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Women have long and happily worn comfortable pants, once borrowed from men. Now, it is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe, presented in various styles and colors. Read about what pants will be popular in the 2024 season, what to wear them with, and how to choose the right style for your figure.

Color Options For Women’s Pants In 2024

Let’s start with color since this is one of the fundamental components of a complete look and a non-verbal signal that, without words, will tell a lot about your mood.

Classic Solid Colors

Classic trousers are always a timeless classic. We love them for their versatility and high variability. They allow you to play with top options, are easily integrated into various looks, and are suitable for women of all ages. The basic colors that will dominate this season are white, black, beige, brown, gray, and soft nude shades.

Bright Colors

In the new fashion season, we will find a vibrant selection of shades in clothing, and the pants category will be no exception. While bright colors aren’t as versatile as primary colors, they can create statement looks.

Please note that rich, saturated colors are giving way to more muted colors this season. The palette remains quite diverse. In addition to peach, which has received the status of the main color of 2024, the top trending shades will include mint, pink, and coral. Darker colors – red, green, turquoise, blue – can be safely used even in autumn looks.

Fashion Prints

Despite the versatility of monotones, prints never go away. Classic checks, stripes, and houndstooth, as well as the relatively new colorful and unpredictable tie-dye, remain relevant. Floral designs are definitely in fashion, both small and large. In 2024, floristry is presented not only as patterns but also in the form of entire landscape paintings transferred to fabric.

One of the notable trends for the 2024 season is colorful contrasting combinations. The post-pandemic desire for boldness and extravagance is reaching a new level and is most easily realized with the help of expressive prints. The design can be abstract, geometric, floral or animalistic. Tiger, leopard, and other predatory colors have been complemented by “reptile” prints – couturiers even mix them in one look.

Fabrics And Textures

The fabric choice for women’s pants is determined primarily by the seasonality of the model. For obvious reasons, summer trousers are made of lightweight materials that allow air to pass freely. Traditional favorites of the warm season are cotton, linen, and viscose. Models made of dense wool blend fabrics are relevant for autumn and winter. Let’s take a closer look at the noteworthy trends of this season.


Leather and eco-leather pants have been at the top of fashion trends for several seasons. This is a good option for demi-season and winter looks, as well as cool summers. Straight-cut models in dark colors will become an essential item; they can be easily combined with any top, from an elegant blouse to an oversized sweater. If you want to add something more extravagant to your wardrobe, take a closer look at patent leather or metallic trousers – they will create bright looks that are definitely exciting.


Trousers made of delicate, effectively draping silk fabrics with an expensive but unobtrusive shine are another trend for the summer-spring wardrobe. Such models look elegant. The expressiveness of thin-flowing materials is especially impressive in wide-cut styles.

Suit Fabrics

Suit fabrics have several advantages, making them an ideal choice for creating trousers. They are practical, wear-resistant, wrinkle little, do not stretch, do not bubble on the knees, keep their shape, are pleasant to the touch, and are highly hygroscopic and breathable. All this is thanks to the balanced proportions of natural and synthetic fibers. Tweed, cashmere, gabardine, corduroy – this is just a tiny list of suiting fabrics, each of which has its unique texture and is suitable for both formal and casual models.


Elastic knitted pants are pleasant to the body and comfortable. Let’s discard the stereotype that knitted pants are only suitable for walking, jogging, relaxing at home, and going on a picnic. Designers of leading fashion houses, and after them, mass-market manufacturers, are revealing new facets of this material and offering stylish and elegant knitted trousers for the office and special occasions.

Popular Styles

Perhaps never before has fashion been so democratic and multifaceted. In 2024, elegant classics and sporty chic, relaxed casual, and bold avant-garde are relevant. These areas are united by the desire to combine an expressive appearance with high comfort. Designers offer softer and more feminine silhouettes. Narrow models are made from elastic fabrics so that the cut does not interfere with freedom of movement.

Classic always remains in fashion. But even such styles need some transformations. In 2024, designers leave the classic straight-cut and mid-rise pants but make them longer, completely covering the heels and complementing them with side slits. The color scheme for the classics is still neutral and universal: black, all shades of gray and beige, and dark blue.

