Necklace Trends 2024: A Symphony Of Style, Elegance, And Expression

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Neck jewelry always remains at the peak of the fashion wave. Moreover, they are becoming increasingly diverse: from gently romantic to rebelliously provocative, from aristocratically sophisticated to deliberately rude.

Fashionable necklaces in 2024 hover on the verge of kitsch and sometimes even cross it. But this does not stop designers and style icons from creating incredible looks that later become mainstream. It seems they put everything on themselves indiscriminately, and what happens? The result is stylish city outfits: everyday, work, evening, cocktail, and others like them!

What Necklaces Are In Fashion Now?

It is challenging to identify fashionable necklaces precisely this year; it is easier to say that they are clearly not in trend. But why is it easier? On the contrary, by leafing through fashion magazines, you understand that unfashionable jewelry does not exist today. The only question is their compatibility with the wardrobe and other accessories.

Therefore, fashionistas can safely gut their mothers’ boxes and grandmother’s chests: there will probably be something there that will simply squeal about its trendiness! The main thing is that the jewelry looks “marketable” – without chips, fragments of peeling coating, darkening, and other signs of “worn-out”.

In the conditions of abundance that reign in handicraft stores, even a relatively worn-out piece of jewelry can be given a new life, making it even more attractive from all points of view. You can combine several chains and beads and get an incredibly fashionable necklace!

More Chains!

The primary trend of the current season is all kinds of chains. Moreover, the larger and more massive they are, the better. Necklaces made from chains of the same weave but of different thicknesses, arranged in tiers on the chest, look very advantageous. They can be complemented with inserts of stones, shells, metal balls, and all kinds of pendants.

As a decoration for an evening or cocktail outfit, we recommend a short necklace with a voluminous central element and several parallel chains connecting it to the clasp.

Yellow Metal – Not Necessarily Gold

The deafening trend is yellow metal in all forms, even for everyday looks. This is not necessarily gold; other non-ferrous metals can also be used. Considering that the trend is very voluminous and massive chains, the ability to use jewelry alloys looks like a real salvation for the budget.

In this regard, all kinds of monisto have come into fashion: necklaces made of coins and other flat metal elements. Coins can be hung on a chain, combined with beads, sewn onto a fabric base, etc.

Pendants? High Five!

Thanks to the light hand of the Pandora brand, all kinds of pendants (including charms) appeared on the wave of the mainstream. This wave has frozen at its maximum height: necklaces and pendants will not leave the fashionable Olympus.

You can transform an ordinary basic chain into a trendy monisto using pendants. The main thing is not to overdo it and maintain a balance along the length of the chain.

Geometry, Asymmetry, And A Rigid Base

Geometric shapes are back in trend, so necklaces’ central (and not only!) elements can be combinations of metal rectangles, squares, and rings. A slight touch of provocativeness is provided by stylish asymmetry, including openness.

Metal balls are in fashion. They can exist both in the form of beads on beads and inserts on necklaces and in the form of accented central elements in a necklace on a rigid springy hoop base that wraps around the neck.

Flora And Fauna

A fashionable necklace can be complemented with plant or zoological motifs. Dragonflies and much less colorful representatives of the insect kingdom (including beetles and scorpions), dragons, cats, owls, fish, seahorses, and other animal kingdom representatives are predominantly held in high esteem.

An unfading women’s trend remains the snake theme, both indirect (in the form of a weaving chain reminiscent of the skin of a reptile) and direct (a snake necklace wrapped around the neck). Well, to create especially tender and romantic looks, nothing better has yet been invented than branching shoots, flowers, and butterflies.

Multi-Layering On The Verge Of Redundancy

The trend is complex multi-layered jewelry that combines a variety of elements. A string of tiny beads can coexist with large beads made of minerals, leather straps with knots, decorative ropes, chains of various weaves, and diameters. You can even combine metals of different colors!

The only thing you should refrain from is the alliance of gold with plastic jewelry. But mixing one or more chains with beads made of semi-precious stones or pearls is quite acceptable.

Beads And Stones

Beaded beads in all their many forms are now in fashion. These can be wide collar necklaces that cover part of the chest and fall on the shoulders. You can combine beads of different sizes on one thread or run several threads of various styles in parallel.

It’s especially nice that you can create a unique piece of jewelry with a minimum budget and skills. All you need to do is buy everything you require at a craft store (beads, thread, clasps, pendants), arm yourself with a beading needle, scissors, and pliers – and you can create!

You don’t have to master the art of beading to create unique jewelry. Beads can simply be strung on threads to subsequently be placed in parallel, woven into braids or strands, or combined in any other way. This trendy “airy” beaded necklace is straightforward to knit.

Monochrome Or Variegated?

It’s up to your taste: the main thing is to be bright, unexpected, and provocative without tacky, lousy taste. If a layered piece uses a lot of colors, it’s best to pair it with a solid color top.

Monochrome necklaces can be combined more freely but within the chosen color scheme. But playing with shades, materials, sizes, and shapes of elements is definitely not forbidden!

Ah, The Sea!

The sea is everywhere – like nostalgia for the vast blue expanses decorated with foamy waves! Even if, for some reason, you can’t indulge in a blissful beach holiday this season, you can splash a little turquoise wave on your spring-summer look.

Decorate the necklace with shells, pendants in the shape of sea creatures, and imitation pearls. And for a gala evening, save pearl beads or a multi-layered pearl necklace, with or without inserts of precious metals. High-quality imitations or much cheaper freshwater pearls will also work, but there should be a lot of them, several rows!

What About The Length?

Absolutely any length is acceptable: from short a la collar choker to very long. It is worth remembering that necklaces longer than a choker are usually worn over clothing, so they should refrain from competing with it in terms of diversity.

Extra-long necklaces are often worn in several rows or tied in an elegant knot.

Ethnic Motives

Return to roots and more! This season, you can emphasize individuality in any way, including jewelry with clearly expressed traditional notes inherent in national costumes.

This explains the interest in monist, traditional red beads, jewelry made of wood and leather, and so on. You can fit almost anything into boho!

How To Properly Combine Beads With Clothes

Now let’s talk about how to combine fashionable necklaces with other elements of the outfit:

  • Wide collar necklaces require bare shoulders, so they are worn exclusively with strappy tops or without them. This could be an open evening dress, a light summer sundress (only one color!), or a lace bralette, which can now be worn as main clothing.
  • The boho chic style sounds deafening and looks dazzling. Take a closer look at it: it gives you such freedom in choosing additions that you can wear almost any necklace with it and in any quantity. The main thing is not to overdo it with variegation.
  • You need to select necklaces as carefully as possible for the neckline of a shirt style. It is better to opt for a short and not too pretentious version worn on a bare neck. Unfasten a button or two – and the look of a modest temptress is ready!
  • The marine theme still has a more spring-summer look. And in winter, with a sweatshirt or cardigan, it is better to wear jewelry made of wood, leather, opaque and dim natural minerals, and even fur! This creates a cozy, eco-friendly look that makes you feel warm even in severe frost.
  • In the classical sense of the word, a necklace is a decoration for special occasions. Precious metals complemented by shining stones are still an evening or cocktail attire element. 

Shine, charm, and provoke – this season, jewelry fashion allows ladies of any age and social status to be bright and daring!


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