Best Women’s Watches 2024: Trendy Watch Models In 2024

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Watches have long outgrown the status of just chronometers. Now, these are symbols of status and style, certain demonstrators of position in society and one’s own self, and sometimes faithful comrades in the struggle for health, youth, and beauty.

Trendy women’s watches in 2024 are stylish, elegant accessories that say much more about the owner than clothes and makeup. They are the very details in which, as every true lady knows, the devil lies.

General Trends For Women’s Watches In 2024

This season, there has been a strong trend toward freedom of expression. This applies to both the color scheme and the design of the watch. The trend is a broad palette, but red, yellow, orange, blue, and green are especially popular. Designers do not forget about time-tested gold, silver, and black and white classics.

You can choose a watch to match your clothes or present it as a bright accent, playing on contrasts. The main thing is not to go beyond good taste: the brighter the color, the fewer decorative elements. Kitsch and flashy luxury are not in trend these days.

This season, the best wristwatches from popular brands have become more feminine and sophisticated. Even models in unisex and military styles have lost much brutality and deliberate aggressiveness.

Other trends worth noting include:

  • Watches with miniature dials have returned to fashion: Baume & Mercier and Hermes paid tribute to emphasized femininity.
  • The trend is “modest luxury”, devoid of nouveau riche pretentiousness. An example is new models in steel cases but with Swarovski crystals and diamonds from Dior, Bvlgari, and Longines.
  • Models in square cases are very relevant. The designers of Chanel and D&G are confident that their models will look natural with both business suits and denim-leather youth looks.
  • The pretentiousness of the form gives way to minimalism and close attention to detail. These are the new models from Calvin Klein, Dior, and Salvatore Ferragamo.
  • Young girls are allowed everything. Painted dials and their complete absence, cases in the shape of crescents and even skulls, watches made of wood and volcanic lava – the imagination of the masters is inexhaustible. And all this suits young rebels!

There is an interesting trend: now the strap is almost more important than the watch itself! Chains in all forms are still trending, from massive double ones to a scattering of thin ones. Leather straps and metal bracelets remain a win-win classic option, with particular attention paid to the quality of workmanship and the elegance of weaving.

Long straps that wrap around the wrist several times have stayed on the stage of high fashion. Textile straps are also trendy, but you need to remember that this accessory goes well with a casual look, but with an evening outfit, it will look, to put it mildly, alien.

Large, rough watches are gradually losing their relevance. A fashionista risks being left out of the mainstream and good taste by choosing such a model for the future.

Best Luxury Models And Brands In 2024: Top-10

The current TOP 10 best brands of women’s watches include mainly manufacturers with long and glorious traditions that developed in the past or even the century before last. The rightful palm of leadership is, of course, held by Swiss manufacturers. Only a select few can afford such watches, making them even more desirable.

1. Rolex (Switzerland)

Our rating opens with a top Swiss company whose products have long been associated with power, wealth, and success. You should pay special attention to DATEJUST 36, which represents an alliance of respectability and practicality. The case is made of steel and champagne gold, has the highest class of water resistance, and the hour markers are made of 18-carat diamonds.

2. Jaeger-LeCoultre (Switzerland) 

The Queen of Britain always wore watches from this small Swiss manufactory: just as Elizabeth II was crowned in the JLC Caliber 101, she remained faithful to them. By the way, the miniature mechanism of this watch was invented a century ago, but they are still produced. The new Rendez-Vous Moon Medium in a white gold case with 107 diamonds is also worthy of admiration.

3. Cartier (Switzerland)

The famous Swiss brand of women’s watches fully embodies the quintessence of luxury. It is known, however, more for men’s models, but the elegant Baignoire Allongée in a case of white or rose gold, decorated with constellations of hundreds of diamonds, will win the heart of the most discerning beauty. And the Révélation d’une Panthère with floating gold beads folding into a panther’s head is absolutely fantastic!

4. Moritz Grossmann (Germany). 

In the century before last, Karl Moritz Grossman was one of the most prominent German watchmakers. Over time, his business died down, and the maestro’s watches moved to private collections and museums. However, Christina Hütter (a woman – a watchmaker of the highest class, incredible!) revived the legendary brand slightly over a decade ago. Magnificent, steeped in the mysteries of “1000 and 1 nights,” TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise is a serious bid for world leadership.

5. Grand Seiko (Japan)

The Japanese leader once again showed tender care for women by introducing the world to the premium Elegance Collection line. This symphony of elegance and high style exists in five incarnations, including premium gold watches studded with diamonds right up to the crown and less pretentious models in stainless steel cases.

6. Chanel (France – Switzerland) 

The headquarters of the legendary Fashion House is located in Paris, but watch production has naturally moved to Switzerland. This season, the classic J12 has received a new interpretation with Caliber 12.1 in the traditionally winning black and white color scheme and an incredibly stylish embodiment.

7. Bvlgari (Italy – Switzerland)

And this house produces watches in Switzerland. The incredible Serpenti Seduttori is a nod to Bvlgari’s signature snake theme: a rose gold case edged with diamonds, complemented by a bracelet that imitates the scales of this wise and elegant but dangerous reptile.

8. Dolce & Gabbana (Italy)

One of the Italian flagships of high fashion was until recently unknown in the watch world, but now it has made itself quite loudly known in this area. The premium women’s line Sofia, released in five color variations with rose gold cases and diamond-cut glass, is one of the loudest discoveries of the season.

