Top Men’s Haircut And Hairstyle Trends In 2024

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Modern men, with a high pace of life, have time to build careers and care for themselves. You don’t have to radically change your style to update your look or add some flair. Sometimes, it’s enough to change your haircut. Let’s look at the most fashionable men’s haircuts and the main trends in the 2024 season.

Stylish men’s haircuts are essential to the look in 2024. Regardless of hair type, length, and thickness, it must look healthy and well-groomed. When choosing a haircut, you need to consider the individual characteristics of your appearance – then the look will look harmonious.

With the right choice of hairstyle, you can correct the shape of your face, emphasize your strengths and hide your flaws, make you look younger, or give a more solid appearance. But before you change your look, we suggest studying the types of men’s haircuts, taking a closer look at their features, and knowing the trends.

Short Men’s Haircuts And Hairstyles In 2024

Short haircuts are the most popular among men’s haircuts: they are easy to care for, do not require complex everyday styling, and are also considered universal and suitable for any style. Short haircuts should not be underestimated for their simplicity and convenience since they are not limited to the famous box or half-box.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cut is an American short men’s hairstyle that is done using a trimmer. The haircut is characterized by short hair length throughout the head. It is often combined with a low, medium, or high fade. 

Buzz cut goes with any clothing style, emphasizes cheekbones and jawline, and does not require special care. You should not choose this haircut if you have an uneven skull shape, scars on the head, or facial asymmetry.


The crop is one of the favorites among men’s haircuts in recent years. The basis of the haircut consists of the shortest possible temples and the back of the head with a bright transition to an elongated top. The crop haircut is perfect for men with straight hair. This haircut is very laconic, but at the same time, it has a slightly rebellious mood.

Thanks to hairdressing techniques, a haircut can be given a different look. If you work with the texture of the hair on the top of the head and cut it correctly to a point, you will get a slight ruffling effect (this option is suitable for those who have thick hair and want to make the haircut a little easier). If you give the top of the head a firmer shape, as if smoothing the hair, the image will become neater and clearer.


The undercut is distinguished from other haircuts by the characteristically shaved sides and back of the head, as well as the emphasis on the front of the head, where the strands remain longer. There is no smoothness of lines in the undercut: the upper part of the hair seems to cover the lower part. The haircut is very impressive, so, as a rule, it is chosen by confident and daring men with an excellent sense of style. But it is worth remembering that it is not suitable for those with curly and coarse hair: it will take more time to style and shape every day, and you need to use styling products.


The most convenient haircut that does not require any unnecessary manipulations in care. Caesar has a smooth edge along the line with the temples and back of the head shaved very short. This is a pure coincidence of fashion and convenience. This haircut is suitable for men of different age categories, which is also a great advantage of Caesar.


Fade is popular among young people. However, fade is not precisely a haircut; it is a special technique based on a soft transition from short to long hair. Styling is effortless since there are no strict rules for a fade: just tousle your hair or lay it on the side – it all depends on your mood. And there are a considerable number of interpretations of fade.

Box / Half-Box

Box t is one of the most common short men’s haircuts. The acceptable hair length is considered to be 3-4 cm. This haircut opens up the face and perfectly emphasizes masculine features. Box is about clear lines combined with neatly outlined contours.

Half-box is a subtype of box haircut. These haircuts are almost identical, except that in a half-box, the strands on the top of the head can be up to 7 cm, and the transition line from one length to another is lower. Such haircuts are popular among men of different ages because they are practical, stylish, and, as a rule, harmonious in any look.

Long Men’s Haircuts And Hairstyles In 2024

If you choose the right haircut, long hair can add masculinity and brutality to your image. Those with long hair need to remember the importance of proper care. Such men’s haircuts are usually chosen by young, brave guys and representatives of the creative world: artists, musicians, and writers.

Casual Surfer Style 

Casual surfer haircuts are trendy among men. The hairstyle exudes masculinity and sexuality. You can create a style on long and medium hair. For this, you need styling products and a hairdryer.

Surfer styling looks organic on bob or shaggy haircuts. It is suitable for creative young men and representatives of creative professions.


