Women’s Winter Shoe Trends 2023-2024

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Modern fashion is good for practicality. Designers look less and less at elitism and are increasingly focused on the mass consumer. So it is this season – no matter what shoes you take, each is suitable for the winter and can be combined with almost any wardrobe.

Except for some very shocking models – Yeti boots and metallic over-the-knee boots.

Next, we list the main shoe trends 2024, which can be worn even in the cold winter.

Uggs On The Platform

Short ankle-length models are the trend for winter 2023–2024. They look harmonious with relaxed clothing and retain heat efficiently due to the platform. Pair them with wide-leg jeans, fleece joggers, palazzo pants, down jackets, and shearling coats – there are many options!

Initially, we wore suede UGG boots – we continue to do this but remember alternatives. And we’re not just talking about elegant leather pairs but fur versions of the “Teddy”. And even though this solution is not suitable for everyone, if the task is to stand out somehow, they have no equal. However, such Ugg boots are not the only ones in fashion.

Thick soles and natural fur compensate for the lack of a boot and prevent your feet from getting cold.

Another type of trendy Ugg boots are models without a backdrop and with a seam in the middle. But there is a nuance – they are unsuitable for a cold winter. Therefore, pay attention to the fur trim, short shaft length, and high sole – these details give off the current pair.

Elsa Hosk, Emily Ratajkowski, the Hadid sisters, and Kendall Jenner are already wearing warm UGG boots. Therefore, we advise you not to hesitate and stock up on a cozy pair now.

White Color

This season, designers invite us not to get hung up on the usual shades and change into white boots. They are more challenging to combine than black or dark brown ones, but if you are not afraid of difficulties, pay attention to them – such shoes can become an accent or comfortably complement fashionable knitted suits, which are worth changing into at least for the weekend.

You can play with the design of white shoes – for example, add contrasting laces.

Lace-Up Boots

From year to year, this model becomes an absolute hit of the autumn-winter season. And for good reason! After all, a relatively high sole lifts you above the ground and prevents your feet from freezing. And autumn slush is of no use with such a platform. With the help of lacing, it is easy to adjust the degree of fit to make the boots as comfortable as possible for any type of foot. In general, the practicality of these shoes is simply off the charts.

These boots will perfectly support sports chic looks. In addition, this is an excellent alternative to rough boots.

In addition, you can combine them with the entire wardrobe: knitted dresses, jeans, hoodies, puffy jackets, and sheepskin coats. You can safely wear all this with rough lace-up boots and not worry about the look’s relevance.

The designers also met us halfway and extended the relevance of these shoes with the help of new elements, such as higher boots, all kinds of straps, and new types of lacing. You can see great options in Fendi, Valentino, Junya Watanabe, Kenzo, Marine Serre, and Sacai collections.

Every detail of “military” boots contributes to comfort and practicality. But at the same time, the model has not become outdated for several years in a row – it is environmentally friendly and economical.

Wide Over-The-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots, which hug the legs and look more like stockings, are already familiar to us from past seasons. But this year, brands are relying on wide shafts made of thick leather that keep their shape. For example, Stella McCartney, Akris, Ottolinger, Diesel, and Lanvin showed high boots made of leather, suede, and denim.

But if you want something unique, metallic over-the-knee boots, like Khaite, Missoni, and MM6 Maison Margiela, are incredibly chic. Such a pair will instantly become the highlight of the whole look. Surprisingly, such bright models do not look somehow vulgar and indecent. Moreover, they are suitable for almost all girls.

Metallic can be any shade – both silver and gold are trendy. But the Ferragamo brand surpassed everyone – designer Maximilian Davis created shoes made of 18-karat gold.

Most importantly, the voluminous boot fits plus-size women and does not hinder movement. Therefore, everyone can try the new product, regardless of body weight. Over-the-knee boots are also an absolute must-have for those fashionistas who are not ready to give up minis even in winter.

