Best Men’s Watches You Can Buy In 2024: Luxury, Affordable, Low Cost, Sport

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Each person has his own tastes and requirements, but there are things that almost everyone likes. There is probably no man in the world who is absolutely indifferent to stylish watches, but not everyone can really afford the best watches from top manufacturers.

Therefore, we divided our watch rating into two parts, sorting the positions by prestige. In the first part of our men’s watches hit parade of 2024, we placed the most remarkable models, practically inaccessible to mere mortals, and in the second – the best watches in the middle price segment.

Best Premium Men’s Watches 2024: Top 10 Models 

Are you ready to be surprised and admired? Here are top-end men’s watches from legendary brands that adorn the wrists of prominent politicians and world-famous celebrities.

Luxury watches are always:

  • high degree of protection from negative external influences;
  • premium mechanisms and components;
  • unprecedented degree of accuracy;
  • mandatory use of manual labor;
  • a very high price, measured in tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The most prominent place in our “the very best” ranking is rightfully occupied by watches from famous luxury Swiss brands. Still, there is room for manufacturers of premium watches from other countries. Let’s start the countdown!

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

One of the best collections of the legendary Omega Seamaster line is the masterpiece Diver 300M. This is the quintessence of the famous Swiss manufacturer’s advanced technologies, multiplied by tremendous experience. The model appeared on the market over a quarter of a century ago and immediately became a global bestseller.

Pay attention to the masterpiece “JAMES BOND” LIMITED EDITION, released for the 50th anniversary of the film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. This limited edition is dedicated to the immortal Bond – in such watches, the immortal 007 sank into the depths of the sea.

A dial with an engraving in the shape of a pistol barrel, luxurious gold trim, a lot of hidden elements, an indestructible caliber, protected not only from water and shock but also from the effects of a magnetic field… In short, it is the dream of a rich diver who is partial to Bond!

Omega Seamaster is one of the first watches with premium water resistance. Not only the fictional James Bond but also very real conquerors of the depths, such as Jacques Cousteau and Jacques Maillol, sank to the sea wearing them.

Ressence Type 5

At first glance at the best watch model from the promising Belgian manufacturer Ressence, this is a smartwatch. No, it’s mechanical, but what an original embodiment!

Here is the most unusual mechanical watch you can imagine. They are generally devoid of tangible hands in the usual sense, and there is no crown or any convex elements.

The main dial with three “subs” clearly refers to auto racing. A special oil is poured under the sapphire crystal, where the complex dial is recessed and located extremely close to the observer. It is isolated from the mechanical caliber by a titanium plate.

This creates a dizzying visual effect, as if arrows and marks are drawn on the surface. At first it’s a little challenging to figure out this watch, but then – just bravo for such a convenient and original solution!

A. Lange & Sohne Odysseus

The ancient German watch manufacturer is one of the few European watch manufacturers who did not move to Switzerland and outsource production to the hardworking Chinese. The company went through difficult times but again triumphantly burst into the world of fine watchmaking. By the way, recently, the production of A. Lange & Sohne watches has returned to a historical building in Germany.

The company has always produced exclusively classic watches with in-house calibers, and the finishing, assembly, and adjustment of the watches were done by hand.

In 2019, Lange deviated a little from classical design traditions and presented the public with the sensational sports watch Odysseus, which was immediately loved by wealthy fans of an active lifestyle. An incredibly exquisite watch can be called impeccable; if made in white gold, it can also be called luxurious.

In 2013, the German company presented to the public one of the most complex mechanical wristwatches in the world. The Grand Complication from A. Lange & Sohne has options for large and small strikes, perpetual calendar, minute repeater, split-second chronograph, etc.

Breguet Marine Chronograph 5527

The name Breguet has been known in the watch world since 1775, and among the clients of the famous House were both European monarchs and Russian emperors. In a word, Reputation with a capital R!

One of Breguet’s most famous series is Marine. It is a direct descendant of the legendary watches developed by the company’s founder for the Royal Navy a couple of centuries ago. 

Marine Chronograph 5527 is one of the most worthy representatives of this line of renowned sports mechanics. Under the sapphire crystal is an elegant piercing blue dial, and the flawless work of the in-house caliber 582QA can be observed from behind the transparent case back (also sapphire, of course).

