What Shoes To Wear With Different Types Of Jeans For Women

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Jeans are versatile trousers that deserve their place in the wardrobe. There are many styles and colors, depending on which you will create, either an everyday look or a formal weekend look. But creating a stylish outfit also depends on well-chosen shoes. What shoes to wear with different types of jeans: boyfriends, slims, skinny, flares, joggers. You will learn how to combine shoes and jeans correctly to look perfect.

How To Choose Shoes To Match Your Jeans

Many people mistakenly believe that one pair of shoes is suitable for creating looks in different styles. However, it is worth buying several pairs, considering all the details of your look. You should consider some factors when choosing shoes to go with jeans:

  • body type;
  • cut and color of jeans;
  • fashion style;
  • season.

Undoubtedly, jeans are a universal item you can wear with sneakers and stilettos. The choice is extensive and varied. But there are some rules to consider.

Shoes for dark-colored jeans should be bright. But you should wear colored, torn, unusual jeans only with calm shoes in nude colors. After all, in such a look, all the attention is focused on the clothes, and there is no need to burden it by creating additional accents.

You should choose shoes with jeans, considering the entire look, not forgetting about accessories. If the outfit contains many accessories, plain shoes will look more successful. You also need to consider the style. If all the clothes are sports-style, then the sneakers are suitable.

Flared or straight jeans go with almost all shoes. Faded jeans look good with rough shoes: chunky boots or sandals. Combine casual looks with simple shoes. Sneakers are a great option.

Heels or stilettos go well with elegant, tight-fitting jeans. You can choose boyfriends, creating a sophisticated and stylish look.

Additional tips:

  • Choosing shoes darker than jeans or tone-on-tone is necessary;
  • The belt should match the jeans;
  • Jeans should not cover the back of your shoes.

What To Wear With Jeans For Women?

The variety of women’s jeans styles is awe-inspiring: skinny, flared, wide, classic, boyfriend, joggers…

They can correct all figure flaws or emphasize them even more. It all depends on the trousers’ style and the shoes you choose.


Finding shoes to pair with skinny jeans is relatively easy. For an everyday look, sneakers and slip-ons are suitable. You can choose boots – Chelsea and Oxfords will make your look more fashionable. If you want to be more feminine, you should choose shoes or sandals with heels. You need to remember that skinny jeans do not roll up.

Choose bright shoes with your jeans if you want to make your look unusual. These could be sneakers, slip-ons, or sandals. In this case, you should choose plain clothes. Complete the look with a loose-fitting jacket.

Classic Straight

This style is a real find. It goes with almost everything, but best of all, with heels and ballet flats.

Overweight girls should avoid pairing straight-cut trousers with high heels; choosing ballet flats or low-heeled shoes with an open toe is better.

Culotte Jeans

One of the main trends of this season is culottes. They will undoubtedly make your outfit more exciting and stylish. But the main problem may be the selection of shoes. Here, you need to take into account your body type.

It is worth remembering that culotte jeans can visually shorten your height. If you don’t want this, choose the right high-heeled shoes: sandals, pumps, ankle boots. The flesh color will add a few centimeters.

If you are not afraid that such trousers will make you shorter, feel free to choose comfortable shoes with jeans – sneakers, mules, oxfords. A combination of shoes and a top of the same tone looks fashionable. This could be a jacket, cardigan, or jacket. Complete the look with accessories.


This model visually lengthens and slims the legs, but only in combination with high-heeled pumps. Tight trousers are unsuitable for girls with wide hips; they risk making them even wider.

Choose the length of your jeans legs exactly to the ankle. If the jeans are too long, they will bunch up in the front and irreparably disfigure even the most beautiful legs.


This model is consistently associated with the 70s and the hippie era. Back then, flared jeans were worn with flat sandals.

21st-century trends require heels, platforms, or at least wedges.

Sets of flared jeans and sneakers are also harmonious.


Straight, torn, and voluminous, these trousers look like they belong to a man.

They hide any figure flaws perfectly and create a slightly boyish and frivolous look.

You can wear them with ankle boots or high-heeled pumps.

Avoid patent leather shoes: they don’t go well with denim.


Cropped pants only suit some. Combining them with heels is recommended since they visually take away more than one centimeter of height. Necessary: no ankle straps. The ideal length is 7/8.


This unusual model goes well with sandals or stiletto heels. The more straps and rivets they have, the better. Another option is low, almost masculine boots.

Jogger Jeans

This model is worn exclusively with high-heeled sandals with an open heel.


Selecting shoes to pair with jeans of this type is relatively easy. The main thing is to decide what look you need.

You get a grunge style in combination with rough men’s ankle boots. To create a business and casual style, as in the photo from fashion shows, pumps with a pointed toe are suitable.

You will get a lighter and more casual look if you choose ballet flats, mules, or flat sandals with ripped trousers.

Tips For Choosing The Color Of Shoes To Wear With Jeans

Red denim goes well with shoes in subdued colors. Gray, brown, black, and beige women’s shoes will not distract attention from bright trousers.

Pink denim will look great with beige, white, and gray ballet flats or bright sandals.

White denim is a real testing ground for experiments.

Here, you should forget restraint and give your imagination free rein.

Leopard print, bright red, neon blue, and purple shoes will look unusually bright and advantageous.

To visually lengthen your legs, pair your white jeans with beige pumps.

Black denim goes best with red, white, and black sneakers or moccasins.

Denim clothing is present in almost every woman’s wardrobe because it is suitable for the office, club, or picnic in the forest. The main thing is to choose the right accessories and shoes. Only in this case will jeans decorate your figure well.


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