And although pointed-toe stiletto boots are the most sensual trend of this fall. It will become difficult to move around on these with the arrival of winter, so it’s worth taking a closer look at a more neat platform in the spirit of Valentino.

A pointed toe and thin heel are clear markers of stylish shoes for winter 2024. But if over-the-knee boots are too outrageous for everyday life, look at the next pair – you will like them.

Chelsea Boots

Practical boots with elastic inserts have been popular for many seasons. Options made of matte smooth or textured leather are easy to clean from dirt, and most importantly, they withstand temperature changes, unlike leather boots.

Chelsea boots will “support” any look – from casual with jeans or a tracksuit to evening with a slip dress and a voluminous jacket.

But the tractor tread is slowing down this season, so it’s better to pay attention to a neater platform without huge sipes, like low shoes from Valentino with a square toe and a laconic sole.

In winter models, a mandatory condition is an elastic band stitched with fur. Otherwise, at -10°, you may regret your choice.

It’s hard to find something that doesn’t go with these boots. Therefore, if you have a budget limit and don’t want to buy several pairs, feel free to buy Chelsea boots.

Suede Boots

For cold weather conditions, suede – the hottest material right now – may seem impractical. Let’s not lie; suede shoes will be most comfortable in a car. However, we do not encourage those who like walking to give it up: suede retains heat perfectly and does not become dull from frost. We insist only on proper care: stock up on water, dirt-repellent spray, a special brush, and an aerosol to restore color.

Jockey Boots

This winter, they fit perfectly into the fashion agenda of quiet luxury, so getting these shoes definitely makes sense. Jockey boots are paired with thick leggings, fitted trousers, jackets, and tweed shorts.

You can safely wear minis and shorts – your feet will be warm.

The wide toe, lack of heel, and loose shaft make jockey boots ideal for autumn. And if you choose a model with fur, it will last all winter.

It is optional to go in for equestrian sports to try on riding harnesses. Combine outfits with them in beige and brown tones to look noble and stylish.

Boots With Wide Toe Box

The ’70s-style toe box is making a comeback. Although such shoes are not the most comfortable option for winter, they are just for evening outings and informal events. Stylish, daring and provocative!

And it goes well with most modern clothes: mini skirts, jeans, leather trousers, and dresses – it’s easy to put together a current look and not go wrong.

Ideal shoes for those who want to elongate their height and are not afraid to attract attention. 

Fur Boots

Fur shoes are not a new trend, but it is impossible to ignore them this season. Fluffy bags, headphones, mules, and boots bring a feeling of warmth and coziness to the look. In winter, you can wear fur shoes with a coat, fur coat, sheepskin coat, or a simple jacket.

But, of course, completely fur high boots are not shoes for everyone. They are not easy to care for, only suitable for harsh weather, and it is not always possible to fit beautifully into an urban look. Therefore, for starters, you can look closer at boots with neat fur trim.

Fur shoes appeared in such brands as Burberry, AWAKE MODE, Balmain, Antonio Marras, Blumarble, Casablanca, Dries Van Noten and many others.

Bloggers are not afraid of accent pieces, but in reality, wearing such shoes is too much. 

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have long been the focus of designers, and the fall-winter 2023/24 season is no exception. Cowboy boots combine retro aesthetics and current trends, so they are suitable not only for those nostalgic for the Western but also for all fashionistas without exception.

Cowboy boots are guaranteed to decorate any look from office to evening!

The stable heel and high boot make them ideal for snowy winters. Combine with a fur coat, coat, quilted jacket, and sheepskin coat. Find trending options from brands like Ralph Lauren, Molly Goddard, Ganni, Alexander McQueen, Chloé, and Isabel Marant.


This year, “just something normal” is in fashion – normcore, that is, the most ordinary things suddenly became a trend. It is unnecessary to choose any of the elements above – it is quite possible to opt for simple but trendy Chelsea boots, boots with a round toe, or low lace-up boots without a “tractor” platform, angled heel, and other decor.


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