The watch is equipped with three subdials, including a chronograph, the prototype of which, by the way, was invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet himself. These watches are available not only in a primary titanium case but also in a jewelry version.

Grand Seiko Heritage SLGH005

Can you imagine the Japanese inspired by the beauty of a birch grove? However, this feeling prompted Grand Seiko designers to create the SLGH005 model, which is part of the Heritage collection. Take a closer look at the dial: doesn’t it resemble the delicate texture of birch bark?

However, these are all lyrics that the Japanese love. But they also love premium quality, especially if they don’t trust production to other Asians. And in the Shizukuishi studio, where Grand Seiko watches are assembled, quality issues are exceedingly scrupulous.

The watch is made with the extreme perfectionism characteristic of the natives of the Land of the Rising Sun: the renowned design of the 9-series, the contrast of Zaratsu mirror polishing with satin surfaces, a very thin case, and the revolutionary caliber 9SA5 movement with self-winding and a power reserve of as much as 80 hours.

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon

The Apollo 8 watch from the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon line is a magnificent timepiece released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the landmark expedition to the dark side of the Moon. They embody the indomitable spirit of pioneering astronauts.

The watch case is made of fantastic ceramic, which is stronger than steel. Under the sapphire crystal, an exquisite dial imitates the lunar surface, which is dotted with craters. It is skeletonized, so you can partially see the work of the famous caliber 1861 in the 1869 version. And from the “dark side of the moon”, that is, from the back of the watch, the movement is completely visible under the transparent cover.

The Omega Speedmaster is the only watch in the world certified by NASA. They accompanied Buzz Aldrin on his flight to the moon, Alexei Leonov in outer space, and the first tourist to buy a ticket to space.

BLANCPAIN Leman Moon Phase

Almost every Swiss watch company is proud of its glorious and long history, but Blancpain outdid all its competitors in this regard. This is the oldest living watch brand in the world.

The company did not exist for long but was revived in 1983 and became part of the giant Swatch Group. The new history of the most authoritative brand was marked by the release of several exciting collections, including Leman (named after a lake between Switzerland and France).

Leman Moonphase is a classic suit watch with a truly masterpiece design. Everything about them screams of the highest prestige: an elegant case, gold skeletonized hands and markers, a complete perpetual calendar, and a subdial with moon phases. Inside lies a premium in-house self-winding caliber with an incredible 100-hour power reserve.

Rolex Submariner

Here is one of Rolex’s most iconic legends: the world’s best-selling Submariner. Once upon a time, in 1953, they became the first model with a water resistance of 100 m. Now, Rolex has models with a much higher degree of water resistance. For example, Deepsea can operate at a depth of four kilometers. However, it is the “Submariners” that remain the legend!

Modern Submariners have relevant diving characteristics: water resistance to 300 m, a crown with triple protection, a unidirectional bezel with minute serifs, luminescent hands, and markers.

But the Submariner’s advantages do not end there: the premium Paraflex shockproof system, the blue Parachrom hairspring, protected from the magnetic field, and the unbeatable in-house self-winding caliber – in a word, everything corresponds to the “luxury” class.

The Rolex Submariner is rightfully considered the most beloved model in the world. Based on it, little-known manufacturers and world-famous brands, including Swiss ones, create tribute models.

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Patek Philippe watches are considered the most expensive in the world; they are regularly included in the top ten in terms of cost. The Calatrava line is considered basic, that is, the most democratic if this word is at all appropriate next to the name Patek Philippe. This does not prevent the Patek Philippe Calatrava watch from being truly iconic, which it has been since 1935.

The release of the Calatrava 6007A Limited Edition watch coincides with the completion of the Patek Philippe factory in Plan-les-Ouates. They are made in an unusual metal for Patek – steel. This explains the relatively low price for a Patek limited edition – about 30 thousand dollars.

Patek Philippe managed to defend its independence and remain a family manufacturer, producing watches independently despite globalization. This explains the fantastic quality of each piece.

