New Year Underwear Color: What Color Underwear Makes Dreams Come True

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New Year is the time to make wishes! You can have different attitudes towards all this cute nonsense, like “magic rituals” that help you find love, earn money, and become a little happier, but it’s still worth a try.

Yellow Underwear

What it will bring: money and fame.

You need this: if you are already tired of saving money and dream of spending it, if you have to choose – buy a dress or not delay the mortgage payment, if you just want to stop thinking about how to earn money, and want to dream about where to invest it.

Red Underwear

What it will bring: a lot of love.

You need this: if you are tired of pointlessly going on dates, have mentally noted all the mistakes at your friends’ weddings and know how to avoid them at yours, or are too beautiful to be alone.

White Underwear

What it will bring: personal happiness.

You need this: if you’re tired of seeing injustice around you, you’ve been dreaming for six months about running away from work early and getting a manicure, if you signed up for training about women’s happiness and self-love.

Pink lingerie

What it will bring: harmony in relationships.

You need this: if you can’t decide who pays for dinner (even in the supermarket), if you still haven’t decided who washes the dishes on what days, if you fight over the color of your toothbrush to the last minute.

Green Underwear

What it will bring: unity with nature.

You need this: if you stay glued to your work email and can’t tear yourself away from Instagram even in bed, if you dream of sorting garbage and living in a clean world, if you decide to have a summer house.

Blue lingerie

What it will bring: health.

You need this: if you want to forget about your runny nose for the next 365 days, if you plan to throw away all the pills and keep only vitamin D, if you have already spent all your money on the dentist.


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