Trendy Haircuts For Curly Hair In 2024

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Year after year, curly haircuts transform, change, and become more versatile. The most important thing is that fewer and fewer curly-haired people are afraid of short haircuts, bangs, and, in general, doing something with their hair, tormented by old experience.

Everything changes and develops, and what was there before with irons and dangerous dyes remains in the past. Let’s look at the fashion trends for curly hair in 2024!


This is the most fashionable haircut of 2024, and not only for curly hair. It fits perfectly under the curly method, as there is a difference in length, which gives volume. And straightening your hair, you will get a beautiful hairstyle.


Let’s go back to rock and roll! This haircut is all the rage right now, and look, it’s straight and made for curly hair. It can be done at different lengths and with different bangs, but the volume and style will haunt you daily.


A haircut for centuries that will be relevant every year and all seasons. Permanent Parisian chic, which is easy to style, both using the curly method and brushing. The bob suits both curly and straight hair, and sometimes, it seems that a more feminine and elegant haircut simply does not exist.


And all its varieties. Another haircut that is designed for curly hair. Due to the different layers in the structure of the haircut, the hair rises, and an incredible volume is obtained, which suits every girl. And if you straighten your hair with brushing, the volume will not go away.


This haircut is definitely for those who are tired of their hair and are not afraid to take risks. In principle, the hair will still grow back, but the impressions will remain. Would you risk a haircut like this? Think! After all, it is very stylish and romantic.


Another very romantic hairstyle that reflects the style of the famous actress. Even though people call such a haircut “like a boy,” in our eyes, it looks very gentle and feminine because the neck, shoulders, and collarbones are exposed.


The word “geometry” for long hair has again become fashionable for haircuts. And curly hair stylists do it every day. If you come to a curly salon with long hair and say: “Leave the length and make it beautiful,” the master will create different layers for you, highlight your face, add volume, and ensure every curl curls correctly!

Haircuts With Bangs

And don’t forget that you can add bangs to any haircut. This will look original and new and will diversify your style.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and cut your hair. The main thing is to do it with trusted hairdressers who understand curls and cut using the curly method. Otherwise, you won’t get a haircut “as in the photo.” 


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