The oversized style has proven its versatility and continues its triumphant march. Pants with a deliberately wide cut, as if 2-3 sizes too big, emphasize fragility and sophistication and hide imperfections in the figure.

Trendy Women’s Trouser Models For 2024

A modern woman’s wardrobe is not limited to one or two pairs of pants because, with these things, you can create looks for any occasion. Therefore, the more trousers of different styles you add to your arsenal, the more space you will have for creating stylish sets. The current season is full of contrasts. Fashion 2024 is about unprecedented diversity and harmonious coexistence of often completely opposite trends.

Wide Pants

Models with a wide cut will help create an elegant and attractive look, suitable for women of any size, tall and petite. These can be models made of thick suiting fabrics, summer cotton, or linen.

As for the styles, it can be a flared cut from the hip or a trapezoidal cut from the waist. Radical floor length, when only the toes of the shoes are visible from under the legs, or shortened options – the choice depends only on personal preferences and body type. Ultra-long trousers will decorate tall, slender women. Current culottes will help visually correct the V-shaped silhouette and add the missing volume to the hips. Ladies with curvy figures should choose plain dark options with a light top. Those with proportional figures can safely experiment with different prints.

Narrow And Tapered Models

Predictions that narrow silhouettes will soon leave fashion trends have not come true. In the 2024 season, fashion designers brought back skinnies, leggings, and cigarette pants made of thick, elastic fabrics. A notable novelty of the new season is pants that are wide at the hips and tapered at the bottom. The cut is something between bananas and classic: the volume at the top is created by strict folds at the waistband, and the silhouette itself looks pretty relaxed.

Cropped Pants

In 2024, along with long trousers, 7/8-length models or mid-calf culottes will be popular. Shortened models allow you to demonstrate graceful ankles but visually violate the proportions of the silhouette. Therefore, those with long legs can afford to wear such options with low-top shoes; otherwise, it is best to complement the look with high-heeled shoes.

High Waist Pants

This silhouette visually lengthens the legs and emphasizes the waist. The high waist and wide belt combine harmoniously with silhouettes that are slightly flared from the hip line and straight along the entire length. A good companion top for these trousers would be light blouses, oversized T-shirts, or loose knitted jumpers, which should be worn tucked in completely or just at the front.

Low Waist Models

Let’s remember the 2000s and add low-waisted pants to our wardrobe. A new round of glory is predicted for this trend. The current 2024 models differ from their predecessors in looser, more relaxed, and even baggy silhouettes. Wearing a low waist is still recommended, with a cropped top that reveals the midriff. When partial nudity is inappropriate, wear these pants with a turtleneck, long shirt, sweater, or jacket.

Flared Pants

Romantic and elegant flared trousers in the style of the 70s of the last century confidently remain in the trends of 2024. This season, models flared from the hip and with classic arrows will be especially relevant. They have a higher degree of elegance, visually lengthen the legs, and make the silhouette more slender, bringing the figure closer to the hourglass standard. You can wear them with a tight-fitting or, conversely, spacious top.

Cargo Pants

Women have long and happily worn comfortable trousers, once borrowed from men. Now, it is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe, presented in various styles and colors. Read about what pants will be popular in the 2024 season, what to wear them with, and how to choose the right style for your figure.


Pants that flare out from the waist, which are difficult to confuse with other styles, have remained relevant for several seasons. An a priori loose cut can be complemented by flares from the hip or knee, which turns the palazzo into a kind of long skirt. Lightweight cotton and linen styles are ideal for a casual summer wardrobe.

Made from thick suiting fabric and complemented with creases, often stitched, the trousers will fit into office outfits. Such looks do not go beyond the business dress code but look more sophisticated and romantic, allowing you to demonstrate that a strict outfit is not at all alien to romance and some frivolity.

Pair palazzos with seductive satin cross-tops, short tie-up blouses, relaxed T-shirts, or business shirts, depending on how formal you want the look to be.