The Calatrava 6007A Limited Edition features an elegant grayish-blue dial with carbon checkers, white gold hands and numerals, coated with premium Super-LumiNova and, of course, one of the world’s finest caliber 324 SC. The back cover is also transparent, with the Calatrava cross recognizable worldwide.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Before you is, perhaps, the global leader in popularity: the legendary Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. It is the most famous racing chronograph watch currently produced in the world. There are even personal auctions dedicated to them!

The dial of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona references a racing car’s dashboard. In the 2021 models, everything directly screams of aggressive sports premiumness: brutally elegant gold cases of different colors, three subdials located on the main dial (which, by the way, is created from meteorite fragments while maintaining the authentic texture), and a tachymeter scale on a spectacular ceramic bezel.

Not without, of course, premium Rolex technologies, which make the timepieces not only unsurpassed in appearance but also efficient and accurate: in-house caliber 4130, Triplock crown triple sealing system, the legendary blue Parachrom hairspring, Perpetual rotor, etc.

The legendary Hollywood actor and famous racer Paul Newman, who preferred this particular model, enormously popularized the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. His Daytona Cosmograph Ref.6239 was auctioned for more than $17 million.

Best Affordable Men’s Watches In 2024: Top-10

Mechanical watches in the luxury segment are available to only a few, but this does not mean you should give up the desire to own a good quality watch. In the price segment from 100 to 500 dollars, many models are considered good by very discerning consumers.

So, especially for connoisseurs of decent watches at reasonable prices, we have compiled a rating of excellent models that can be bought in 2024. They may not have been assembled by hand by venerable Swiss watchmakers. Still, regarding reliability and performance characteristics, the models listed below are sometimes not inferior to world leaders. And the Japanese are already leading in this category.

Casio PROTREK Connected

Here is another development from Japanese watchmakers: Casio PROTREK Connected. This line includes watches with a lot of options designed for survival. In addition to the broadest range of functions, Casio PROTREK Connected can connect with smartphones, which makes them similar to smartwatches.

Even in the not-very-premium model PRT-B50-4ER, the set of options is very good: five alarms, an altimeter, a barometer, a compass, a world time display, a phone search, and so on.

All this is packaged in a lightweight, brutal case with WR200 water protection, a good mineral water finish, and it is equipped with a functional bracelet. The backlight is, of course, intelligent, and the caliber is quartz, accurate, and practically indestructible.

Q&Q Attractive

The name Q&Q stands for Quality and Quantity, which is entirely consistent with the brand’s policy. Q&Q watches appeared in the 70s of the last century as a sub-brand of the Citizen group. No one had much hope for them; they didn’t even advertise them at first, but the watch magically began to promote itself!

The company uses simple, inexpensive, and reliable Miyota quartz calibers and assembles watches in mainland China. Thus, achieving an incredibly low price with consistently decent quality was possible.

Q&Q Attractive is a line of quartz watches with enlarged cases, which gives them a trendy look. For example, the Q&Q Attractive GW91J002Y model definitely cannot be called ordinary: just look at the unexpected embodiment of a calendar and a hybrid dial. With quite decent performance characteristics and water resistance of 10 bar, the price of this watch is genuinely ridiculous.

Orient Diver

Most of the Japanese manufacturer Orient models cannot be called cheap – they are middle-class options for lovers of good things for adequate money. The company specializes in producing men’s and women’s models with mechanical calibers, which is always more expensive than quartz.

Here is the mechanical Orient Diver RA-AA0916L. The theme of diving is spelled out very clearly here: a dark blue dial, expressive hands and markers with luminescence, a protected crown, a unidirectional bezel with grooves, and a bright orange sector.

The only thing that can be criticized about this worthy watch is its water resistance of 200 m (with 300 required for diving). True, amateur divers do not go to such depths.

Citizen The Signature Collection

We have already talked about the Citizen group sub-brand. Now it’s time to say a few kind words about the main brand. Under it, quartz watches of a higher class are produced.

The AN3620-01H (one of the most affordable) from Citizen’s The Signature Collection line costs about $250. This model is worth the money, both visually and functionally.

This is a sports chronograph with a classic design, three subdials, and enjoyable characteristics. The large-diameter steel case, the bright triangular mark at the start, the elegant black dial, and the water resistance of 100 m, which is decent for “racers,” cannot but captivate.


