Fashion Styles: Full List, Review, Description, And Photos

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It’s entirely possible to create looks correctly, even if you only know the name of the style! We continue to develop our observational skills and, at the same time, remember the names of the styles.

Every year, designers show fashion trends, and we try to catch them and learn how to create stylish looks. Let’s look at the most popular styles presented at the latest shows and the ones that will always be in trend.


The main characteristics of the style are clear lines, laconic design, discreet decor, or its absence. Classic fashion is not necessarily boring, predictable, or prim: the current clothing and accessories collections for women feature modernized silhouettes and new color solutions. The constants of style are impeccable execution and high-quality materials. The choice for the office, important meetings, and formal events.


Hourglass silhouette, pleating, airy shapes, and translucent inserts: the most romantic style accompanies girls on dates and celebrations. Modern ways to adapt the popular trend to everyday life and the cold season are to choose clothes in a dark palette and balance flowing fabrics with denser ones, combining a flowing silk skirt with a voluminous sweater and a delicate mini dress with an elegant robe coat. The basic rules are to emphasize the waist and open the ankles.


A must-have for a business wardrobe in 2024 is a suit with a skirt. Which color should I choose? Gray is prevalent in all its forms: granite, wet asphalt, taupe, etc.


For a good reason, street style is all the rage right now. Originating from subcultural groups such as skateboarders, surfers, and hip-hop artists, this refreshingly modern, usually casual fashion style has undergone a luxurious transformation. Stylish sneakers, often from limited editions, and T-shirts with artistic designs, combined with sweatshirts and joggers, are the best “uniform” for lovers of fun parties and more.

Art Deco

Sequins, frills, an abundance of decorative elements, velvet, furs, lace, shining threads, glass beads, and more: you can easily recognize the style if you watched the famous film “The Great Gatsby”. The times of jazz fever and crazy evening receptions have sunk into oblivion, but women still choose evening wear in the pompous and brilliant Art Deco style.


The trend consists of authentic clothing from past years and stylized elements – for example, artificially aged shoes and bags. The style integrates references to iconic fashion trends from different decades and requires careful attention to detail. Its main features are traditional prints (polka dots, stripes, checks), a muted palette, stylish retro silhouettes, and predominantly natural fabrics.


Another clothing style that requires a more conservative environment. A lingerie-style item—a silk skirt, a slip dress, or a lace top—can only have one item in an outfit. Otherwise, the outfit will seem pajama-like and vulgar. To prevent a fashionable look from being confused with real women’s underwear, the length of the skirt or dress should be below the knee. Throw an oversized sweater, jacket, or cardigan over your shoulders and complement the outfit with stylish chunky boots.


We have noticed that clothing styles increasingly reflect popular desires for simplicity and comfort. You can spend the whole winter and autumn in voluminous clothes – stylish oversized sweaters, coats, and jackets allow you to create warm, multi-layered looks. A modern approach to the cold realities is to get a stylish ultra-light vest and wear it under your usual outerwear.

Urban Chic

High-quality clothes of a simple cut, complemented by unusual accessories, combinations of different textures, appropriateness, and comfort are the key features of modern urban style. It integrates popular classic prints and familiar silhouettes: the only condition is that the items must be made of expensive materials (wool, organic cotton, linen, cashmere) and fit you perfectly.


Originating in America in the 50s of the last century, the style characterized students’ clothing at prestigious colleges preparing to enter elite universities. Preppy style has features of business style and smart casual. Wool miniskirts, tweed vests, crisp shirts, pleated sundresses, polos, checkered blazers, sweatshirts, and cardigans – clothes in the best traditions of popular films about American teenagers.

Parisian Style

Parisian fashion style is about being très chic combined with minimalism. Consider it a casual, classic, carefree aesthetic that exudes subtle notes of sophistication. Parisian style combines elegance and casualness with monochrome wardrobe elements that blend perfectly.


Fashion style for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and care about the environment. A natural palette and simple cut are common but optional characteristics. A woman’s outfit can be bright and colorful – the most important thing is that the fabrics are natural, and the manufacturing process causes as minor damage to nature as possible. Eco-style clothing is gaining popularity thanks to the development of a conscious approach to consumption and the slow fashion movement. 


Avant-garde means deviation from the rules, searching for something new, experimenting, and using bold combinations. Among other clothing styles, it is distinguished by non-standard color schemes, catchy accessories, intricate silhouettes, asymmetry, and complex textures. Let go of ideas about compatibility and trends for women – trust yourself and choose what you want.


