Street Style Fall-Winter 2023-2024: We Analyze The Main Fashion Trends

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The street style combines the ability to look bright and original while harmoniously integrating into modern world trends. Street style trendsetters masterfully mix expensive branded clothing and second-hand purchases. They walk on thin ice: if you overdo it a little, the image will turn into bad taste. That’s why it’s real art.

Let’s look at the street fashion trends for the coming fall and winter!

Street Style Fashion For Fall-Winter 2023-2024: New And Fresh Ideas

Fashion trends sometimes never cease to amaze. What else can be offered to sophisticated and demanding fashionistas? But designers and stylists have found a solution in the form of a mixed and not boring street style, ready to win fashionistas’ hearts with new and fresh solutions this fall and winter.

Before we consider trends in the fall-winter street-style fashion direction, we suggest turning your attention to the most important aspects of composing street-style looks.

Among the most popular materials and textures this fall-winter season, the following stand out:

  • Leather
  • Latex
  • Tweed
  • Silk
  • Atlas
  • Knitting
  • Cashmere
  • Lace

Now let’s get down to business – let’s get acquainted with all the street style trends for fall-winter 2023-2024.


This trend requires you to think through every detail as much as possible, but if everything works out, it will seem to others as if you are playfully assembling your outfit from what came to hand. Bonus of layering – you will always be warm 🙂


Street fashionistas are still loyal to loose-fitting clothes. This applies to jeans and trousers, shirts and cardigans, as well as outerwear. All this evokes a feeling of relaxation and comfort – no clingy things, squeezing belts, or tight fasteners.


Street looks worldwide showcase quilted outerwear, most often coats and oversized jackets. These items go well with boots, low shoes, or sneakers, resulting in a cozy outfit.


Denim clothing is trendy in 2024, as is an all-denim look. We recommend wearing oversized jackets, overalls, high-waisted jeans, buggies, bell bottoms, etc. By the way, in the cold weather, models insulated with sheepskin and items with fur decor have become in demand. Denim in different colors, such as lilac, sand, and gray, is also growing in popularity.

Men’s Suits

The pantsuit on girls is more prevalent in 2024 than ever. Among street outfits, there are models of different colors – black, bright, pastel. A three-piece suit is also popular: loose trousers, a jacket and a vest. 


Many street fashionistas can wear clothes and accessories with fringes. Bags, scarves, jackets, skirts – there are no restrictions.

Check Pattern

Check is one of the leading prints this season! The black and white chess square is held in particular esteem – an example of style and nobility. Rich shades, such as orange, yellow, red, emerald, etc., are no less popular, with which you can easily stand out from the crowd.

Lilac Tones

A trend for gentle and feminine looks in street style. We advise you to choose spacious joggers or a more business-like oversized trouser suit, a purple blouse or a loose-fitting shirt, a vest, a cardigan, etc. This shade goes well with muted colors – black, beige, and gray.

Top Elements of Outerwear in Street Style for Autumn-Winter 2023-2024

So, when studying the looks of guests at fashion shows that take place in the leading capitals of the fashion world, you should first pay attention to the new items of outerwear, which are the first to attract attention.

Down Jacket

One of the brightest representatives of autumn-winter outerwear will be a fashionable down jacket, which can warm you and protect you from frost, wind, and any bad weather. 

The most inspiring models will be oversized, quilted, puffy, and long down jackets. Fashionistas mostly prefer calm color schemes – white, milky, cream, black, brown, and beige. You can combine fashionable down jackets.

Fur Coat

Recently, fur coats have become very popular, and we can increasingly see them on the streets in various models. Thanks to the movement for preserving animal life and using artificial fur, every woman can afford a stylish, eco-friendly fur coat without significantly damaging the budget.

In addition, the new women’s fur coats 2023-2024, which we will wear this fall and winter in street style fashion, will turn out to be very practical, spectacular, and extraordinary. Stylish animal prints and bright-colored fur will ensure that fur coats are in unprecedented demand and popularity among fashionistas of all ages.


Street style offers a fashionable variety of women’s coats. Printed models, fluffy teddy bear coats, long and short, as well as classic women’s coats, are in trend this season. A favorite of autumn and winter is a double-breasted coat with a retro design.

