5 Nail Shapes That Will Be In Demand In 2024

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When you come to a nail specialist, the first question she asks is what shape of nails you want. Therefore, let’s consider what nail shape will be relevant in 2024.

Naturalness is in fashion this season, so no extended nails unless necessary.

Square, round, oval, almond, and soft square are the main nail shapes for the 2024 season. First of all, choose a nail shape that suits your style. To determine exactly which style is best for you, you need to consider the shape of your finger, the width of your nail plate, and the length of your nail.


Overall, almonds are a reasonably versatile form. You can wear it with bright monochromatic nail polish, French manicure, and even complex designs, but we suggest choosing the most minimalistic trend – “naked” manicure. It’s best not to leave long nails completely bare, so a translucent nude polish in the right shade will come in handy. This coating, combined with the elongated shape of the nail plate, will visually lengthen the fingers, making the hands more graceful and giving them an “expensive”, well-groomed look. An ideal choice for those who are not yet ready to let go of the aesthetics of “quiet luxury”.

Soft Square

The soft square is the most popular and, at the same time, the most versatile shape. It is ideally suited for the most complex and unusual designs. And since 3D design returned to the fashion arena in 2024, we suggest you try it. It will not look pretentious on short nails and will remain quite comfortable to wear despite the presence of voluminous decor. However, we wouldn’t overload the nail design either: placing 3D elements on a transparent or plain base is better.


Short nails with completely rounded edges are not the most popular shape, but they definitely deserve attention. Moreover, it is the one that is best suited for dark nails that will be relevant in 2024. The choice of colors is huge: wine, emerald, eggplant, ultramarine, and a dozen more rich shades that have gained trend status in 2024. What is the advantage of such a manicure? The minimalistic round shape allows you to wear any shade of polish without worrying that the nails will look too pretentious and “draw attention” to yourself.


The square is a much bolder shape than the almond. Unsoftened corners give this effect. In 2024, we suggest a metallic mirror on this nail shape. This may be a more delicate option, like “mirror glaze nails” (one of the latest inventions by Hailey Bieber and her manicurists) or a “thick” metallic coating. Choose the color of the “metal” according to your taste: silver is still the most popular, but do not write off other shades. Such nail design will instantly catch the eye and become a full-fledged part of the look. The wow effect is guaranteed.


The oval shape is often confused with the “almond” shape. However, there is a reasonably clear difference between them: in the first case, the nails remain approximately the same width at the base and the ends, and in the second, they gradually narrow. Oval-shaped nails can be worn with any of the coatings listed above, but we especially recommend a closer look at a simple abstract design. Nail art with lots of small details can visually expand the nail plate and make it look disproportionately large. This will not happen in the case of abstract nail art. It can be a minimalistic pattern of random lines or trendy ” drops ” this season. The latter is much easier to do than it might seem at first glance. You just need to apply the nail polish to the base that has not yet dried with point movements and allow it to “blur” into the desired pattern. The result will pleasantly surprise you.


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