What Will We Wear In 2024: The Main Trends From All Fashion Weeks

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Fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, London, and other fashion capitals have been and will be the main events in the industry. Shows are a platform for presenting the latest collections from leading designers and brands and a place where the main trends for the next year are determined. Fashion weeks have already passed in Paris, Milan, and London. Each of them has already managed to be remembered for its unique character: Paris Week is known for its elegant and luxurious style, Milan Week is known for glamor and exquisite details, and London Week, as always, presents bold and eccentric design solutions.

In 2024, fashion weeks have already presented new trends and recalled the most exciting things from the past, from trendy silhouettes and experiments with textures to the return of retro style and normcore. In addition, environmentally conscious fashion is already in the spotlight, with an emphasis on the use of sustainable materials and recycling. Let’s take a closer look at the prominent trends we have already seen at the shows and how to wear them. 


Whatever we say about bright shades, fashion weeks show that designers strive for simplicity and accent combinations. Why wear a bright scarlet dress when you can create an interesting balance of white and black – the primary shades of the coming season. Moreover, which color will be “on top” or dominant is unimportant; their combination must create an unmistakable silhouette. So, get ready to wear black and white sets.

Business Style

Fashion weeks immediately reflected the current trend – capitalism is returning to fashion, and therefore, looks in the style of the wealthy and successful. The main direction that will develop soon will be office fashion, which will help maintain business style. Ties, oversized jackets, three-piece suits, vests, trousers – all this will appear in our wardrobe. Everything is strict, office colors and made from noble materials.

Focus On White

The white mini dress has already been named the main item of the coming season. I won’t argue; indeed, such a dress should definitely appear in your wardrobe. It’s better if it’s in a lingerie style, so you’ll combine current trends.


The trend towards open sexuality is ending. It is being replaced by multi-layered and closed forms – the more you wear, the better. Moreover, I’m not kidding – wearing a T-shirt over a T-shirt and a jacket on top will soon be in order. Be careful about the balance of shapes, but be prepared for many layers of clothing.


By the way, to add some piquant trends – we will be wearing real superminis all season: briefs and microshorts. The shorter, the better. Yes, the trend is quite controversial and risky, but combining it with a voluminous and closed top can become a distinctive and very stylish feature. Try to experiment with it later and see if you are comfortable.


Even though this trend has already died down, it will still be relevant because designers are in no hurry to abandon it. The same Diesel show is simply impossible to imagine without metal items. But the trend has changed: if neon metallics were in fashion last season, now there is a trend towards simplification – choose things in the color of noble metals.


Very soon, we will hear about some kind of “safaricore” – it’s only a matter of time. In 2024, what helps you stay closer to nature is not ethnic motifs but outfits in the style of tireless travelers. The design is based on rough materials and a calm color scheme. And leather accessories and tops made using the crochet technique will help make your outfits suitable for everyday life.

Light Blue

And, of course, they couldn’t leave us without the season’s color. While everyone is actively buying scarlet things now, it’s worth thinking about what will happen in the future. And there is just a contrast – soft blue will replace the bright, flashy color. If you get tired of the eternal monochrome, there will be an excellent opportunity to dilute it with the most romantic shade possible.


If you are bored without decoration, look at the fringe closer. It seems more natural and interesting than rhinestones, sparkles, and sequins, while it reminds a little of country aesthetics. The main finds are a skirt, a bag, and… cowboy boots with fringe. Try them!

Low Waist Belt

Low-waisted trousers and skirts are still trending, but now you can choose a more comfortable solution. You will need an accent belt that must be worn on your hips. It can complement a look with classic trousers or a plain maxi – just don’t tighten the belt too much. You can wear two belts simultaneously, but you must fasten one on the hips.


Last year, Prada introduced shoes and skirts with origami-inspired patches. And now other brands have picked up this trend. Let dresses, blouses, and even jeans look like children’s appliqué – somewhere with voluminous decor, somewhere with piquant cutouts. In this case, you don’t have to experiment with shades – even a basic white or black outfit will sparkle in a new way thanks to the texture with figured cuts.


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