Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Trends: What the Top Designers Say

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As the days lengthen, temperatures rise, and nature awakens, the fashion world is ready to bloom with fresh and exciting Spring/Summer 2024 trends. This season promises to celebrate innovation, self-expression, and a renewed focus on comfort and versatility. From futuristic aesthetics to the nostalgic period, let’s discover the captivating world of Spring 2024 fashion.

Nature-Inspired Color Palette

Spring/Summer 2024 embraces the beauty of the natural world with a color palette inspired by earthy tones and vibrant hues found in flora and fauna. Moss greens, sky blue, and sunlit yellows dominate the runway, creating a harmonious connection between fashion and the environment. This nature-inspired color palette brings a sense of serenity and freshness to the season, allowing individuals to express themselves through the calming and refreshing power of color.

Revival of Retro: 70s and 90s Fusion

This season, fashion takes a trip down memory lane, combining the bohemian vibes of the 70s with the bold energy of the 90s. The fusion of these two iconic decades results in a playful and eclectic mix of styles. Think wide-leg pants, psychedelic prints, and oversized blazers paired with nostalgic accessories like scrunchies and platform shoes. The revival of retroelements adds a sense of nostalgia to contemporary fashion, celebrating the timeless appeal of these eras.

Sheer and Translucent Fabrics

Transparency takes center stage in Spring/Summer 2024, with sheer and translucent fabrics making a bold statement on the runway. Dresses, blouses, and accessories feature delicate, see-through materials that add an ethereal quality to outfits. This trend allows for playful layering and balances modesty and alluring sophistication, allowing individuals to experiment with transparency in their style.

Statement Accessories: Oversized and Bold

Accessories take a front-row seat in the fashion scene for Spring/Summer 2024, with oversized and bold pieces stealing the spotlight. Designers encourage individuals to express their personality through eye-catching accessories, from chunky necklaces to statement belts and large, embellished hats. These bold additions elevate minimalist outfits and allow for an adventurous approach to styling.

What do the great fashion creators say?

The culmination of any season is the shows in Milan. They are used to track the most practical and commercial trends. In other words, this is precisely what will be in our wardrobes next season. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the main trends of the spring-summer 2024 season, according to participants of Milan Fashion Week.


If six months ago we were wondering whether shorts that looked more like underwear would catch on, now it is pretty obvious: this is a full-fledged trend. And if a season ago designers made their first timid approaches to it, now this bizarre wardrobe item is literally in every second collection. The trendiest way to wear them is with a matching jacket or coat, like a suit.

“Acid” green

Speaking of colors, one specific shade especially caught our eye. It seems that scarlet, which took the lead in the fall, is gradually giving way to “acid” green. Designers loved this color so much that they even used it in total looks – Sabato de Sarno from Gucci and Fausto Puglisi from Roberto Cavalli especially distinguished themselves in this field.

Unusual fringe

The spring-summer 2024 season is the time to experiment with fringe. Prada (belts with metal and silk fringe are the accessories of the spring), Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta went all out. By the way, this is fertile ground for creativity: if you respect the DIY genre, you can experiment with homemade fringe things. Don’t be afraid to cut, sew, tear, and cut: the more unusual, the better.

New layering

Trying to reinvent layering is an eternal competition among designers. This season, Milan Fashion Week participants have taken the lead. They found a classic formula for layering different textures on top of each other. At Prada, for example, this is a weightless chiffon skirt under a fringed top and a thick masculine jacket. Boss has a silk blouse, timidly peeking under the patent leather jacket. Bottega Veneta has the finest linen, barely visible under the bouclé wool. The devil, as they say, is in the details.


Floral mood in all its diversity. In addition to the floral print, there are a lot of flowers as a decorative element – on skirts and blouses, dresses, and accessories.


If we talk about a trend, then anything can be transparent. And any fabric, too: from chiffon to lace and mesh.

Low Waisted Trousers

If we were shown low waists from the 2000s in previous seasons, here is more of a reference to the 90s. Pants are looser; there is a less naked body, often a jacket or casual knitwear on top. 

Fitting dresses

SS ’24 is the season of body accent. A fitted or semi-fitted cut always shows curves – feminine, beautiful, and ideal for a warm summer.

Flip flops

The most fashionable shoes for the summer of ’24 are now officially flip-flops with flat soles, heels, and thin straps. The main thing is to keep the thumb separate.

Men’s shirt

The men’s shirt, mostly white, has become the star of the runways this season. The designers remembered its versatility and 100% compatibility. 

Socks as an accent

Another trend from the “not what, but how” category. You can wear socks with shoes, sandals, ballet flats, and boots. It can be transparent, it can match the outfit, or it can be as an accent. You can choose the ones you like and go fashionable.


Another option for trendy shoes for the summer is ballet flats. Designers offer numerous variations on the theme. It is laconic and fancy with a round, pointed toe, webbing, and ribbons around the ankle.


Everything sparkling and shiny attracts the eye: rhinestones, sequins, metal and shiny fabrics. Gold, silver, stones – you can wear everything at once.


SS 2024 brings diverse and exciting fashion trends catering to various tastes and preferences. This season encourages fashion enthusiasts to embrace their individuality and make a bold statement, from futuristic metallics to nostalgic Y2K nods, sustainable streetwear, exaggerated ruffles, and tech-enhanced accessories. As we enter spring, let the blossoming trends inspire a renewed sense of style and creativity.


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