Short-cut temples, long hair on top, and raised and combed back are essential components of a pompadour haircut. The shape is relatively smooth and soft. But this haircut is only suitable for those ready for daily long-term styling.


A bob for long hair instantly adds elegance to the look. The hairstyle softens the facial features and makes the silhouette lighter. The bob is made for long and medium hair. An essential advantage of this haircut is its versatility and variety of styling. The classic version is a medium-length bob with a straight cut. But this season, tousled, textured, multi-level bobs are in trend.

Medium Men’s Haircuts And Hairstyles In 2024

There are many options for medium-length haircuts, from the simplest to the extravagant and intricate. Medium men’s haircuts are appreciated among young men who try on the image of a rock musician or simply a conqueror of women’s hearts. Let’s look at the most popular types.


Shaggy is a universal haircut that will appeal to lovers of a relaxed and dynamic style. A multi-layered gradient, the presence of torn ends and thinning, characterizes the hairstyle. 

The shaggy haircut has a slightly vintage yet fresh look. It can visually lengthen and narrow a round or square face and add volume to thin hair. Shaggy is ideal for straight to slightly curly hair of medium length.

K-Pop Hairstyle 

K-pop hairstyle is still trendy in 2024. This haircut became famous thanks to Korean pop stars. Her features: 

  • long hair on top of her head; 
  • the presence of thick straight bangs or curtain bangs; 
  • shortened strands on the back of the head and temples. 

You can style your hair differently: divide your bangs into two sides, comb it back, and experiment with parting. A romantic youth haircut suits almost any face shape.


Grunge embodies audacity and courage, adding confidence and brightness to the look. Hair styling with this haircut will take a little time. And for those who have curly hair, grunge will be just a godsend. Casual grunge has remained popular for many years. But those with straight hair must use curlers or curling iron to add fullness and volume while remembering thermal protection.


The hawk balances an edgy mohawk and a traditional men’s haircut. This hairstyle requires longer hair on the top of the head, starting from the center to the back of the head. The hair on the sides is cut short towards the ears. 

The fashionable hawk hairstyle looks stylish and expensive and visually elongates the face, bringing it closer to a harmonious oval. At the same time, a haircut requires reasonably careful styling using styling products, a hair dryer, and a curling iron.

Fringe Men’s Haircuts And Hairstyles In 2024

Fringe haircuts are suitable for men who love change: bangs can be styled differently, creating a new style. Fringe is a detail that allows you to add variety to your image while maintaining its uniqueness and harmony.

Side-Swept Fringe Haircut

Half-box, undercut, or fade haircuts begin to play with new colors if you add one important stylish detail – fringe. Such haircuts for medium-length hair allow you to lay bangs on the side ideally. This technique creates an asymmetrical effect. This hairstyle automatically adds classic sophistication to your look.

How To Choose A Haircut For A Man

Hair is one of the most important and striking social attributes through which a person expresses himself. That is why you must approach the choice of haircut consciously and carefully. This is a complex multi-level process, in which it is better to involve a highly qualified specialist.

Face Shape

First, you need to determine the shape of your face.

  •  If your face is round, you should choose a haircut to lengthen your face and add angles visually.
  • An oval face allows you to experiment with looks, from classic to trendy. 
  • For men with a square face shape, we recommend classic haircuts, experimental ones, fringe, very short on the sides, a crew cut, and smoothly combed.
  • But those with a heart-shaped or diamond-shaped face should look closer at haircuts for long hair with loose styling.

Hair Type

It is equally important to determine the structure and type of hair. This will allow you to choose the haircut as correctly as possible. Straight and thin hair is best worn short; any length is suitable for wavy and curly hair, and the Asian type will require a lot of styling. 

The next step is personalization, that is, the direction of hair growth, receding hairline, curls, hair color, and the man’s age.


A hairstyle should always reflect the person’s status and be appropriate. And, of course, it is unlikely that an extravagant mohawk will decorate the look of an older man and certainly not betray his respectability. Therefore, it is better to approach haircutting choices responsibly.

When choosing a haircut, consider your lifestyle, hobbies, work, and rhythm of life. 

It’s almost impossible to cope with all these step-by-step factors alone, so you need to turn to professionals who know the most fashionable and varied haircut techniques and have good taste.


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