8 Sneaker Trends That Will Be Huge In 2024

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Let’s face it: the last 12 months have given us plenty to talk about shoe trends (and if you didn’t buy flats, kitten heel boots, or pointed-toe shoes this year, what exactly did you wear?). But if there’s one shoe that we can guarantee will never go out of style, it’s the humble sneaker.

Knowing how essential trends are to sneaker lovers, we found out which models will be the most popular in 2024 using the only method known: analyzing the runways, looking at street looks, and asking experienced colleagues for their opinions on which trends will be the most popular in 2024. The results may surprise you.

Some styles you’ll recognize (honestly, white sneakers never go out of style), and others will seem fashionable (some of the favorites), but either way, it’s safe to say that these sneakers will set the tone for the coming year. So, if you sign up to buy a pair of Adidas Sambas, distinguish your New Balance 550 from 530, or carry wipes with you to keep your sneakers fresh, this list is for you.

Scroll through to see the primary trends you’ll want to get your hands on.

Football Core

After the first model of the Grace Wales Bonner X Adidas collaboration sold out almost immediately, We knew we’d have to be wise to get our hands on the next new thing. Still, we had yet to learn how popular these incredibly cool sneakers would be. The latest Sambas nods to vintage football fashion, from the extended tongue to the stylized knee socks. Look to the runways of Ancuta Sarca and Cormio to see a literal reimagining of football boots that can be worn both on and off the pitch.

A Little Yellow

Those who really know their sneakers will have noticed that Onitsuka Tiger’s Mexico 66 reappeared last year, gracing street photos from London to Stockholm. Insiders from Net-A-Porter reported that the brand will begin selling them next year. It’s proof positive that even luxury shoppers are rooting for these instantly recognizable sneakers. If you’re wondering how to wear them, minimalists will love Lucy Williams’ gray and denim pair, while maximalists will love Marnie’s head-to-toe yellow pair – perhaps just for you.

Retro Sneakers

Vintage sneakers have stayed in style since the fall of 2023. These shoes are reminiscent of fitness pairs from the 1960s. It has an elongated toe and a low rubberized sole. Such models are often sewn from combined materials: suede and leather.

Multi-Colored Adidas

Sorry white and gray Sambas, you still deserve a place in our wardrobes, but judging by the deficient stock levels at almost every store we looked at, Adidas’s bold and colorful styles Gazelle and Handball are selling like hotcakes. Perhaps it’s their vintage charm and dopamine undertones, but these iridescent, vibrant styles pair with everything from suits to summer dresses.

Either Very Bright Or Super Minimalistic

Using the New Balance 1906 sneakers as an example, we want to show that we are putting in this heading. If you are passionate about fashion, you most often have two simple options for mixing things: bright sneakers – minimalist top, minimalist top – accent items with colorful prints. These two ways of selecting clothes push brands to release bright silhouettes or something ascetic in their main lines.

Outdoor Sneakers

Thanks to the growing popularity of outdoor style, in 2024, pairs with mesh uppers and rubberized soles will easily fit into urban looks. True, these cannot be combined with everything: it is better to complement them only with gorpcore style bows.

Many Shades Of Earthy Color

There is so much Internet and computers in our lives that sometimes you just want to go into the forest and think about your things. These sentiments have spilled over into fashion, reflecting people’s moods. Now, more and more often, we see practical jackets and technological and multifunctional materials in clothes. In shoes, we see color schemes that ideally fit into a hike in the mountains or nature. Yes, people want to see more and more natural shades around them, and this year, there will be more such pairs.

Running – New Black

Running looks are coming back into fashion. The running culture is filled with enthusiasts who bring something new to it. For example, current street fashion penetrates the running style and vice versa. Now, you will increasingly see looks that you previously only saw on jogging paths or in parks when a pack of runners rushed past you.


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