Eyebrow Trends 2024: Unveiling The Next Wave Of Brow-Defining Styles

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Eyebrow makeup trends have always been a priority for the general beauty public. What eyebrows will be in fashion throughout 2024?

Much time has passed since the real brow boom began in the beauty industry, and girls have managed to ensure that eyebrows – their shape, width, and volume – significantly influence the look.

Eyebrow makeup has become a separate stage in the daily beauty ritual. Some girls emphasize the natural features of their eyebrows, while others adjust their shape and color, considering trends that evolve yearly. Let’s figure out what kind of eyebrows are in fashion now, in 2024.

“Soapy” Eyebrows

We are talking primarily about the eyebrow styling technique, which allows you to achieve the effect of groomed brows, or “scouse eyebrows”. We’re talking about textural volume that makes eyebrows appear thicker – just in line with the trends.

To get this result, even makeup artists sometimes resort to a life hack with dry soap: they rub it on a round brush soaked in water, which they then use to comb their eyebrows. The soap envelops the hairs, adds volume to them, and simultaneously fixes the shape.


In 2024, natural looks will still be in fashion. In this case, eyebrows are not tinted – just comb them with a round brush with colorless gel, which will help fix the shape. Try to limit yourself to this. It is quite possible that color correction will not be needed.

Soft Toning

According to the rules, eyebrows can be darker/lighter than hair by only 1–2 tones. Many people neglect this when trying to follow trends. We are already accustomed to seeing contrastingly emphasized eyebrows on most girls, even for heavily bleached blondes.

This season, makeup artists are calling for a change in approach. Why darken your eyebrows if there is no immediate need? They should not stand out too much from other facial features. For example, light brown girls are recommended to choose relatively light shades – not so much to correct the shape of the eyebrows, but to give them a neater and well-groomed appearance.

“Wet” Eyebrows

The reincarnation of the fashion for a dewy finish has also affected eyebrows. Laying them with a thick layer of transparent fixing gel is essential. Instead, it is quite possible to use a transparent lip gloss with a non-sticky texture.

The glossy shine adds vitality and freshness to the look. As well as the glowing effect on the skin.


One of the surest ways to visually expand your eyebrows is to brush them with a clear or tinted mascara so that the hairs point upward.

You will get the desired effect of thickness and slight negligence, which today is considered synonymous with naturalness.

Bleached Eyebrows

Unlike those above, only some girls are ready to follow this trend. Nevertheless, this is not the first season that he has been making a name for himself at shows. This technique allows makeup artists to turn the face into a “blank canvas” to create on it, experimenting with the color and texture of products. Girls with pretty light eyebrows can “try on” this trend without far-reaching consequences. To “bleach” them even more, you can powder your brows generously.

Bright Eyebrows

The fashion for colored eyebrows peaked in the mid-2010s, and today is entering its second round. One of the most noticeable variations of this trend is “rainbow” eyebrows, painted in several colors at once. This effect is most effortless to achieve on bleached eyebrows – or if you have naturally very light eyebrows.

There are several ways to create this look using makeup. Use colored mascara or mix pigmented eye shadow with a clear brow gel.

Eyebrow Shape Trends In 2024

Over the past few years, naturalness has been in fashion. This trend has also affected the eyebrows – now the hairs are removed to a minimum, and the rest are styled using both special products and improvised ones.

However, if previously wide eyebrows were in fashion, narrower eyebrows would be fashionable this year.

According to makeup artists, beauties will prefer almost even eyebrows that do not end with an apparent bend this year. It is recommended to avoid tilting too much downward; otherwise, the eyebrow may “hang”, making it look heavier. The thickness of the eyebrows should tend to your natural thickness – there is no longer any need to draw additional hairs with pencils.

Eyebrow Color Trends In 2024

As before, the fashion for natural eyebrow color will continue. Makeup artists advise giving preference to a shade close to the hair roots. It is believed that the face will look most impressive with such eyebrows. If your hair is colored, choosing an eyebrow pencil that is several shades lighter is better.

It wouldn’t hurt to use pencils of several similar shades to fill in your eyebrows. For example, one to match your hair color, the other one darker if you wear a blonde, or a tone lighter if you are a brunette. According to makeup artists, using several shades will make the eyebrows more voluminous and structured.

Eyebrow Procedures: What’s Trending In 2024?

As before, makeup artists believe lamination will remain the most popular procedure for eyebrows. However, it will also be more natural – the eyebrow hairs will no longer be styled “along a line”.

To style your eyebrows yourself at home, you only need to brush them and apply a colorless gel.

Another trending procedure is microblading, in which only tiny hairs are drawn to make the eyebrows look as natural as possible.


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