Metallic Clothes: How To Wear And What To Combine With

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Metallic clothing has not left the world’s catwalks for several seasons in a row. If previously such outfits were only appropriate for evening events, today, designers use metallic shine when creating items for everyday use. Not only clothes and shoes but also various accessories are covered in radiance. Such things attract the attention of others, associating them with something unearthly and cosmic. But knowing how to wear shiny clothes correctly is essential to not look ridiculous.

The Relevance Of Metallic Silver In Fashion

Futurism has long conquered the world’s catwalks, so no one is surprised by the unusual shapes, textures, and colors in the collections of famous designers. Silver details were no exception.

Metallic is at the peak of popularity today. The collections of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, and other world-famous brands contain not just one metallic skirt, dress, or trousers but also many accessories that complement the cosmic look. You can find metalized leather and embroidery, sequins, and metal plates here.

Thus, everyone can find a suitable look for themselves. Fashion designers suggest combining discreet clothes with fashionable silver accessories if a girl doesn’t want to be too conspicuous and still wants to stay on trend. A properly selected metal bag, belt, or bracelet complements any look, giving it a touch of mystery and extravagance.

Who Is Suitable For Silver Shades?

When choosing a color scheme for clothing, paying attention to your color type is very important. metallic color is ideal for fashionistas of summer and winter color types. You can choose a metallic dress, skirt, trousers, or suit, complementing them with contrasting accessories.

But this does not mean that representatives of the spring and autumn color types should completely exclude metallic elements from their look. You can choose metallic color accessories to look good and stay on trend. These could be bags, large bracelets, belts, or silver-colored shoes.

Those with fair skin should avoid wearing a silver dress or other item of that shade, as this will make the face even paler, and the girl risks losing her individuality.

It is not recommended for overweight girls to wear such clothes. This is due to the fact that numerous highlights will help reveal everything, even minor flaws in the figure.

Combination With Other Colors

Metallic color is the opposite of neutral shades. Talking about the most successful combinations will make an excellent tandem with gray or black-and-white things. Together with white, you will get a great summer look, and in combination with black, it is an ideal option for a business-like, confident woman.

Metallic looks good not only with powdery and pastel tones but also with rich shades:

  • with olive, it will look extraordinary;
  • with yellow – will create a cheerful composition;
  • with pink – the choice of young, romantic fashionistas

Metallic suits the cold range of shades. A silver pleated skirt or other items of this shade go well with red, purple, green, and blue tones.

By combining these shades, you can create a great evening outfit. A combination of metallic and neutral denim is suitable for a street-style set. And when combined with gray, a business option will come out. A shiny satin blouse will refresh a formal suit, and silver shoes or a skinny scarf will give it a chic look.

To look bright and stylish, you can combine metallic with any bright shade:

  • red;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • bright blue;
  • violet;
  • fuchsia shade;
  • green.

It is important to remember that metallic goes well with one color. Otherwise, the look may be overloaded.

Silver, in combination with any prints, is a runway option that may become inappropriate for everyday use. But, if a fashionista likes to experiment and combine incongruous things, then it is better to focus on different textures.

There is another nuance of combining things in a metallic color with others. If you want to avoid making a mistake, it’s better to avoid wearing several shiny things together. A silver skirt will look good with a matte jacket or blouse in a neutral shade.

We must remember that the brightest detail of the look attracts attention. Therefore, only those with slender legs can afford metallic trousers or skirts. But those with broad shoulders or massive waists should not wear such dresses or jackets.

What To Wear With

Having chosen something in a metallic shade, the question immediately arises: what can it be combined with to make the image laconic?


This outfit will attract the attention to its owner. But still, there is no need to replay. Classic pumps in black or another discreet color are ideal for a metallic dress. For accessories, you should choose a simple bag and a small bracelet. Makeup should be discreet.


To stay on trend, you can combine it with clothes without glitter. The perfect outfit would be a combination of a metallic silver skirt with a grunge T-shirt or a knitted sweater. Shoes should be matte, plain, high-heeled.


When choosing shiny trousers, it is essential to remember that they visually increase the volume of the legs, so they are not suitable for everyone. They can be combined with a denim shirt or a fur vest.

Metallic jeans will be the basis of a sporty outfit. In this case, they can be combined with a blazer, bomber jacket, and sneakers.

Blouse, Shirt, Top

A metal top is acceptable in any style of outfit. You can get an excellent office option by combining them with plain trousers or a pencil skirt. And by adding a few accessories here, you get an outfit for meeting with friends. The perfect sporty outfit is a silver top with a tapered skirt or shorts and sneakers.


Outerwear in the form of puffy jackets, down jackets, bombers, and leather jackets is a throwback to the 90s (for the young and brave), and will attract attention and lift your spirits in gloomy and cool weather.


Heeled shoes will look appropriate with clothes in calm tones, without flashy prints. Classic pumps are suitable for the office if worn with a light white blouse and a formal suit. Ballet flats go well with ripped jeans and a shapeless T-shirt.

What to wear with metallic sneakers? They, just like shiny shoes, attract lovers of experiments. Such shoes would be appropriate with a discreet T-shirt, skinny jeans, and a black leather jacket.

Among sports shoes, there may be slip-ons, which you can pair with narrow-cropped trousers.

Loafers and lace-up boots will look unique with a business wardrobe.


Over the past few years, it has been possible to notice that gold has always led the eternal struggle between gold and silver. However, the situation has changed, so silver jewelry is gradually becoming a leader. And this applies to absolutely everything: from large bracelets to an elegant pair of earrings. It seems that gold will have to make room this season.


A belt or cummerbund can be an accent not only in an evening outfit but also in a business and city outfit.


This accessory can be called universal since such a handbag or backpack will suit almost any outfit.


Metallic clothing, be it a silver skirt, dress, or jacket, has lingered on the world’s catwalks for a long time. Therefore, every girl who wants to attract attention can take a closer look at them and choose the right thing for herself.


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