Stylish Men’s Shoes For Winter 2024: 9 Cool Trends

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The main thing for men in clothes is comfort; if they find a comfortable pair, they will wear it to the bone. In fact, high-quality and stylish shoes are not a mythical character; you can actually find them in no time. Let’s see which one will be most relevant this winter and what it can be styled with.

Men’s Platform Boots

Platform boots are men’s shoes for the winter, in which no weather anomalies are scary. In 2024, models for every taste and color are popular: laconic Chelsea boots, rough lace-up pairs, and classic derbies.

Men’s shoes with chunky soles are versatile and can be easily styled in various combinations. It makes sets with business suits more relevant and less “boring”, and looks with voluminous hoodies and sweatshirts – less sporty. Such pairs fit perfectly into everyday looks: with wide trousers and straight jeans.

Men’s Chelsea Boots

The best men’s boots for winter are Chelsea boots. These shoes have proven themselves over a long period of time, so there is no doubt about their comfort and versatility. In 2024, laconic flat models, tall ones with chunky soles, and spectacular ones made of patent leather are popular.

Men’s Chelsea boots will fit perfectly into almost any look. The only thing you should avoid is sports sets. Wear these shoes in relaxed looks with trendy wide-leg trousers paired with two-piece suits or oversized bombers and jeans tucked in.

White Boots

One of the notable trends in the 2023-24 winter collections is snow-colored shoes. Judging by the variety of shades of white on fashion catwalks, designers were inspired by the richness of the meanings for snow in the Eskimo languages. The trend looks fresh, clean, and appropriate in winter conditions. If previously white shoes were associated more with the spring-summer season, now they are becoming popular in the cold season.

Men’s Lace-Up Boots

Men’s shoes for the winter with laces are classics that are always relevant. Among the fashionable options for 2024, you can find laconic models with a semicircular toe tip, trendy pairs with massive soles, or models made in a sporty style. Men’s lace-up shoes are unlikely to get boring because you can wear them in various ways. For example, by lacing it tightly and making the look more consistent and strict. Or, on the contrary, by unlacing it entirely, thereby adding negligence to the outfit.

In 2024, men’s lace-up boots will be paired with jeans, pantsuits, long shorts, and even the controversial workwear trend.

Tech Shoes

Comfortable and practical shoes are in fashion. It has a massive sole and a waterproof coating, which is essential for the cold and slushy season. Pay attention to models whose characteristics include water resistance. Additional impregnation, which can be purchased separately, will also come to the rescue.

Men’s Boots With A Wide Calf

Boots with wide calves have been on trend for several seasons now. And if, until now, designers have actively demonstrated them exclusively in women’s collections, now the time has come for men’s. This winter, pay attention to laconic basic flat models pairs with chunky soles and eye-catching options made of embossed leather. All kinds of decor in the form of buckles, straps, chains, and fur are also on the hype.

Style men’s wide calf boots as you please. The looks will be relevant with trouser suits, cargo pants, or fashionable knitwear.

Men’s Loafers

Which men’s shoes for winter, autumn, spring, and summer 2024 have become the most popular in designer collections? Definitely loafers! Not a single show was complete without this couple. Designers suggest styling them with high socks. And not only ordinary ones but also those that will stand out and tell others that you selected them on purpose.

Men’s loafers will become a universal detail in almost any look: business, casual, or evening styles.

Men’s Square-Toe Boots

What men’s shoes for winter will be most relevant and in demand in 2024? With a square toe, of course! Choose the pair that best suits your wardrobe: Chelsea boots, loafers, derbies, or tall lace-up boots. The toe of such pairs can be either geometric or smoother, flattened or elongated.

Hiking Boots

Hikers are considered an excellent model today. In the past – boots for climbers, and now – a fashion trend. They are distinguished by their lightweight and tread sole, which has a good grip on the surface, which prevents slipping. Comfortable? Yes! And very much in the spirit of the times. These shoes will especially please those who love bright color accents.


In 2024, designers have relied on shoes in classic shades, black and brown, so you don’t have to rack your brains over how to style them. They are appropriate with classic suits and coats, as well as in casual or grunge style.


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