Comfortable and soft joggers with a characteristic drawstring at the waist and elastic cuffs at the bottom are becoming increasingly popular and are even actively replacing jeans from everyday looks. The trendy models for 2024 are moving further away from the look of sweatpants and acquiring classic features. Now, they are created not only from knitwear but also from suiting fabric, leather, satin, and corduroy. They often borrow iconic details from other styles, such as voluminous patch cargo pockets. Worn with oversized T-shirts and romantic blouses, casual sweatshirts and office jackets, sneakers or pumps with thin high heels.

Knitted Women’s Pants

Given the high comfort and convenience trend, knitted trousers will remain with us for a long time. So you can safely replenish your wardrobe with such models – it will definitely be a profitable investment. Current models represent all sorts of variations on the theme of already familiar joggers with classic elements, a symbiosis of sport-chic and casual. They are made not only from cotton jersey but also from cashmere and mixed fabrics with lurex.


This is one of the long-lasting veteran trends that has survived several waves of ups and downs. The history of banana pants as a fashionable wardrobe item dates back to the 40s of the 20th century. Over almost a century, their appearance has changed little. The bananas are still loose at the hips and smoothly tapered at the bottom, extending above the ankles and pleated at the waist. The high waist, traditional for this style, is entirely consistent with current fashion.

How Do You Choose Trendy Women’s Trousers That Suit Your Figure?

Women’s pants have become a kind of stylistic lifesaver and a wardrobe item that is unrivaled in versatility and has no worthy competitor. Trousers are appropriate for everyday and festive looks, as well as summer and winter sets. The main thing is to choose the right style and color not only in accordance with the situation but also considering your body type.

If you have a pear-type body type, you should avoid pants with large prints, embroidery, rhinestones, and patch pockets in the hip area. You need to choose bananas carefully and avoid tight models. Pants with a straight or flared silhouette with a slightly low waist will help to reduce your hips visually.

For those with an apple figure, we recommend trousers with a straight silhouette that does not hug the hips and light flares combined with a high waist.

With an “inverted triangle” figure, the task is to create additional volume in the hips area with the help of clothing to compensate for wide shoulders. Voluminous palazzos, bananas, flares from the hip, and pants with large pockets at the back are ideal for you. Definitely not your style – tight skinnies and tapered trousers.

Visually add height and lengthen legs (for short ladies):

  • high waistline;
  • arrows, any vertical stitching or designs;
  • cropped trousers combined with high-heeled shoes;
  • long models and shoes of the same tone.

Tall, slender women can experiment with the width and length of their pants. Tight-fitting styles are not prohibited, but they should be worn in company with spacious long shirts, T-shirts, and blazers.

What Should You Wear With Pants In 2024?

Straight, slightly loose trousers, which are usually chosen as a base, look appropriate with any top: T-shirts, tight-fitting tops, classic jackets, and elegant blouses. The length can be full or slightly shortened. By changing the top, you can create different looks to suit the occasion: for every day, for the city, the office, or a special event.

The unity of opposites is one of the main mottos of current fashion. The top and bottom do not have to match each other in style at all. Now, you can and should wear classic pants with a loose oversized T-shirt or tank top and casual cargo pants with an elegant lace blouse.

Partial or complete oversize is at the height of fashion. Wear a wide bottom with the same oversized shirts, jackets, jumpers, and jackets; skinny trousers with a spacious top; and a palazzo with a tight-fitting top. Important note: in the case of this style, it is critical not to cross the fine line between a stylish look and a “shapeless bag” effect. Emphasize your waist with a belt or tuck in your top to maintain proportionality to your silhouette. A bare shoulder or deep neckline, in combination with oversized clothing, increases the degree of seductiveness of the look.

Another good news for lovers of fashionable experiments is that trousers of any style can be worn with any shoes, whether flat sandals, stilettos, or sneakers. At the top of fashion are pairs considered antagonists until recently: joggers in a sport-chic style with stripes and elegant shoes with the thinnest stiletto heels, palazzos or straight black classics with white sneakers.

The same goes for accessories. Elegant small handbags with rhinestones, which were previously combined only with evening dresses, can now be safely combined with large joggers and sneakers. Bulky shoppers and backpacks are appropriate in classic and strict business looks.


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