Haven’t you met the world leaders in indestructibility yet? Introducing the immortal Casio G-SHOCK, designed to withstand extreme loads. In fact, thanks to them, Casio has taken its rightful place in the world ranking of watch manufacturers.

Casio G-SHOCK RANGEMAN is a fantastic watch with an electronic display, made in the recognizable style of “G-SHOCK” and with its impressive characteristics.

Barometer, thermometer, tons of alarms, electronic compass, altimeter, impressive shock resistance, water resistance of 20 bar – it’s all clear. An additional bonus is radio signal reception, appropriate time correction, and virtually unlimited autonomy due to the solar battery.

The average cost of a decent Casio G-SHOCK ranges from $100-300. But this series is not without premium, and therefore expensive, models. For example, MRG-B2000R-1A and MRG-B2000B-1A in titanium cases under sapphire crystals cost more than three thousand dollars.

Swiss Military Hanowa Champ

If you want to buy a decent Swiss watch at an affordable price, we recommend paying attention to the products of the Swiss Military Hanowa brand. They are not assembled by hand, but a share of the labor of Swiss artisans is present in them.

Watch 06-4282.04.007 from the Swiss Military Hanowa Champ line is an excellent representative of the sports family that looks great with an office suit. The steel bezel emphasizes the masculine design, which contrasts with the black dial. Noteworthy is the decent water resistance of 10 bar, sapphire crystal, and impeccable execution.

Timex Waterbury

The American brand specializes in producing inexpensive but high-quality watches for men and women. The mechanisms are predominantly quartz, and the dials are for every taste: digital, analog, and hybrid.

The TW2U78500 model from the Timex Waterbury collection is a typical suit watch that looks much more expensive than it costs: a gilded case and bracelet, elegant hands and markers, and spectacular fluting on the bezel. There is a calendar and a minimum water resistance of 5 bar, which is more than enough for the money.

Tissot Chrono XL

The Swiss brand Tissot was once considered a luxury brand, but now its interests have confidently shifted to a more affordable price category. Of course, you can’t buy a watch of this brand for 100 dollars, but you can purchase one for 300-400. And it will be a watch with a capital W!

Check out the Tissot Chrono XL sports chronograph shown here. This sports and racing classic looks organic with any city look. The case is 45 mm in diameter (large and brutal), has three sub-discs on a piercing blue dial, luminescent hands and indexes, sapphire glass, and an embossed leather strap – everything is very cool.

Inside the case is a decent quartz movement, which explains the reasonable price of the Swiss timepiece. Mechanics with similar characteristics would be many times more expensive!

Even if you do not have an impressive budget, you should not deny yourself the purchase of a decent watch. After all, this is not only a functional device for showing the time but also a marker of social status!

Seiko 5 Sports

When it comes to finding a watch that combines affordability with performance, Seiko 5 Sports is a collection that stands out. Known for their rugged reliability, the Seiko 5 Sports models offer impressive features that appeal to watch enthusiasts and casual wearers alike. The signature of this collection is its automatic movements, which provide the wearer with a slice of horological heritage without the hefty price tag. One standout model, the Seiko 5 Sports SRPD55K1, comes with a sleek black dial, day-date function, and a durable stainless steel case and bracelet. Its water resistance of up to 100 m and the Seiko automatic caliber 4R36 with a 41-hour power reserve makes it an ideal choice for everyday wear. Priced at a point that makes watchmaking excellence accessible to a broader audience, the Seiko 5 Sports line demonstrates that quality doesn’t always have to come at a premium.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical watch is a tribute to the brand’s military heritage, combining vintage aesthetics and modern reliability. Perfect for those who appreciate the classic look of analog timepieces, this watch showcases a simple yet elegant design. The stainless steel case, rugged canvas strap, and easy-to-read dial are features that highlight its practical purpose. Inside, the watch is powered by a robust manual winding movement, ensuring precise timekeeping. It also boasts a water resistance of up to 50 meters, making it durable enough for everyday adventures. The Khaki Field Mechanical is not only a nod to Hamilton’s rich history but also offers watch enthusiasts a piece of timekeeping tradition without the luxury price tag. This model encapsulates the essence of field watches, providing a blend of functionality, durability, and timeless style.