Clean lines and impeccable cuts come to the fore without loud decor and accent colors. Minimalist clothing is not necessarily ascetic: the style does not imply giving up a closet full of clothes but a conscious approach to fashion and one’s choice. A monochrome palette, loose silhouettes, and restrained simplicity are the main characteristics of the critical trend in women’s fashion.


Animal elements in clothing are a risky but justified way to attract attention and create a trendy look. Animal prints – like any other accent inserts – should be used in doses and generously balanced with the base to make the look stylish and not provocative. For example, combine a leopard print jumper with unpretentious black denim and a mini-dress with molded leather boots.

Color Block

The trend, popular in 2024, involves a stylish combination of several colors in one look – as a rule, there are three or four of them. The combinations are carefully thought out and verified; clothes are often chosen to be laconic and plain, without prints. We are inspired by the street style example set by the most resourceful girls and mix modern color ensembles. Clothing styles may change, but the skill of choosing successful combinations will remain and be helpful.


The increasingly popular space and “steel” style combines metallic shades, non-standard shapes, and exaggerated volumes. Shiny down jackets, voluminous sneakers, shining dresses that highlight curves – clothes in which you cannot go unnoticed.

Coco Chanel

The basis of the style is pearl beads, tweed suits, jackets, and vests. There is no need for unnecessary words here; just look at the images. The style is with us!


Ease and comfort, natural palette, and natural fabrics: designers say country clothing can be feminine and modern. Examples of colors – all shades of brown, beige, gray, olive, white, and milky; materials – leather, suede, linen, satin, and knitted jersey.

Scandinavian Style

Cozy, simple, and relaxed in a northern way, the style is ideal for women who want to spend the autumn and winter in comfortable and well-made clothes. Intentional and thoughtful simplicity makes the Scandinavian clothing style similar to the already discussed minimalism and oversized style, which we will discuss below.

Oriental Style

Flowing fabrics, graceful patterns, intricate cuts, various precise details, and discreet lengths: elements of oriental style in clothing envelop the image with mystery and elegance. A wealth of shades and many prints can gradually be introduced into the wardrobe, starting with a neat silk scarf, a noble kimono, an airy blouse, or a tunic with a discreet pattern.


Some clothing styles remain relevant regardless of the year, season, and fashion trends. Various African-style clothing models appeared in the collections of Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti, Max Mara, and other famous brands. All shades of beige, stylish patch pockets, and large buttons are recognizable elements of the trend. In addition to clothes, look closely at stylish accessories in natural shades – bags, belts, hats, and scarves.


Freedom of creativity and self-expression, carelessness and rejection of rules, memorable ornaments and patterns, and ethnic elements are the features of ageless boho. You should not classify it as a clothing style only relevant in the summer – in cold weather, frills and lace are replaced by chunky knit sweaters, tassels, and fringe. We put together two stylish looks, including typical boho shoes and clothes.

Comfort Style

Sweatshirts, wool sweaters, warming cashmere suits, and oversized cardigans. Fashion style trends take homewear and sportswear beyond previously existing boundaries – in the trousers and suits we have selected, you can walk in the park, travel out of town, and do business in the city.

“Lady Like” Style

A style with an English name and content: elegant suits, fitted dresses, a pencil skirt that covers the knee, stockings, hats, gloves, and discreet accessories are its main components. Clothing in the spirit of the British Queen will allow you to diversify the office dress code or create a stylish and feminine look for an evening out at a restaurant or theater.

“New Look” Style

Christian Dior is considered to be the founder of the feminine and romantic clothing style. Returning to the ideal hourglass figure, the New Look – one of the most luxurious styles of all time – symbolized the desired return to everyday life after the war, the end of a period of deprivation and forced asceticism. Light colors, precise silhouettes, some deliberateness of clothing styles, and inspiration from the romanticism of the 19th century are the main features of the style created by Dior.


Functional and practical clothing styles are popular regardless of fashion trends – the military trend has not lost ground for several decades. The predominance of green, beige, brown, and khaki in the palette, a strict cut, and an abundance of pockets make military-style similar to safari style. Military clothing is not necessarily a soldier’s uniform. You can start your acquaintance with style with a vest with a characteristic print, a parka that will come in handy in the coming season, or a brutal double-breasted coat. Pay attention to the Twinset parka decorated with frills – an example of a combination of entirely different boho and military styles in clothing.


This fashion style has become disdainful in recent years, and the name has acquired a negative connotation. The time of outrageous, glamorous looks with many sparkles and deliberate close-fitting silhouettes is behind us. Still, individual style elements can add status and irony to a wardrobe.


There are many sporty style options for 2024, depending on your preferences. This could be a knitted T-shirt, long skirt, leggings, bomber jacket, crop top, and bicycle shorts.


