Christmas Hairstyles 2023-2024: Best Tips And Ideas With Photos

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To create a unique Christmas look, it is imperative to take care of the implementation of a special hairstyle. Remember that you must consider numerous nuances, wanting to give preference to the most worthy option, which will undoubtedly be appreciated. What option would be desirable to implement for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, when we celebrate the Year of the Dragon? In fact, no matter how long her hair is, every woman can prefer a beautiful haircut, hairstyle, and styling. The most important thing is to understand the main trends.

5 Rules For Choosing A Christmas Hairstyle 2023

  • There are many options for Christmas hairstyles, but it is essential to remember about unexpected events that may happen that night. Therefore, choosing a hairstyle based on possible scenarios is better so that it lasts all night without falling apart or losing shape.
  • There is no need for a hairstyle that goes against the whole style: a mohawk with a romantic dress, shiny curls or retro waves with jeans.
  • Avoid using too many styling products, and don’t make the clips too tight so that you end up wanting to take your hair down and wash your hair after a few hours.
  • For those for whom the influence and significance of the zodiac signs are of significant importance, we note that for the New Year 2024, hairstyles that reflect the characteristics of the Green Wooden Dragon – a powerful and imposing symbol of the year – will be relevant. You should pay particular attention to creating a festive hairstyle to match this symbol’s bright and expressive nature. Hairstyles using tails will be trendy because the dragon has a beautiful and long tail.
  • A Christmas hairstyle must be part of the whole image, but at the same time, match the type of appearance of the owner in order to emphasize her advantages and hide her flaws.

What Should A 2023 Christmas Hairstyle Look Like?

Hairstyle always turns out to be a significant part of any look, including Christmas. In this regard, you should make as much effort as possible and implement an exciting hairstyle option. In addition, you can successfully implement specific points and ideas in practice. What is the approach to creating a hairstyle?

Creating a holiday hairstyle turns out to be a symbolic activity. In addition, the Christmas hairstyle will show how ready you are to move away from the usual options and bring something new and unique. For this reason, it is advisable to think about a suitable hairstyle.

You need to make sure that your hair and makeup are in harmony with each other. You can take an original approach because the Green Wood Dragon, the patron of 2024, has a bright and shocking character.

Christmas Hairstyles For Short Hair

These days, you can successfully style even a decent hairstyle on short hair. At the same time, the created hairstyle will most likely be as close as possible to the everyday version. Short-haired girls don’t even have to think about which option is best to implement. It is necessary to consider that such options as Bob and Pixie will be in fashion. In this regard, you may even take a drastic step and cut off your long locks. The most important thing is to think about which of the above options will be best suited for creating a beautiful and festive look. Take advantage of your unique chance to implement an exciting option for your look.

Christmas Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Girls may prefer medium hair styled in a cascade or ladder. Such options allow you to emphasize the look’s features and the face’s beauty. Layering your hair on the side can enhance the beauty of your face and reveal a sophisticated style. Please note that even changed styling will allow you to perceive your hairstyle differently and, of course, will contribute to creating a unique look.

Christmas Hairstyles For Long Hair

You may prefer light styling and large curls. This option is ideal if you are planning to celebrate Christmas at home. You can curl your hair with curlers, blow dry it, and carefully apply hairspray.

Are you planning to spend the holiday in an active mode and do not want to deal with unnecessary discomfort and constantly straighten your hair? In this case, you can create a beautiful hairstyle from voluminous braids. Try to exclude any curls, which can quickly lose their beauty and spoil the impression of the made hairstyle.

You can decorate complex hairstyles on long hair with shiny accessories. The Green Wood Dragon has tender feelings towards bright colors, which can always appear everywhere.

Among the popular and versatile, effortless hairstyles, it is necessary to note the ponytail. In addition, this hairstyle is ready to please with various options. You can do the ponytail even on New Year’s Eve. You can use an elastic band or a hairpin to collect your hair. If you wish, you can twist your hair into a braid and increase the top with backcombing. Think about the variation that comes closest to implementation.

You can pay attention to another exciting hairstyle: take the strands and wind them on a curling iron, then pin them up next to the gathered ponytail. As a result, you can create a “nest” of unusual curls. If this option seems too complicated, you can wind individual strands from the ponytail with curlers because this option can also be worth implementing.

You can create a special tail. In addition, the execution will please you with ease. Braids should be made at the tail’s end and then pinned to the base. If desired, a couple of strands can be pulled out, creating a certain chaos. Be sure that such a design will highlight your natural beauty and allow you to create a genuinely worthy image.

Do you want to spend as little time and effort creating a beautiful hairstyle as possible? In this case, you can braid small braids on damp hair before going to bed. In the morning, you can undo your braids, see wavy curls that align with fashion trends, and are ready to surprise with their worthy performance. In addition, you will be able to show off the natural look of your hair.

You can curl your curls large or small and then pick them up at the back of your head. For fixation, it is best to use stylish pins. Thanks to the correct decoration of the hairstyle, it will be possible to add additional charm and emphasize the features of the created look.

