Summer 2024 Nail Trends: Stylish Design Ideas (+100 Photos)

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The fashionable direction of the new summer season is a combination of naturalness and bright colors. This means that you should choose fairly calm nail design options. Playing with different nail polish shades is better than sticking many shiny stones and stucco on your nails. The main thing in summer is comfort and well-groomed. High-quality nail treatment will allow you to enjoy your time in the city or the sea and not think about the urgent need for correction.

Summer 2024 Nail Trends

Now, let’s talk about stylish and bright nail design options. What is relevant in the summer? Almost everything! Except for boredom and conservatism.

Summer French

French is a classic. But in the summer, French manicures can be very different. Change the shape of the smile. It is not necessary to be guided by examples from masters. You can safely come up with it yourself. And, of course, a colored French manicure is popular in summer nail designs.

Matte Solid Color Design

A monochromatic design is too dull for summer. We recommend covering your nails with a matte topcoat to create a velvet texture. It looks especially unusual with neon shades of nail polish. If you want to make the design a little more varied, add droplets of “water” to the matte surface.

Quail Egg On Nails

The texture of a quail egg has been in the top designs for nails for more than one season. You can do it yourself. The main thing is that you should choose a bright, juicy base for summer and make the spots smaller than usual.

Summer Nail Art

Thematic designs have taken the lead in summer nail art. If possible, paint them with a brush. Or contact a specialist. If this is not possible, there is a simple solution – stickers.


Floral motifs are one of the most relevant for bright summer nail designs. These are palm leaves, grass, berries, and fruit slices. In general, everything that is strongly associated with the warm season.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are back in fashion. Particularly relevant are prints of animals found in hot countries – giraffe, leopard, python. Cow, zebra, and tiger prints look no less attractive. To do it correctly, it is recommended to make a slight accent. For example, highlight one or two fingers. 

Marine Theme

Where would we be without the sea, which almost everyone dreams of in the summer? Waves, stripes, marine motifs, and attributes are trendy decor elements from season to season. Show your imagination – let your nails conquer everyone with their originality. Don’t think a bright marine manicure is limited to a few options. You can do:

  • Summer navy French – mix several shades of blue polish on the palette, then draw a smile with waves. The shape can be any;
  • Waves on a milk base. Note that milky polish is again at the peak of popularity this season. A bright manicure in a marine style combines a milky base and blue and white waves. If desired, the milky base can be changed to a nude one. This will not make your manicure any less vibrant. And the design will remain relevant and fashionable;
  • Unusual waves. Who said that waves can only be of a classic shade in summer? Feel free to paint pink, orange, crimson, and other bright stripes in a marine style.


Geometry is an option that you can do yourself. There are no rules – stripes, squares, circles, triangles. That is everything that comes to your mind.


Stickers can be very different. Simply choose sheets with vibrant details and combine them the way you like. The design on a white or nude base with slices of fruit, butterflies, and flowers looks interesting.

Summer Ombre

For a bright ombre, you can choose the most daring combinations. Let all the shades of the rainbow be on your nails this summer. Remember that ombre can be either horizontal or vertical. In addition, color stretching can be done from finger to finger on two hands at once.

The most summery version of the ombre is using a milk base. You can pair it with any nail polish shade – from nude to black. This season, the combination of milky and neon is especially relevant. The gradient can take up half the nail or become just a hint. A gradient French design looks great with a milky base.

Natural Nude Manicure

Do you want to take a break from the riot of colors and give your nails a rest? Just cover them with a protective new camouflage. This manicure will look no less impressive than others.

3D Summer Manicure

Do you want to make not just a bright but also an unusual nail design? Choose 3D. What’s hot in summer? Water drops, insect figures, flowers, sea attributes, candies, and ice cream. But remember moderation. It is enough to highlight one finger with this decor, and the fashionable design is ready. Of course, if you are not going to a chic party where such an abundance of decor and bright colors are not only welcome but also necessary.

Different Hands

Summer is when any experiments with color and design are possible. It’s time to decorate all your nails in a different color. There are no rules – alternate two colors, paint your nails in a rainbow palette, create a gradient, use additional decor – everything is at the mercy of your imagination.

Caviar Nails

This design received its unusual name not by chance. The master creates the effect as if someone had spilled small eggs on the nail. You can make this design yourself. You will need small broths and patience to distribute them evenly on the plate. The shade of the broths is chosen to match the nail polish. Or they can be transparent.

A Caviar manicure goes well with sea waves and fish designs (stickers).

Unusual Summer Nail Design Ideas 2024

Every season, masters come up with new and new ideas to surprise fashionistas. Nail art has long gone beyond simple hygienic nail treatment. This is an art in which every fashionista is an author. And in tandem with a competent craftsman, they can create masterpieces. We have found unusual and creative options for summer nails for you.

Summer Nails With A Frame

A new trend in design that is just over a year old is a nail design with a frame or a circular French manicure. It was invented by the famous nail stylist who creates images for the Morgan Taylor brand. The idea is to make a thin frame on the plate, highlighting not only the smile of the nail but also the walls and the lunula. Most often, neutral, nude, or pastel shades are used as a basis. But the frame is created using contrasting nail polish, foil strips, rhinestones, or patterns. There are no restrictions.

Paint Splashes

This fascinating technique allows you to create a bright and unusual design. You can implement it at home – the more unusually the splashes or strokes of contrasting shades are distributed, the more stylish the decor will look. 

Summer 2024 Nail Polish Colors

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute announces a shade that will become trendy this season. Fashion designers immediately take it into account and create entire collections. Manufacturers of nail polishes are also staying caught up, creating their lines based on color. Don’t think that this color alone dominates the season. There are always summer shades, without which it is difficult to imagine a manicure in the warm season.


White nail polish is a unique base that you can use both in winter and summer. Clouds in the sky, foam on a sea wave, poplar fluff, or dandelion fluff – all this is white nail polish.


Don’t give up on passionate and deep color when summer comes. Matte nails or light red accents are an excellent solution for the office.


Nude shades are a classic. Choose a nude base if you need to balance out too intense decor. Another option is a calm nude summer nail design for office everyday life, which can be diversified by an attractive bright design for the weekend.


Orange is a bright shade reminiscent of juicy oranges, the bright June sun, and warm summer days. An excellent solution for summer design is fruit slices on your nails. You can simply draw them or use stickers.


The yellow palette is so rich that it fits perfectly into summer and any other manicure. Yellow accents will make the design bright and memorable.


Clear summer skies – what could be a better idea for a bright, simple summer nail art? Remember that the palette of this shade is vibrant. If you want to make a simple decor, choose ombre – from white to deep blue.


Another delicate and irreplaceable nail polish shade. It is self-sufficient but looks great as a finishing touch in a summer design.


Juicy summer berries on nails or a bright mono manicure? All options are fashionable this summer season. Don’t be shy – use stickers, grout, foil, or rhinestones. In summer, anything is possible.


Can summer nails be complete without emerald or green grass? Of course not. Floristry is one of the most fashionable trends in nail art for summer 2024.


Do you think you should give up black nail polish in the summer? Absolutely not. Just use this profound and multi-faceted color in a more dosed way – as a base on one nail or as an accent.


Neon fashion is back with us. Fortunately, the modern nail art industry pleases with new developments in this area. Interestingly, a summer neon nail design can be adapted to any outfit.


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