Women’s Jean Trends 2024: Stylish Models That Will Be In Fashion This Year

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Every girl has jeans in her wardrobe, but do you have the latest 2024 models in your collection? Check with us and catch incredibly stylish jeans styles for the coming year!

We always look at denim trends carefully because we will wear jeans all year, without understatement. And it’s better to immediately understand at the very beginning of 2024 which styles are worth betting on. In fact, this is what we’ll do now: study the catwalks and write down the models we like on the wish list.

Dirty Denim

Since childhood, we have been told that clothes should be clean and ironed, so the most exciting solutions for jeans styles for the next season may seem strange to many. Yes, we are talking about dirty denim, from which there is nowhere to hide in 2024.

In August 2023, Acne Studios released an advertising campaign with Kylie Jenner, and from the audience’s reaction, it became clear that dirty denim would remain with us for a long time.

The “dirt” of trendy models can differ: designers add yellow, brown, or gray scuffs and stains to denim. These fashionable jeans styles for next year can be complemented with a matching denim jacket and a “clean” plain T-shirt. And as an accessory, a small bag, for example, with a snake print – like Kylie’s – will look relevant.

Front Seam Jeans

Every girl has seam trousers in her wardrobe (right?), but jeans of this cut could be called a rarity – until this year. You should not ignore this trend and recommend that you still try on the new styles of jeans for 2024. For example, Gucci invites us to wear front-seam jeans with a narrow, contrasting belt (in a trendy burgundy shade) and heels in the color of the accessory.

Low-rise trousers will go great with both cropped tops and long shirts. The only caveat: we do not recommend tucking bodysuits or tight T-shirts into such jeans – this way, you will visually lose precious centimeters of height.

Dark Wash

We think that in 2024, classic trousers will have a new competitor – dark-wash jeans. We have already noticed “business” bottoms in a deep shade of indigo at the Miu Miu, Loewe, and Gestuz shows, so we can confidently say that classic jeans styles are on trend for next year.

We suggest complementing such models with a contrasting top – for example, a light, loose shirt with a milky tint or a crystal white polo. This combo can be an excellent base for outfits for the office or school.

By the way, the office siren style has become relevant again, so we recommend trying black decorative glasses as an accessory – you will fall into two trends at once.

As for shoes, it all depends on the context: for an “everyday” option, we would choose loafers or rough boots, and for a more formal setting, high-heeled pumps would be ideal – as they say, an immortal classic!

Straight Jeans From The 90s

Outfits with denim trousers are trendy, but impulse shopping is not. Accordingly, the most popular jeans styles of 2024 are those that we can style for various occasions. We suggest trying straight jeans from the 1990s with a light oversized jacket and shoes to match the blazer. And you can balance a voluminous silhouette using a bodysuit or a tight top as the first layer.

We also spotted the second styling idea at Copenhagen Fashion Week – at the Gestuz show, we more than once came across stylish options for jeans for a casual look in 2024. Try pairing straight jeans with a cropped sweater – combining such different textures will make the look more relevant. As for accessories, a soft handbag will be the perfect finishing touch to your look.

With Print

Every girl’s wardrobe probably has at least one pair of classic jeans, but only some have trousers with an unusual print, and, as our experience shows, this is a significant omission. This model looks catchy and impressive, but many try to avoid it since it is often inferior to other options in terms of versatility. Printed jeans are best combined with a calm, plain top to reduce the degree of eccentricity.


Baggy – rules the fashion show in 2024. At first glance, they may seem too relaxed, but, as a rule, it all depends on what fashionable combination you put together with them. You can balance out the rebellious model with a more restrained top – a plain blouse or jacket will make the outfit casual but stylish. But if, on the contrary, you want to increase the “degree” of rudeness, then a bomber jacket and a cropped top will help you.


Now it’s time for those skinny jeans that have probably already become covered with a layer of dust in your wardrobe. Apparently, in 2024, designers decided to bring back the trends of the 2010s into fashion. One thing is clear – it’s time to take skinny jeans off the shelf in the new season and try them on with high boots and a voluminous top.

Experiment with voluminous jackets, chunky knit sweaters, men’s cut shirts, and puffy blouses. Wearing skinnies with loose-fitting outerwear is important in winter – sheepskin coats, down jackets, fur coats, and woolen coats with massive shoulders are essential.

Horseshoe Jeans

Jeans that follow the silhouette of a horseshoe remind us very much of an exaggerated variation of the long-familiar “bananas.” But modern 2024 jeans styles are several times looser than the models we wore in the second half of the 2010s.

To maintain the accent of an unusual cut, we suggest choosing the top and bottom of the outfit in one neutral shade. The brands suggest complementing this denim trend with a long black leather belt (let it hang; that’s how it should be!). On the catwalks, we also saw an image with a jacket tucked into such trousers, but we doubt its practicality – we’ll leave such experiments for the most daring fashionistas.

High Rise

In recent years, high-waisted jeans have lost some ground, giving way to fashion trends from the 2000s. However, there is no need to say that high waists are no longer relevant. If you miss this particular model of jeans, then we suggest throwing away all the pros and cons, and feel free to continue wearing them in 2024.

Jeans can be wide, straight, or slightly tapered – focus on your preferences. This model can be worn differently, but the main thing is to emphasize the waist. A crop top, cropped jacket, fitted turtleneck, or tucked-in shirt will help.

What Jeans Colors Will Be In Fashion In 2024?


White jeans, by and large, have never left the fashion arena, but next season, their popularity will significantly increase. Moreover, you don’t have to wait until summer to start wearing them: white denim will fit perfectly into looks for the cold season. Furthermore, you can wear it with contrasting colors and in total-white combinations.


Designers are seriously interested in metal textures. At first, they seemed like a fleeting trend, but they have been on the fashion scene for several seasons. The denim trend has not escaped either: we have seen metallic jeans on the catwalks for the second season in a row. However, this wardrobe element is much more versatile than it might seem at first glance. 

Light Blue

It is an excellent choice if snow-white denim is not to your taste and blue denim seems too bright. It’s easy to create looks with light blue jeans: the “top” of almost any shade will look harmonious with them, from soft pink, like Versace, to cobalt, which is relevant this season.


Gray jeans are a great alternative to blues and light blues if you want something a little more original but just as versatile. Jeans can be any gray shade, from very light ash to rich graphite. The main thing is that they fit harmoniously into your outfit.


For those not ready for metallic jeans and gravitate towards the classics, blue jeans remain in the fashion arena from season to season. They have long gone beyond the concept of “trend” and won the title of immortal classics. This shade suits everyone and is unpretentious in styling. In a word, an absolute must-have.


And, of course, where would we be without black? Even though blue is still considered the classic color for denim, black can easily compete even with its popularity. It seems there is no need to talk about the versatility of this color: black jeans look good with everything.


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