Retro hairstyles consistently prove to be a favorite. You can surprise everyone with an extraordinary and stylish hairstyle. The ideal option is a performance that is closest to the 1980s.

Side styles will be popular because they always look cute and unusual. You can use a side parting and curling of the curls, and the hair can be laid on a specific side. An undercut hair, which is the rage of the current season, can also be a stylish solution.

Retro Bouffants Are An Exciting Option For A Christmas Party

Women who are planning themed parties can create a hairstyle in the style of the 60s and 70s. In those years, various hairstyles were popular and ideal for themed parties. Retro design can emphasize natural beauty and add certain accents to the created look. The most important thing is to be ready to implement vintage looks, which sometimes need clarification. You can create high bouffant hair because such hairstyles look sophisticated and elegant and can emphasize the beauty of the neck.

Braids And His Variations

You can try a braid that will look beautiful and special. You can prefer a Russian braid or a French-style braid. There are many more variations for execution than there might be. Women strive for original hairstyles that can be realized even now. Hairstyles look beautiful and authentic, so experiment. Pearl threads or colored beads are ideal for decoration.

Stylish French Twist

Creating a stylish French twist requires a little time and effort. The French twist looks elegant and stylish, ideal for Christmas or New Year’s Eve festive events. It perfectly complements your look and helps create a unique style. Remember to experiment with accessories like stone pins or flowers to add a special touch to your Frenchie.


Many girls can appreciate the versatility and ease of execution of this hairstyle, which is why it is so popular. It takes up to 10 to 15 minutes to style this hairstyle. To give a unique appearance, you can use additional accessories that will allow you to realize an unusual design.

You may want to highlight the beauty of your neck and move away from everyday options. In this case, you need to give preference to a high bun. In this case, you need to apply mousse to damp hair to add volume and then dry your hair with a hairdryer, tilting your head. Try to comb your hair on the top of your head and gather it into a neat high bun.

You can even create a low bun. The most essential thing in this situation is to position it correctly. You can tie the low bun on the left or right. Curl the ends with a curling iron, then sprinkle with fixing varnish.

Many stylists note that you can safely use false strands that look stylish and original.


You can decide to transform your appearance radically. So, you finally have the right to choose a stylish haircut. In addition, medium-length hair gives fantastic scope for imagination. You can subsequently use spiral curls that will fall on the sides of your face, highlighting your beautiful features. To do this, you just need to apply a styling product to damp hair and then roll it vertically onto curlers. You must first wind the strands according to the usual pattern, and then, near the hair roots, you need to turn the curlers vertically, twist them to the very end, and secure them with hairpins.

You can blow dry your hair, loosen it, and then lightly work with the curls. If the curls turn out to be tight, you can dry your hair using a hair dryer with a diffuser.

Please note that those with thick hair cannot use Velcro rollers. In this case, you can only use smooth rollers made of high-quality plastic. This option promises to be genuinely worthy of implementation.

Are you ready to create a unique hairstyle volume? Use large curlers that must be curled on the top of your head. After you remove the rollers, spray your hair with hairspray. After this, the created curls need to be beaten with your hands. To ensure a secure hold, re-spray your hair.

Owners of a bob haircut can refuse curls and ringlets. You can style your hair as usual, adding a little shine. For this, you can use special sprays. It is advisable to finish drying with cold air, giving your hair smoothness and gloss.

Low Bun With Accessories

We invite you to create a stylish and messy bun of hair, which is the best option for any holiday. This hairstyle is not only for Christmas.

Add some beauty to this hairstyle by decorating the lower part of your hair with hairpins with large stones, snowflakes, or decorations for Christmas. This versatile hairstyle is ideal for any corporate event and looks especially good with simple midi-length dresses.


You can transform your hairstyle and your appearance with beautiful bangs. In addition, hairpins and clips will allow you to correct specific styling nuances and successfully implement worthy execution ideas.

You can successfully decorate your bangs with various accessories without restrictions.

Try to style your bangs, especially by moving away from the usual options. You can add mystery or elegance to your appearance. For example, you can cover your eye with bangs or focus on this part of your hairstyle. The variety of options is truly amazing. The most important thing is to understand which option is right for you.

What Are The Best Accessories To Use?

Choose yellow, gold, red, and green accessories. The dragon will definitely like jewelry in precisely this color scheme.

There are many decoration options, but you must understand which option to choose. What should you take into account?

1. The type of hairstyle you choose and your face shape.

2. The hairstyle should complement the outfit, completing the look as best as possible.

The most important thing is not to be afraid of change but to try to create a unique image.


You can focus on personal preferences regarding hairstyles and the features of the chosen outfit because you must feel harmony. The most important thing is to make the right choice of hairstyle. Remember that you will have a sleepless night but must still look 100%. There is no need to use many processing products and make tight clamps. Experiment with your hairstyle, and do not fear that it will collapse.

You will look festive, beautiful, and stylish.


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