Sculptural shapes, strict lines, and clear silhouettes characterize this clothing style. Seams, cut and trim highlight the outfit’s structure, construction and geometry, as well as the figure of the girl who wears it.


Floral print, frills, ruffles, pastel colors – real romance in your look.


Summer means fringe, crop tops, dresses, and long flowing skirts. But you shouldn’t use ethnic jewelry often; there weren’t many on the models.

Dandy Style

The dandy style is one of the most charismatic trends. It is mainly associated with men’s clothing that is impeccably cut and of first-class quality. We already know that some fashion styles – the same military – came to us from the world of men’s fashion, endowing women with characteristic brutal elements. Textured jackets, formal shirts, dapper ties and bow ties, hats, Oxfords, and loafers: dandy clothing in a feminine interpretation conveys confidence, grooming, and commitment to personal values.

Royal Rococo

The style of queens, where lace, fluffy skirts, bare shoulders, and ethnic patterns triumph. Suitable for those who are fearless in attracting attention.


Some clothing styles owe their popularity to the formation of a youth subculture, if not their origin. The Gothic trend can be classified as one of these. The dominance of black color and heavy forms characterizes it. Aristocratism, the expression of decadent moods and emotional impulses through clothing, is another feature of the Gothic style.

Glam Rock

A biker jacket and black leather trousers are part of glam rock. Both men and women wear this.


Take a closer look at tie-dye suits, raincoats, and denim boots. Pink denim and flares – the palm now belongs to them.

Seaside Resort

The whole look should be saturated with lightness, the breath of a breeze, the whisper of waves, and the feeling of hot sand on your hands. Clothes with stripes, plunging necklines, and huge wide-brimmed hats are ready.


Natural materials, comfortable fit, and natural colors are all you need to create a natural style.


If you have an A-line dress or a high-waisted A-line skirt in your wardrobe, you’re already familiar with the playful, girly style. Cheerful colors, airy shapes, and abundant decor suit relaxed spring-summer looks. Remember Mary Janes and a neat little bag.


Hints and halftones are trending – transparency, slits, bare shoulders, sword belts and gloves. By the way, the mood of this style appears in many others.


This style is suitable if you want to be visible. Or a themed photo shoot awaits you.


Fans of creating masterpieces with their hands – your time has come. Everything homemade is in trend: jewelry, shoes, clothes.


Glamor with a sporty style, classic with futurism, grunge with business – don’t be afraid to experiment.


It is applicable only for themed photo shoots and parties. It’s not a viable style anymore, but we don’t let it go for some reason.


The style with an unusual name combines ethnic and cowboy elements. The clothes are appropriate: hats, capes, ponchos, wide belts, tunics, trousers and stylish culottes. Leather and suede predominate here, with tassels and fringe. A natural palette (beige, olive, terracotta), loose fit, and multi-layer solutions are recognizable signs of a fashion trend for brave girls.


At the forefront is a masculine look, denim and leather, but not a hat with a rolled brim; let’s not overdo it.


Leather, rivets, metal inserts, brutal accessories, and total black looks are indispensable attributes of the trendy grunge style. The uniforms of rockers and motorcyclists are pretty suitable for girls, too – soften them with feminine materials and seductive lengths. 


We learn to use unusual cuts, unusual prints, and bright colors.


Suitable for experienced fashionistas who are unafraid of inside-out pockets, a sleeveless jacket, and single-leg trousers.

Fashion Style Guide

Fashion styles are a relative concept. Your closet may combine minimalism and art deco, safari and futurism, gothic and oversized. There can be as many directions as there are sides of your personality you would like to realize with the help of clothes. Clothing is a way to express yourself to the world, and if today you want to dress in a laconic total black, and tomorrow you want to try on the iconic hourglass silhouette, you can do it.

By distinguishing styles into formal categories, you can distribute them into several groups. When choosing office clothes, look at preppy, classic, and minimalist styles. When going on vacation or a family trip to the countryside, choose something in the style of safari, eco, or charismatic gaucho; add animalism or oversized elements. Urban chic, New Look, and boho are suitable for a special evening or a romantic meeting. This also includes Scandinavian and feminine fashion styles. Art Deco, avant-garde, constructivism, futurism, and color blocking will quench your thirst for experimentation.

Whatever style you consider most of the clothes in your closet to be, there is a specific universal set of essential things that will help you move from one direction to another and create images of different moods, setting the tone with the right accessories and shoes. Perfectly fitting jeans, a thick white t-shirt, pumps with a last that suits you, a stylish coat, and a functional bag are the essential fashion foundation.


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