9. RGM Watch Company (USA)

It would be unfair not to mention USA manufacturers on the best women’s watch companies list. They are represented by the famous American company RGM and its women’s collection Lady. This series’s incredibly stylish Hand Painted Mother Of Pearl suits an extraordinary lady: two laconic hands count down the time on the dial, a handmade miniature of mother-of-pearl. Plus, of course, a gold case surrounded by diamonds.

10. Audemars Piguet (Switzerland)

Completing our list is the renowned Swiss brand Audemars Piguet, known for its innovation and craftsmanship in watchmaking. The brand’s Royal Oak collection, particularly the Royal Oak Offshore, is a masterpiece of technical precision and aesthetic appeal. Fashioned from high-grade materials like rose gold and adorned with diamonds, these watches are a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence and luxury. The intricate detailing and sophisticated design make Audemars Piguet’s creations highly sought after among luxury and haute horlogerie connoisseurs.

Each brand brings its unique heritage and expertise, making it difficult to choose just one as the ultimate luxury brand. However, one thing is sure: owning a watch from any of these top brands is a valid symbol of style, elegance, and success.  So indulge in the world of luxury watches, and treat yourself to a timepiece that will not only tell the time but also make a statement about your taste and lifestyle.

Top-Rated Affordable Watches For Women In 2024

Premium models are prestigious and elegant but incredibly expensive. With an average budget, buying a women’s watch worth several hundred Dollars is better. Among them, there are very worthy options, outwardly few distinguishable from luxury copies and practically not inferior to them in terms of functionality. Moreover, in terms of practicality, inexpensive watches sometimes give a hundred points ahead of jewelry masterpieces.

You can select a good watch from the following inexpensive but very worthy options:

  • Obaku V185LXVNMN. Cool quartz watches from a famous Danish brand with a Japanese Miyota movement and an oversized dial look much more expensive than they actually cost.
  • Orient Classic. Japanese mechanical watch with sapphire glass, mother-of-pearl dial, and crystals. Incredibly elegant, suitable for a stylish lady of any social class.
  • Fossil Jacqueline ES3545. It is an exquisite watch in a steel case and on a matching crystal bracelet. It’s immediately apparent: the American manufacturer has thought through the design to the smallest detail.
  • Timex TW2P88600. Bold and ambitious watches from the USA are not only elegant but also very reliable accessories. The watch is made in a unisex style and will suit a wide range of looks.
  • DKNY NY2341. The trendy American manufacturer sets affordable prices for mid-range watches without sacrificing the famous urban elegance. This model from the Soho collection embodies the spirit of the big city.
  • Q&Q C179-324. A classic watch with a large dial, clear numbers, and a reliable Miyota quartz movement will suit the taste of any true lady, regardless of taste and age.
  • Guess W1117L2. Many lovers of urban style appreciate the watches of the young American brand. Before you is the epitome of urban elegance in gilding on massive double chains.
  • VICTORINOX V241808. A famous brand of women’s watches from Switzerland destroys stereotypes. It turns out that cool Swiss watches may be relatively inexpensive!

Top 10 Best Women’s Smartwatches

In the ranking of women’s smartwatches, the first lines are confidently held by relatively compact models in the most streamlined cases, combining the functions of chronometers and fitness bracelets.

  1. Apple Watch Series 6: One of the best smartwatches in the world, it comes in two sizes and a huge range of colors and bands. In addition to the broadest range of standard options, Apple Watch Series 6 can even take a cardiogram! True, they are only compatible with gadgets with native iOS, and the battery life is relatively low.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. One of the leaders in independent reviews of women’s smart watches is this undoubtedly successful product from Samsung. Both the classic design and functionality are impressive: there is everything for monitoring the activity and condition of the body, plus a player and GPS.
  3. Huawei Watch Fit. Visually and functionally, we have a successful hybrid of a smartwatch and a fitness bracelet. There is everything necessary for monitoring, including oxygenation (which is very important at the moment), a player, a physiological cycle calendar, and many other exciting things.
  4. Galaxy Watch Active 2. A very elegant and compact smartwatch for lovers of an active lifestyle. Excellent filling, reasonable price, premium water resistance.
  5. HerzBand Rose IV. Stylish and inexpensive electronic sports watch supports ten training modes and has a pedometer and sleep monitoring function. It is an excellent option for those who want to avoid overpaying for unnecessary options and a well-promoted brand.
  6. Fossil Gen 5 Venture HR. A universal smartwatch with a classic design from a famous American manufacturer is suitable for any occasion, whether for training or going to the theater. Recognizable feminine design, all the necessary range of sensors and tracked data, and a reasonable price.
  7. Elband CD16. Consider this worthy option if you are looking for budget smartwatch models on AliExpress. This stylish unisex watch is suitable for all ladies not interested in big brands. Such a low price is fantastic for such a decent array of options and reliability.
  8. Fitbit Versa 3. A stunningly functional watch for cardio training and fitness in all forms, it can support 20 sports modes. By the way, in 2018, this model took an honorable second place in popularity globally, behind only the Apple Watch. The “Sighted” display has a surprisingly light but durable aluminum body and an elegant design – everything is excellent!
  9. Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music. A universal watch for a modern city dweller, suitable everywhere. The transflective screen makes it easier to perceive information, the data is impeccably accurate, and autonomy is supported for up to 7 days.
  10. Withings Move. Interesting hybrid watch with a classic analog dial and stylish urban design. The lack of an electronic dial does not allow you to read data directly from the watch (only through the application), but it runs on a battery that lasts for 15–18 months.


Each woman can choose a watch according to taste, lifestyle, and income level. Moreover, even inexpensive models can be reliable, elegant, and functional – the main thing is to choose the right one!


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