Monochrome models in beige, gray, graphite, milky, and brown shades, as well as coats with prints – zebra, leopard, cow, check – will be very relevant. 

Trench Coats And Raincoats

Trench coats and raincoats will be trendy in the demi-season. In addition to the stylish classic trench coat, you can choose bright leather raincoats or chic black, gray, white, and beige raincoats. A women’s trench coat looks businesslike and stylish in the fall, but it can also perfectly complete a street-style look with a knitted suit and sneakers.

Jackets And Blazers

Until recently, women’s jackets and blazers were extremely popular in the demi-season, but the spread of the women’s trouser suit has led to the fact that the jacket has become an integral part of the fashionable street style look for the fall-winter. The hit of this season will be strict jackets in men’s style. The checkered print is welcome.

A fashionable jacket looks incredibly cool in a multi-layered outfit when you can safely wear an oversized coat, a voluminous down jacket, a parka, or a fur coat on top of it. You can also wear a jacket as a full-fledged element of your wardrobe and not only as outerwear; you just need to wear a trendy bralette top underneath or fasten the jacket using a belt to accentuate the waist.

Look With A Skirt

Femininity has not been canceled in autumn-winter street-style looks. Therefore, such an element of a woman’s wardrobe as a skirt will be essential to the image. Designers are offering a new product – a long denim A-line skirt, which will be at the top of trends.

For lovers of sophistication, you should pay attention to satin models of slip skirts, as well as pleated skirts, but admirers of comfortable street style looks will certainly choose knitted, tweed, or quilted skirt styles for autumn-winter.

Looks With Sweaters

What autumn-winter look would be complete without a sweater? Perhaps we don’t know anyone like this, and we strongly recommend stocking up on more than one model of fashionable and in-demand women’s sweaters for fall-winter 2023-2024.

Voluminous sweaters, oversized, with an extended shoulder line, sharp cutouts and logos, elongated, fluffy, and with knitted patterns, frills, and ruffles, will look great. One of the most trendy colors for autumn-winter street-style sweaters will be purple and lilac.

Street Style Dresses

Knitted dresses in the “sweater” style, ribbed, and turtleneck models will be stylish in the cold autumn-winter period. Designers also suggest choosing floor-length maxi dresses, for example, in black. And at the peak of popularity, there will be dresses with a variety of cutouts and slits that will be beyond any competition.

Street Style Fall-Winter Look With Fashion Accessories: Shoes, Hat, Bag

When choosing a new wardrobe for yourself and looking out for fashionable new street-style clothing for the fall-winter season, stylish accessories such as a hat, scarf, shoes, and a bag will be mandatory. In addition to the functional aspect, trendy fall-winter accessories will allow you to complete your look, adding a touch of chic, sophistication, and luxury.

Bright and contrasting bag and shoes, spectacular high boots or comfortable Chelsea boots, army boots or shoes in the Lady Like style – what to choose is only up to you.

Streetwear Trends For Fall-Winter 2023/24: Conclusions 

The new-fangled street style trend involves a combination of different fashionable techniques and trends, which are reflected in colorful, extravagant, extraordinary outfits. The best examples of fall-winter 2023-2024 street style looks are the combinations proposed by top bloggers and influencers at fashion shows. Also, we can see great ideas for street-style looks on the streets of big cities and in the world’s fashion capitals every day.

The peculiarity of street style is that it quickly and harmoniously allows you to create original, non-boring, and daring sets, which include accessories and clothes that, at first glance, do not match. Still, everything looks more than unique and natural in such a concept as street style. 

So, in fashionable street style looks for fall-winter 2023-2024, you can see a bold combination of a business suit and sneakers, a feminine satin dress and rough boots, comfortable knitwear and rough rubber boots.

Oversized clothing styles, a tandem of latex and leather, and exotic prints, such as zebra, calf or cow print, will be especially popular. Also, pay attention to trendy decor in the form of feathers, fringe, and faux fur.

As for the cut, the trend will be oversized items, voluminous and loose silhouettes, and wide shoulder lines created for street-style looks. 

Don’t be afraid to choose bright things, unusual silhouettes, and bold and distinctive prints – this will allow you to create a unique image and add zest to your fall-winter street-style sets.


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