2024 Blonde Hair Trends: 8 Colors That Will Be At Their Peak

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The new decade is a real gift for all blondes. What is the fashionable blonde in 2024? It is already evident that tons of trendy colors have been added to the classic light shades: baby blond, caramel, brond, and many others. We discuss the most important blonde colors you can safely try in 2024.

Cashmere Blonde

If we talk about the general trend, it remains unchanged: stylists unanimously vote for natural shades of blonde. They damage hair much less than the once-popular platinum or ash blonde, and they are much easier to care for. Among such unpretentious colors is cashmere blonde. The perfect shade for the colder months, inspired by the warmest and coziest winter material: cashmere. This coloring involves layering warm and cool shades of blonde: combining different tones should resemble the interweaving of the finest cashmere wool fibers. Coloring is quite complex to perform, but at the same time, it is unpretentious in care.

Baby Blonde

The same pure and very natural shade that blondes have in childhood. This color is universal and goes well with any skin tone.


At first glance, the name of the coloring may seem strange, but in reality, it is just a combination of two opposite hair colors – brunette and blonde. So, if choosing between a brunette and a blonde has always seemed impossible, this coloring is for you. This is literally the golden mean between dark and light coloring, in which light strands look more like they were simply bleached by the sun rather than being dyed. The bulk of the hair can be tinted into a cooler light brown or warm golden caramel. It is essential that all transitions look smooth and that the coloring looks as if it were your natural hair color.


This radiant shade captures all the best the blonde palette offers. It consists of both cool and warm tones, perfect for wavy and curly hair, as it can advantageously emphasize the structure of the strands with tints of shades. In this case, the color can be selected for owners of different eye colors.

Living Blonde

The main feature of a “living” blonde is encrypted in its name: you can lighten your hair once and then let the coloring “live” its own life: it will grow evenly, without sharp transitions and spots. Dark roots, slight color stretch, and the most natural shades when tinting. However, even though coloring does not require frequent renewal, do not forget that even light lightening harms the hair. Therefore, adding more nourishing and strengthening products to your care is very important.

Caramel Blonde

This coloring is similar to “brond” in many ways but with two significant differences. First of all, caramel blonde is never cold. The roots and dark strands along the length must have a warm, caramel shade. Secondly, light strands in this coloring should be much more contrasting – this effect is achieved by stronger lightening. Caramel blonde is ideal for dark or light skin with a warm undertone. Light strands on the face will make its features more expressive and even out the skin tone, making imperfections visually less noticeable.

Cozy Blonde

This coloring owes its appearance to Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, who, as if by agreement, tried it on at the end of 2023. The complex, warm caramel-honey shade looks very impressive. It is light enough to soften facial features and make skin imperfections less noticeable but also dark enough so that the face does not get “lost” against its background. This coloring is relatively safe for hair. Of course, any blonde inevitably spoils the hair, but in this coloring, the lightening does not affect the roots of the hair, which will help keep it in good condition in the future.


Last year’s trends gravitated towards cool blondes, and this story continues. And yet, in 2024, you can shake up heat and cold (but not mix!) in an egg-nog. Of course, this combination can be achieved only through highlighting using two tones. Choose the most fashionable shades of blonde in 2024: one from a cold palette, the other from a warm palette. Wheat and graphite, silver and light blond, sand and platinum, gray and Scandinavian – mix your unique cocktail.


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