Best Low-Cost Men’s Watches In 2024: Top 3

Urban Classic Chrono 01.1743.103 (Up To $300) 

Another Swiss knife manufacturer, a former competitor of Victorinox, now absorbed by it but retaining operational independence in the production of watches. The model we have chosen is distinguished by elegance and, at the same time, restrained brutality. Gold PVD coated steel, 100-meter water resistance, Swiss quartz inside. Three hands, date, chronograph.

Diesel Rasp Chrono Dz4445 (Up To $150)

The Italian manufacturer still holds the record for the largest wristwatch size: the diameter of the Grand Daddy model is 66 mm, and four quartz engines serve four time zones. For this review, we chose a watch that is not so exotic but also very masculine. PVD-coated steel, 50 mm, dominant color – black, three hands, date, and chronograph. The crown and buttons are on the left side: watches for left-handers and presidents.

Casio G-SHOCK DW-5600E-1V (Up To $100)

There is nostalgia here: this watch is a direct descendant of the very first “Jishoks” from 1983 and admiration for progress: the model is modern, equipped with decent functionality, and, as always with this brand, is practically “indestructible”. With such quality and more than a budget price, who can compete in terms of price-quality ratio?

Top Rated Men’s Sports Watches 2024: Best 3

Many luxury watch manufacturers are associated with sports. They are the official timekeepers of significant competitions, from the Olympics to horse-trotting trials, partners of auto racing teams and football clubs, and world sports stars among their ambassadors. But if we talk about practical use in physical education and sports, expensive and very expensive mechanical watches are naturally inferior to electronic ones. Quartz is more precise, its functionality is broader, and its price-quality ratio is unrivaled. Below are three models of men’s sports watches that may come in handy this year, both in winter and summer.

Casio Edifice Scuderia Toro Rosso EQB-1000TR

The Edifice sub-brand is the official partner of the Scuderia Toro Rosso, which participates in the Formula 1 championship. Unlike the timekeepers of almost all other teams, Edifice watches are electronic and very inexpensive (this model, made in Toro Rosso colors, costs less than 600 dollars). The accuracy is almost absolute because it can work with a smartphone and automatically adjust the time four times a day. The stopwatch captures thousandths of a second. There is a memory for 200 race laps. The power supply is from a solar battery. World time, automatic calendar, alarm clock, dial illumination, sapphire crystal, water resistance up to 100 m… What else does an athlete, whether he is a professional or an amateur, need from a wrist instrument? Almost nothing.

Suunto 9 Baro Titanium 

But this multifunctional wrist device from the Finnish company has a lot of things that others don’t have: a compass, altimeter, optical heart rate monitor, step and calorie counter, activity analysis, satellite navigation, route planning, scheduling, tracking and analysis of running and swimming workouts, cycling, more than 80 sports modes in total. Menu in 17 languages. Very cool, and not much more expensive than 200 dollars.

Victorinox I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Titanium

It is impossible to do without a diving watch in this section. And, as it turns out, without Swiss ones either. Of course, Victorinox is primarily about army knives, but the company also produces very worthy watches. In a titanium case, this model has water resistance up to 200 m and all other features that meet the diving standard ISO 6425, and has also passed stringent tests for fire resistance, shock resistance, and magnetic resistance. There are two spectacular and useful “cherries on the cake”: a Naimakka paracord strap (if necessary, can be unwoven into long strands that can withstand loads of up to 250 kg) and a removable protective bumper with a magnifying glass included in the package. For everything – at the level of 1200 dollars.


In conclusion, men’s watches are diverse and vibrant, offering something for everyone, from classic field watches that echo the courage of military heritage to robust sports watches that cater to the athletic spirit. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance and precision of Swiss-made chronographs, the rugged masculinity of oversized Italian designs, or the unbeatable practicality and affordability of Japanese innovations, the selections outlined for 2024 present an array of choices to suit any preference or budget. Each watch, with its unique features and functionalities, underscores the passage of time and celebrates individual style, enduring craftsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in horology.


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