2024 Women’s Haircut Trends For Long, Medium-Length, And Short Hair

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A stylish haircut is an indispensable element for every look. We have collected trendy options for short, medium, and long hair that will be relevant throughout 2024.

What dress to choose, what kind of makeup to do, how to cut your hair – these are the pressing questions that women think about when putting together looks for a celebration or just for every day. Trends are updated so quickly that it is challenging to keep up with them. Therefore, in this collection, we have collected the most fashionable haircuts for women in 2024, which look great on hair of different lengths.

2024 Long Hair Trends


Shaggy is a trendy option for lovers of unusual and original haircuts. Shaggy will add volume at the roots and make any hairstyle more airy and light; it is ideal for those who have sparse and thin hair from nature.

A haircut includes many ways to work out curls, but the main goal of the hairdresser remains to maintain the thickness of the hair along the entire length. The hairstyle should be textured and voluminous.


Cascade is the favorite haircut of the actress of the series “Friends,” Jennifer Aniston, who supported the trend for this hairstyle. The haircut owes its popularity to punk culture, which captured youth in the 70s with its desire for freedom from social rules and stereotypes.

The peculiarity of the cascade is that it can be presented in various options, which depend on the master’s technique and degree of gradation. It is essential to make a smooth, gradual transition along the hair length in several layers to get the desired result.

Blunt Cut

A blunt cut is a classic option for those who are not ready to experiment and just want to give their hair a neat and well-groomed look. However, you will still have to take care of timely updating of your haircut by trimming the ends with a hairdresser once every couple of months.

Curtain Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs are the fashionable haircuts of 2024 that will stay with us. Curtain bangs are a hair trend that appeared a couple of years ago and still holds the top position in the list of fashionable women’s hairstyles. Bangs get their name because they frame the sides of the face, giving the hairstyle a more elegant look.

This haircut looks stylish and feminine, but it has a lot of inconveniences: it gets into your eyes, and you will definitely have to blow-dry it every morning and wash your hair more often so that the hairstyle always looks fresh.

Side Part

Parting is an essential detail of any haircut or hairstyle, which can either ruin or improve the look. A side parting is created by unevenly distributing the hair, with more strands on one side of the head than the other.

Hair stylists especially love the side parting because it creates voluminous and airy hairstyles.

Ladder – Layered Haircut

This complex haircut can be achieved by horizontally working each layer of hair from the crown to the ends.

The ladder is ideal for those with thick hair; it will help “tame” the hair, make it more manageable and structured, relieve weight, and add lightness.

Long bob

The bob is one of the most popular women’s haircuts and can be done at any length. Most often, it is tried on by those with short hair, but for those with long hair, it gives more room for maneuver. You can put it in a bun, make curls, or braid it – the elongated bob is completely unpretentious in styling.


A rhapsody haircut is ideal for thin hair lacking thickness and volume. Pulling the hair over the face from the top of the head and separating the central vertical strand creates a rounded shape with tight hair ends. Rhapsody is considered a universal haircut suitable for young girls and older women.


Perhaps the tousled hairstyle can receive special attention for its creative execution technique. The hairstyle helps to correct various imperfections in appearance. For example, on a triangular face shape, it makes the cheekbones clearer and more pronounced, and on a square face it makes it soft and smooth.

Long Bangs

If you have been thinking about getting bangs for a long time but are worried that they won’t suit you, take a closer look at the universal extended version. Even if you don’t like the result, it will quickly grow back and become equal to the main length of your hair.

Long bangs will diversify your usual looks and add mystery and romance. By the way, it is suitable for any hairstyle, be it a high ponytail or a bun.

2024 Medium-Length Hair Trends


The mullet came to us as a trend straight from the 80s, when every second person dreamed of becoming a rock star. The haircut looks a little like “chaos on the head” and represents the complete independence and freedom that rock music lovers of that time were striving for.

The option is not only interesting but also very convenient: the main length of the hair is at the back of the head, so annoying strands will not get into the eyes. The mullet shape is very convenient to maintain at home; depending on your mood, you can create different styles.

Classic Bob With Bangs

The bob is a classic in the world of the hair industry. This option becomes especially relevant when you absolutely don’t know what to do with your hair. We suggest you cut not just a bob but a bob with bangs so your hairstyle looks more sophisticated and elegant.

