What Does Red Underwear Mean On New Year’s Eve?

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Have you already started preparing for the New Year? You’ve probably already thought about what to buy for the table, what to wear to the party. Women know how to create an unforgettable look for this magical night, even if the day before the wardrobe only had an outfit named “nothing to wear”, known to many ladies. They also have time to take care of men’s clothes. But haven’t you forgotten about the underwear? More precisely, have you prepared something new? And must it be red? No? And in vain! The New Year, of course, will come if you have a different set. But in this case, you don’t have to make your wishes. However, you still have time to buy new underwear.

Why Should Underwear Be New And Red?

Numerous signs say that a woman simply needs such a set! Then, you can hope for love, a desired man, and prosperity for next year.

What Does The Newness Of Lingerie Promise?

Please note: you will need a new set. And the closer to the holiday it is purchased, the better. Try not to save money by wearing an existing one that has only been worn “2-3 times.” Only purchased bras and panties will truly “work.” And over the next 12 months, they will provide you with promising acquaintances and financial opportunities.

The new set symbolizes the beginning of a new life, which all optimists look forward to on New Year’s Eve. After all, we all believe in miracles and look forward to January 1st to start with a clean slate.

A new set of underwear will represent something fresh and clean that is missing daily.

In addition, new panties, especially expensive models, make you feel like an attractive and desirable woman.

It should also be remembered that spending on the holiday’s eve is considered a specific contribution to the following year. According to signs, they should return a hundredfold to their owner and bring prosperity to the family.

Why Red?

Have you noticed that there are more shades of scarlet in December? Christmas tree, Santa Claus’s fur coat, socks for gifts, bed linen, Christmas tree decorations, and much more.

The red color in clothes also attracts prosperity to the family and increases the chances of making a profit in the new year.

If a scarlet dress or blouse does not fit into your New Year’s look, you can and should prefer red underwear.

This sign also works for men. Instead of underwear, you can choose stylish red socks in the holiday spirit.

It’s not in vain that knowledgeable women buy red panties before the year’s main holiday. Most of them are confident that the color red will bring them good luck again in the future. In some cases, this works. Therefore, the sign is passed on from mouth to mouth, creating a stir around scarlet panties and bras.

A Sign That Unites

Not in all countries is the winter holiday rush considered the norm. But this sign exists in a variety of places.


Here, they take the December bustle very calmly. Residents only consider it necessary to buy a few treats and cook for a huge family and guests.

However, even in this country, where everyone goes to work on January 2, there is a tradition of celebrating New Year’s Eve in red underwear.

The Turks also believe that red will bring them good luck and prosperity in business.

They try to strictly follow tradition and annually replenish their wardrobe with new scarlet panties.


The Spaniards consider this one of the traditions of the primary night of the year. Moreover, they can even show off in red shorts along the city streets. And not feel any embarrassment at all. This is the custom of wearing red underwear in this sunny country.


The situation is similar in Italy. People believe the coming year will bring happiness and good fortune only if people follow specific rules. To do this, you need not only to throw out everything old and unnecessary from the house but also to replenish your wardrobe with red underwear before the winter holidays start.


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