors are often those that complement your natural features. The interplay between hair color and lipstick can enhance your overall look, and in 2024, we’re making sure every shade is catered for.

The right lipstick for your hair color:

  • Brunettes: Rich and vibrant colors such as reds, fuchsias, and burgundies warm dark tresses.
  • Blondes: Sheer or bold—transparent glosses for a fresh daytime look and red or burgundy for a powerful evening ensemble.
  • Brown-Haired: Warm-toned reds and burgundies add a natural flush to brown hair, while nude and shimmer shades offer versatility.
  • Red: Both subtle nudes and striking reds can accentuate the warm hues of red hair, creating a balanced, chic look.

Recommended Lipstick Products In 2024

Navigating the vast world of lipsticks can be overwhelming with so many brands and formulas on the market. To help you stay on trend and make the most out of 2024’s lipstick trends, here are our top picks for every category mentioned:

  • Classic Red: Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate – A timeless, vibrant red that offers a luxurious, satiny finish, ensuring a bold statement that resonates confidently.
  • Vinyl Shine: Dior Addict Stellar Gloss 785 Diorama – This delivers an ultra-glossy, reflective shine that embodies the vinyl trend, coupled with the nourishing care Dior products are known for.
  • Nude Perfection: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk – A universally flattering nude with a modern matte finish, this lipstick is designed to give fuller, wider-looking lips.
  • Metallic Marvel: Yves Saint Laurent The Slim Glitter – For those daring to venture into metallics, this lipstick offers a slim, square-cut bullet for precision application and a sparkling, glittery finish.

By experimenting with these recommended products, you can effortlessly incorporate 2024’s lipstick trends into your makeup routine. Each selected product stands out not only for its quality and color payoff but also for its ability to embody the year’s most captivating trends.

By incorporating these renowned brands into your makeup arsenal, you’re investing in quality and legacy and the beauty trends shaping 2024’s outlook on lip color. These products are celebrated for their exceptional formula and ability to deliver lasting color, ensuring you look your best on any occasion.


In conclusion, 2024’s lipstick trends celebrate individuality and experimentation. Whether you prefer classic reds’ timeless allure or vinyl textures’ striking modernity, there’s a lipstick trend for everyone. Remember, the best makeup trend is the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

You can adapt the year’s lip fashions to fit your aesthetic by staying informed and ready to try new styles. Now, find your perfect lipstick shade, and make a bold statement with your pout in 2024!


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