8 Beauty Trends That Will Be Huge In 2024

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This article will tell you which beauty trends will dominate in 2024, from skincare to makeup and hair color. What has this year prepared for us, and what will surprise us?

Natural Beauty

In 2024, we’ll be working even harder to achieve radiant complexions and even skin tones so we can go makeup-free. An example was given to us by Pamela Anderson, who appeared on the red carpet of the British Fashion Awards without a drop of makeup.

Dermal fillers and synthetic skincare ingredients are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The focus is shifting to less invasive procedures, such as microneedling, light therapy, and lasers, which effectively rejuvenate the skin and increase its ability to address several problems, such as aging, uneven skin texture, and inflammation. In skincare, brands are increasingly researching and introducing new ingredients derived from natural sources, such as lipids and exosomes.

Peach Fuzz Color

It will be trending over the next 12 months. From blushes and liners to lipsticks, Peach Fuzz will give your look that sunny warmth even when there’s not a ray of light in sight. Peach shades will also be at the peak of popularity in nail design, and it is predicted that in the spring and summer, we will also be pleased with pastel hair colors.

Smart Beauty Devices

Analysts promise that this year, we will see an increase in the popularity of beauty gadgets that will adapt to the owner. For example, combs with sensors will become more popular. They analyze the condition of the scalp more and more accurately. Based on this data, it will be possible to understand what needs to be worked on, what cosmetics to choose, etc.

Home care will be replenished with anti-aging lasers, LED masks, and microcurrent devices. According to experts, these devices will replace surgical operations and trips to the spa.

The secret of these devices is in two options. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are built into them. The result is a home beauty robot that partially replaces cosmetologists and hairdressers.

Changing The Angle Of View

Generation Z actively influences the formation of new beauty trends, intensively picking up those types of aesthetics that they like. Just remember the strawberry girl or vanilla girl and the many trends that were bubbling up on TikTok throughout 2023. Buzzers use makeup not to hide some flaws but as an element of self-expression, a method of telling the world something new. Moreover, even Generation Z perceives skincare not only as a way to improve the condition of their skin or hair – they want to feel better, change their feelings, relax, and carry out full-fledged beauty rituals.

Luxury Beauty

As the mass market and prestige beauty markets continue to converge, luxury brands are now looking closely at how they can differentiate themselves from competitors in other price segments and how they can surprise affluent consumers and exclusive clientele who want something special. Therefore, we expect new cosmetics that will amaze us with their design, innovative ingredients, individual approach, and interesting concept.

Scandi Hairline

The Scandi-cool trend is also still gaining ground. This year, experts predict a boom in Scandinavian dyeing. In it, colorists imitate the bright light hairline at the forehead that natural blondes appear in the summer. Masters lighten this area manually, strand by strand. The technique affects only part of the hair, refreshing the complexion. It looks elegant and natural.

Less Is More

The Korean trend for multi-step skincare is a thing of the past, so it’s time to say goodbye to the excess of creams, serums, and masks in your beauty routine. It’s better to have a few effective products specific to your skin and specific uses than ten unnecessary jars that may even cause new problems. You should pay particular attention to active ingredients such as acids and retinol.

The Return Of Ombre

You’ll be happy about the old new trend if you’ve missed the ombre effect. The soft transition from darker to lighter shades is getting a new lease of life both in hair coloring and in lip makeup and manicures. Now, slightly grown roots will complement the fashionable look, which is good news. And, we admit, we also miss nail design with soft color tints.


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