Classic Cascade

A cascade haircut is suitable not only for long hair but also looks chic on medium-length hair. Thanks to the smooth step transition, it does not require styling or any special care.

Asymmetrical Bob

If you are against classic hairstyles and want a haircut that will definitely attract attention, then we recommend choosing an asymmetrical bob. It will visually refresh your face and hide imperfections.

Side Cut To Shoulder

The side cut to the shoulder is a universal haircut that will suit those with medium-length straight hair. It looks perfect on gradient coloring, for example, ombre or balayage, adding individuality to the look.

Classic Bob

The classic bob is a haircut that does not lose its relevance year after year. Girls loved it so much for its simple technique and short styling.

Smooth Cascade

A smooth cascade is a more exciting form of the classic cascade, which will give the hair additional volume in the root zone and visually rejuvenate the face. The cascade looks appropriate on both thin and thick hair: for the former, it will give airiness; for the latter, it will help eliminate excess weight and solve the problem of tangled curls.

Shoulder-Length Layered Haircut

A multi-layered shoulder-length haircut combined a mullet, cascade, and wolf cut, creating a universal formula for maintaining volume without styling. The haircut emphasizes facial features, makes them softer and smoother, and also helps balance proportions.

Bio Perm

Getting a bio-perm is a great way to change your usual look and add a little coquetry and romance to it. This is an excellent option for those with naturally straight hair who want beautiful curls without having to do hour-long styling daily.

Bio Perm has an undeniable advantage: it is long-term, so the need to appear in the salon often disappears. Even if you straighten your hair with an iron, it will return to its previous curly shape after washing it.

2024 Short Hair Trends


There seem to be no cool options left for short hair, but this is far from the case! Fashionable haircuts 2024 for short hair have many unusual shapes and styles.

For example, a pixie which seems to many women to be too radical an option, but this fairy tale can make looks more feminine, elegant, and harmonious. The creator of the pixie was the world-famous actress Audrey Hepburn. After the release of the film “Roman Holiday,” the haircut quickly gained popularity.


Garcon is another haircut in a “boyish” style. It seems that there is absolutely no difference between it and the pixie. In fact, these haircuts are very similar to each other, but there are still differences between them. Pixie is a more daring option, allowing for sloppiness and playfulness in the looks. Garcon looks more neat and restrained.

With Bangs

As we have already said, trends point to the obligatory presence of bangs, so we definitely say a resounding “yes!” to this haircut for short hair. The hair looks very stylish and sophisticated, without weighing down the face or hiding any flaws in the appearance.

Ultra Short

An ultra-short haircut is a bold idea for those who are not afraid of drastic changes and who definitely do not regret saying goodbye to their curls. This option has many advantages: the hairstyle does not require styling at all. The only care required is washing your hair. Isn’t it perfect?

French Bob With Bangs

Especially for lovers of French culture, we have included in this selection a French bob with bangs – a fashionable haircut that will help you attract many admiring glances.

A Parisian chic hairstyle looks sophisticated and, at the same time, casual. It will help you achieve root volume and create a slightly messy effect, as if you just woke up and are about to have breakfast with a fresh croissant and coffee, looking at the Champs-Elysees.


The mullet looks interesting not only on long hair but also on short hair, so if you want to keep the length short and try something new and unusual, feel free to do this haircut.


If you still haven’t decided how to cut your hair and like many options, we offer you an unusual “hybrid”. Mixie is a new trend that combines both pixie and mullet simultaneously. A mixie is the same mullet but with shorter hair length, like a pixie. Mixie involves transitioning from short hair on the top of the head to long hair at the back.

Wolf Cut

Wolf Cut embodied, like the mixie, two trendy haircuts simultaneously: mullet and shaggy. The haircut emphasizes the front strands near the face, so it is most often done together with bangs.

Short Cascade

You are mistaken if you thought that a cascade can only be done on long hair. It is also suitable for short lengths, visually rejuvenating the face without any trips to the cosmetologist.

Super Short Bob

Bob on short hair is a stylish solution for those tired of long hair. The haircut looks chic on straight hair, but with beach curls, it will sparkle in a new way.


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